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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 7 - Ox-King on Fire Mountain

Hi my name is Johnny and i have a review for Dragonball episode number 7
"The Ox-King on Fire Mountain".
         It is when Oolong, Bulma, and goku go to Fire mountain to search for the
6-star dragonball. Bulma doesn't believe that the mountain is really on
fire, until they get there. Oolong is very scarted of the Ox-King since he
eats people. Yamcha is following close behind while this is happening. when
Goku get's on nimbus he flys through the flame to get is the castle, Nimbus
goes out of control and goku falls out in a lake. While Bulma and Oolong are
waiting for him the Ox-King comes up from behind and throughs his ax at them
and misses. Bulma and Oolong are scared and goku hears them and uses his
powerpull to get back. goku faces the Ox-King for a little bit and does no
When the Ox-King finds the power pole on Gokus back he relizes that he was
gohan's Grandson. So the Ox-king asks goku to go to master Roshi For the
Bancho Fan, and to pick up Chi-Chifor the Dragonball,(Earlier Yamch knocks
her out.) When goku leaves Yamcha and puar goes to find her and yamcha plays
a gag and tells Chi-Chi that he loves her. Chi-chi is shocked and when
Yamcha sees Goku coming he retreats. When Goku Finds Chi-chi he tells her to
hop on and she grabs his tail while Yamcha was looking he found out his
weakness. So Goku and Chi-Chi head  out to  Master Roshi's And Yamcha and
Puar wait.  They ask a dolphin for directions. Finally they arrive at


    DragonBall  Episode 7 Ox-King on Fire Mountain
         It starts out with Goku, Oolong, and Bulma riding in a car to Fire Moutain in search of the sixth Dragon Ball. Little do they know they are being tailed by Pwar and Yamcha so they can steal their DragonBalls. They met the Ox-King who becomes great friends with Goku, when he learns he is Gohan's grandson. The story ends with the Ox's daughter Chi-Chi and Goku flying on Nimbus to Roshi's hut to put out the flames on FireMountain. - Janine Shaffer


Episode 7 - Ox King on Fire Mountain (English)

We find Goku, Bulma, and Oolong driving in their car to find Fire mountain
that they had heard so much about. Bulma looked on her "Bleeper" and saw
that there was a dragonball in the castle. When they got up to the castle,
Bulma asked Goku if he could fly up there and get the dragonball. He calls
for flying nimbus, and he flys up to the castle. The only problem is the
flames. Goku's tail is burned from the fire. He fly's to a nearby lake very
quickly and falls in.
Bulma calls for Goku, but Ox King gets to Bulma and Oolong first. Yamcha
finds ChiChi. ChiChi is being chased by a dinosaur. ChiChi kills the
dinosaur and vaporizes him. ChiChi said she was always told to never talk to
strangers. She attacks Yamcha. He slaps ChiChi and she is left on the floor.
Ox King asks if they were there to steal his treasure. They said they
weren't doing anything there. Oolong wets his pants. Goku comes back and
says it would be harder to get up there than he thought. Ox King was
furious. Ox King fights Goku. Ox King remembers the power pole from his
training with Master Roshi and Grandpa Gohan. He explains about how he knew
about the power pole and flying nimbus. Ox King tells everyone about his
missing Daughter ChiChi. Goku said he would do his best to find her. Ox King
shows them a picture of ChiChi. Yamcha finds ChiChi again. He tells her he
is in love with her. ChiChi blushes and says he looks funny. Goku comes
flying along and Yamcha runs away. Goku explains to ChiChi Why he is there.
Goku and ChiChi have to go to Mster Roshi's to get the Bansho Fan to put the
fire out on Fire Mountain. ChiChi tries to get on the cloud, only she needs
help, so she reaches for Goku's tail. Goku falls of the cloud and tells her
that he can't stand that. It's his only weakpoint. Yamcha was listening the
whole time. Goku gets back on  the cloud and they both fly to Master Roshi's
to get the Bansho fan.

This review was written by Gochi 


U.S Dubbed Version
The Ox King On Fire Mountain # 7
By John Mimidas

The episode starts out with Goku, Bulma, and Oolong riding their brand new
car with Yamcha closely behind. Once they reach Fire Mountain Bulma tells
Goku to use Nimbus to get their 6th dragonball, while Oolong is warning them
about the Ox King. The scene then switches to Yamcha and Puar who then
encounter a girl ( Chi- Chi) that just sliced the head of a dinosaur with a
horn on her head. After being shocked Chi Chi was going to kill Yamcha and
Yamcha punched her and got on his car and left. Now Goku tries and calls
Nimbus who takes him up and takes him to the top of the castle where a
dragonball lurks, unfortunately Nimbus and Goku got on fire and Nimbus
through Goku in the water. 

