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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 6 - Keep an eye on the Dragon Balls

U.S Dubbed
Keep an Eye on the Dragonballs # 6
By- John Mimidas

Todays episode of Dragonball continued with the heroes caught in a desert with a bandit. You see Yamcha and Puar planning a plan about how to strike Goku and steal all of Oolongs and Bulmas stuff. Then you see Pilaf’s guards Mai and Shao in robot droids trying to steal the dragonballs once again and this time with a bomb since Oolong had a Dynocap of a tent bus they were gonna place the bomb there. Then Bulma asks Oolong if a bathtub is abound so she can take a shower and if Oolong has any clothes for her. Later Goku finally decides to tell Oolong about the Dragonballs but Yamcha overheres.
Meanwhile Mai and Shao had a problem with the bomb it was stuck on Shaos hand. Then Oolong got a plan to steal the dragonballs.  

Then Bulma went to the shower and Yamcha was outside of her window and Puar tells him to see if it really is Bulma in there. So Yamcha takes a peek, then Bulma hears a noise and she checks outside in this part censoring was done since Bulma looked out the window and they censored Bulmas breasts by using the flare of the window. Then Yamcha plans on getting the Dragonballs too. Soon Oolong starts his plan he gives Bulma and Goku drinks. It turns out those drinks are sleeping powder so Bulma goes upstairs to sleep and Goku falls asleep too. 

Then Oolong goes upstairs to swipe the dragonballs and to see more of Bulma. When upstairs Oolong was ready for his big break but Puar and Yamcha break in and Puar turns into Goku since the real Goku was sleeping. When Oolong sees Goku he gets stressed on what to do. So he covers Bulma up and turns to Bulma himself. And Oolong and Puar go outside. Then Yamcha goes upstairs to get the dragonballs. Then he sees the bed with it it being covered so he takes off the sheet and sees Bulma completely naked. And yells saying no more dragonballs. Then Yamcha and Puar decide to steal them
when they got all 7. Then Yamcha blows up the bus Goku and others were on and
he gives them a car with a homing device in it.


From: Sandrew89

In this episode oolong, goku, and bulma are in a double-decker  moving house that oolong from a dinocap. Then the fox guy and his partner (i forget there names a lot) come in and put a bomb on the moving house, but the bottom sticks to the fox guy’s hand. Then inside the moving house goku tells oolong about the dragonballs,and that they already have five of seven. So oolong gives goku and bulma a drink with a sleeping powder in it. Bulma goes to sleep while goks goes to sleep on the couch about a minute later. 

Then oolong goes upstairs to find the dragon balls. Mean the coast is clear for yaumcha and puar. So puar turns into a key and they get in. Then puar turns into goku and yaumcha holds the real goku out of the way.goku (puar) goes upstairs only to find oolong turned into a short and fat bulma. Oolong saya that the he is outside (still bulma). Puar and oolong go outside which lets yaumch go upstairs to get the dragon balls but he only finds bulma sleeping. He is really shy and he yells aaaaah!!! Puar changes back and goes into the moving house then oolong says hey its you he changes and goes inside. Yaumcha is so shy that puar and yaumcha have to go back to their lookout.then the fox guy only has a minute before the explosion. 

So he sets it for eight o clock the next morning.they get the bomb on the house finally at about seven oclock. As bulma goku and oolong leave yaumcha and puar come. Yaumcha gets this bazooka and hits the house. Its stops them.then yaumcha and goku fight goku kicks out one of yaumchas teeth and yaumcha yells now ill never get a date!!!!!!!!! The fox guy and his partner think that explosion was the bomb. It wasnt eight yet but they said it probably a cheap one the house for the dragon balls and then boom!! The episode ends when yaumcha gives goku bulma and oolong a car but it has a tracking device on it.


The episode starts out with Oolong, Goku, and Bulma in a double decker bus.
This is explained later by the camper coming from a Dyno-Cap that Oolong had
in an earlier episode. (When Oolong was about to give it to Yamcha.) When
Bulma complains that she needs to take a shower, Oolong leads her up to the
bathroom and they have a short argument. Then, later, Pilaf’s henchmen were
going to plant a bomb on the bus Goku and the others were in. But Shao gets
the bomb stuck to his hand, and they run off when they spot Yamcha coming to
steal their stuff. 

When Yamcha gets to the bus he overhears Goku and Oolong’s
conversation about the Dragonballs and decides to steal them. He then walks
over to a window and decides that’s the room he’s going to break into. He
looks up and he sees Bulma in the shower, freaks out and runs off. Then when
Bulma is done with her shower, Oolong gives her and Goku some drinks with a
sleeping potion in it. They are knocked out by it and Oolong plans to steal
the Dragonballs. 

Oolong then goes into the room where Bulma is sleeping, and
at the same time Yamcha and Puar break into the bus. Puar turns into Goku to
trick Oolong. When Oolong spots “Goku” coming he turns into Bulma. Then Puar
and Oolong go outside and “Goku” turns back into Puar. Then “Bulma” turns
back into Oolong. They both run back to the bus for different reasons. Yamcha
goes up into the room where Bulma is sleeping. Bulma is completely covered
with the blanket she’s under. Yamcha removes it and sees her and freaks out

The next day Pilaf’s henchmen finally get the bomb onto the bus. Then
when Goku and the others drive off, Yamcha attacks and Blows up half the bus.
Then Goku and Yamcha fight and Goku kicks Yamcha in the mout and knocks out a
tooth. Yamcha freaks out and runs away, complaining he definitely wont be
able to get a date. Then Goku and the others decide to walk. (The bus was
destroyed.) Then Pilaf’s henchmen get to the bus, see it destroyed and think
their bomb went off. When they are inside, their bomb actually does blow up.
Then when Goku and the others are walking, Yamcha drives up and gives them a
car with a tracking device so he can follow them. Ten Goku, Oolong, and Bulma
drive off into the sunset. 

Review by: Andrew Rickmers


Episode 6: Keep an eye on the Dragonballs


Goku, Bulma, and Oolong continue their journey through the desert, on

patrol for their sixth Dragonball, this time in Oolong’s double decker Capsule Corp. camper.  Oolong takes a turkey out of the oven for dinner, and Goku is already pigging out on prime rib. Bulma asks why they didn’t travel in it in the first place,    and Oolong says it’s because they didn’t ask about it.  Bulma says she’s going to take a bath, and when she enters the small bathroom, she seems somewhat dissatisfied, and says that she’s used to better accommodations.  Oolong makes a wisecrack saying that there’s a hotel nearby, and that there’s a lot of them in the  desert! : )  Bulma searches the tub for fungus.  Oolong asks why and Bulma responds by saying that he’s a pig.  So anyway, Bulma gets in the tub.  Meanwhile, Yamcha and Puar are watching from their hideout, devising a plan to get back at Goku, Bulma, and Oolong.  Back at the van, Goku tells Oolong about the Dragonballs and how they work, even though he’s not supposed to, behind Bulma’s back.  Yamcha and Puar sneak up behind the van and and try to get in.  Just then, Yamcha sees Bulma in the tub and hollers and they retreat back to their hideout.Oolong then thinks of a way to the Dragonballs from Goku and Bulma.  And then Bulma walks in, asking for a spare pair of pajamas, and Oolong says that he doesn’t have any, and Bulma asks what she’s supposed to sleep in ,and Oolong says that there’s nothing he can do.  Bulma then asks if Oolong can have her laundry done by tomorrow morning.  Oolong say’s he’ll try.  Then, they have some kind of juice.  Bulma suddenly gets tired and walks upstairs to her bedroom, and tells Oolong not to sneak into her room.  Goku comments on how yucky the juice is, and then he instantly falls asleep.  Then, Oolong tries to sneak upstairs to find the Dragonballs.  Then, back at Yamcha’s place, it seems that they overheard Goku’s story of the Dragonballs, and Yamcha makes a plan with Puar to steal the Dragonballs and make a wish to take away his fear of beautiful women.  They sneak up in front of the van, and Puar morphs into a house key to open the door, and then Puar morphs into a really bad imitation of Goku.  Oolong then sees the two Goku’s at the table and says that the pill really knocked him out quickly, and sees the other Goku.(Oolong put sleeping pills in Goku and Bulma’s drinks!)  Oolong is too distracted by Goku and Goku, so Yamcha walks in and goes upstairs to Bulma’s bedroom and Oolong follows him morphs into a midget-sized Bulma, and stands in the corner.  Yamcha assumes that the Dragonballs are under Bulma’s blanket. He uncovers it.......AND HE SCREAMS BLOODY MURDER!  Oolong says that Bulma’s going to fry his bacon for this.  Meanwhile, outside the van, Shao and Mai, Emperor Pilaf’s minions, are setting a time bomb to put on the van to make it explode on contact.’s stuck to Shao’s paw.  Shao and Mai start to panic.  They set it to blow up at 8:00 AM instead.  They call Pilaf on their cell phone, and as always he’s pretty angry at them.  Back inside, Puar morphs back into Puar, and Oolong morphs back into Oolong.  Oolong says it’s a criminal convention, and then Bulma wakes up, and sends Yamcha flying home.