Then the Ox King approached Bulma and Oolong. The
Ox King wielded a giant axe and through it half way slicing Bulma. Then Ox
King says that Bulma and Oolong are treasure hunters and they are hear for
his treasure, then Goku comes thanks to his power poll. He punches Ox King
but does nothing then Goku calls Nimbus and starts going in circles dizzying
the Ox King. Then the Ox King says he is Gohans son and that he, the Ox King
needs to find Master Roshi. Then he says that he needs an item called the
Bancho fan so he can wipe out the flames and by getting will reward them with
a dragonball. But he then says if Goku can also find Chi- Chi then Yamcha
overhears and goes back to Chi-Chi and says he likes her and leaves. Than
Goku picks up Chi- Chi and find the Island of Master Roshi.


U.S. Dubbed
Episode 7: The Ox-King on Fire Mountain
U.S. Premiere Airdate: Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Episode 7: The Ox-King on Fire Mountain

Bulma, Goku, and Oolong head to Fire Mountain, where the 6th Dragonball is hidden.  Oolong tells them about the dangerous Ox King, but Goku doesn’t seem to care.  Meanwhile, Yamcha and Puar follow Bulma and the others with their tracker bug in place.  Back with Pilaf’s henchmen, Mai and Shao go back to Pilaf’s palace without a dragonball.  Pilaf puts them both on restraints and shocks them with thunder from outside, but, it catches Pilaf’s fork and fries him.  Bulma, Goku, and Oolong finally arrive at Fire Mountain, but Oolong chickens out and tries to take the car and run.  Bulma uses her “Piggy” Tablet to stop Oolong in his tracks.  The three make their way up to Fire Mountain, with Yamcha following them.  On the way, though, Yamcha sees a small girl running away from a dinosaur.  She uses a blade on her helmet and cuts it’s head off.  The girl then uses a small beam from her helmet to disintegrate it.  She sees Yamcha, and she almost blasts him, but Yamcha knocks her out and heads off to Fire Mountain.  

Goku uses his Nimbus cloud to get over the flames and into Ox King’s castle in order to get the Dragonball, but he burns his tail and lands in a pool.  On the other side of the flames, Bulma is almost beheaded by a huge axe, and out comes the Ox King.  Ox King asks Bulma and Oolong if they were trying to steal his treasures, but both say they weren’t.  Goku uses his powerpole extend to get to the other side of the flames, and gives away the mission when he says ‘treasure’ and ‘castle’ in front of the Ox King.  Ox King gets angry and tries to hack Goku, but Goku uses his Nimbus Cloud to swirl around Ox King.  Goku lands a unch, but it barely tickles the Ox King.  Ox King asks Goku where he got the Nimbus cloud, seeing as how he couldn’t steal it.  Goku tells him from an old Turtle Hermit, and Ox King realizes that he is Master Roshi.  Ox King asks Goku if he knows where Roshi lives, but Goku doesn’t remember.  Ox King then notices Goku powerpole and asks him what it is.  Goku explains it was given to him by his Grandfather.  Seeing the powerpole, Ox King asks if Goku is Gohan’s grandson, and Goku says yes.  Bulma and Oolong now realize the sourece of Goku’s power.  Ox King explains that Gohan had tried to use the powerpole on him.  Ox King also said he and Gohan were students of Master Roshi.  Ox King asks Goku to find Roshi for him, and to get the special fan that will take out all the Fire from Fire Mountain, and Goku agrees.  Yamcha overhears the conversation. Ox King also asks Goku to find his daughter, Chi Chi.  He says that he sent her to find the fan, but she has not returned yet.  Ox King tells Goku that if he finds her, he will allow Goku to marry Chi Chi.  Goku isn’t so sure about that, but he says he will find Chi Chi.  Yamcha, listening behind the wall, realizes that the little girl he hit was Chi Chi.  He rushes over to where he found her and sees her still lying there.  Yamcha wakes her up, and tells her not to blast him.

Chi Chi does not blast him since he knows her name.  Yamcha pretends to be in love with her, so he can take her back.  Chi Chi almost falls for it, but suddenly, Yamcha dashes away.  Goku comes on his Nimbus, and sees the girl.  He asks if her name is Chi Chi, and she says yes.  Goku says that her father was looking for her and he was looking for the fan.  Goku tells Chi Chi to get on the Nimbus, but warns that only those with a pure heart can ride it.  Chi Chi explains that with Ox King as her father, she already has to behave good.  Chi Chi uses Goku’s tail to climb on, and she fits perfectly.  Goku cries in pain and explains that when someone pulls his tail, he loses all his power.  Yamcha, hiding behind some bushes overhears, and plans to use Goku’s weakness against him.  Goku and Chi Chi head over to Roshi’s.  On the way, Goku makes a remark about Chi Chi’s clothes, since she isn’t wearing a shirt or pants, and she pushes him off the Nimbus.  Goku and Chi Chi finally arrive at Roshi’s, but can they get the fan?



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