5 HOURS LATER.........................

Goku wakes  up and everything is back to “normal.”  Goku and Oolong go into the bathroom to brush their teeth, and Oolong says that wishing for a palace with 300 girls is a few too many, and Goku asks if Oolong changed his mind.  Oolong says yes, and Goku says he’s a smart pig.  Bulma wakes up and asks if her clothes were washed.  Oolong says no and Bulma punches him on the head as usual.  She says she wishes Yamcha was there and Oolong sarcastically says he’s looking forward to seeing him again.  Oolong says he has some spare clothes.  Bulma puts them on, and she looks hilarious!  She has a black banquet dress with a bunny tail in the back and, plus rabbit ears!  Ha!  Ha!  Outside of the van, Shao and Mai finally get the time bomb off of Shao’s paw and onto the underside of the van one hour before it explodes.  At Pilaf’s castle, Emperor Pilaf notices it’s 7:00, one hour before the big boom.  Oolong keeps driving and Goku points out an old fashioned convertible driven by none other than---you guessed it.......Yamcha and Puar.  Goku goes out to fight Yamcha again.  Bulma and Oolong come out to watch the fight.  Yamcha says that Goku is strong for such a little guy.  Goku and Yamcha get ready to fight.  (I don’t remember the first half of the fight so I’ll start at the beginning of the second half)  Goku kicks Yamcha and knocks one of his teeth out and Yamcha attacks with young Goku dodging it in the nick of time.  Goku kicks Yamcha again, this time on the right cheek, causing a huge boil to appear on Yamcha’s face.  Yamcha gets really mad and says and says he can’t get a date looking like this and runs away with Puar.  Back at the van, Shao and Mai go inside to look for the Dragonballs, and the bomb explodes.  (And also it turns out that Oolong and Bulma took the Dragonballs with them as well.)  Mai and Shao are caught in the explosion of course.  Mai asks if they’re alive, and Shao says he thinks so.   Then, Yamcha  comes back later with a Dino Cap that turns out to be an old Volkswagen like car.  Oolong asks what the catch is and Yamcha says that there is no catch.  Bulma searches the car for bombs, and Goku says that sometimes, you have to trust people.  So, Goku, Bulma, and Oolong get into the car and Bulma falls fast asleep on Goku.  Little do they know that Yamcha did have a plan.  It was to let the good guys get all seven Dragonballs, and secretly track them on radar and follow them around, and wait until they summoned the Eternal Dragon, and then he’d jump in and make his wish not to be afraid of beautiful women. 

And thus ends another great episode of Dragonball.  Next Episode:  EPISODE 7: The Ox King On Fire Mountain Rating:  *****  ! !



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