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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 69 - Who is Fortuneteller Baba?

Review for "69. Who is Fortuneteller Baba?" as seen on Cartoon Network

Goku has beat the Red Ribbon army and has six of the dragon balls, he
meets up with Yamcha and the gang. Goku tells them he has to use the
wish granted by the eternal dragon Shen Long to bring poor little Upa's
dad Bora back from the dead. Bora was killed by Mercernary Tao. They
all agree and head back to Roshi's island to fix the Dragon
Ball radar. Bulma tells gang that the radar is in working order and that
the dragon ball must be hidden or inside the
belly of something. The radar cannot detect it. Master Roshi is of course
listening to everything while trimming his
nose hairs. Roshi tells them that Fortune Teller Baba could help them(is
she Roshi's sister, he never says that?). They
decide to go see her. Bulma decides its time to go home and see her
parents. Oolong chickens out, but Puar,
Yamcha, and Krillen will help out Goku. Hurray, another adventure! Master
Roshi stays home with Launch, good for
him(maybe he'll get some lovin). Next the gang is speeding towards Baba's
palace but have to stop for gas. The next
scenes are some of my favorite and show the true comedy and emotions that
are in anime, which american versions
seems to botch up. The scene starts with Puar explaining to Goku a joke
relating corn to Korin. Its not clear but as
Goku jumps of the capsule jet he "rips his pants". The others give him a
hard time about looking sloppy and advise him
to get new cloths and maybe some underwear! Anyones clothes would be torn
up if they defeated Mercenary Tao
and the Red Ribbon army single handedly. At the tailor, they dress Goku up
in some silly clothes. You have probably
seen pics of Goku dressed like a little kid with bow tie and cap. Looks
like a golfing outfit. Needless to say he hates
them. They are itchy. The tailor agrees to make him some new threads like
his last ones, and Yamcha bribes him to
have it done in an hour. That scene is a classic!! Now Goku tells gang he
would like to get little indian boy Upa cuz he
is all alone and waiting at home. The next scenes are also classic!! Goku
finds Upa who is hiding in his tepee, afraid to
come out. Can't blame him after all the injustice that fell upon him. Upa
comes running out to greet Goku. He is so
happy to see him. As he runs he stumbles then jumps in Goku's arms. The
emotions that run through these scenes
would never be in an american cartoon. Goku is a true friend to Upa and
again tells him he will bring Bora back. What a
guy. Upa is scared to leave his home but Goku assures him that some things
are scary the first time, like leaving home
or "Brocolli" and that its okay cuz when they return, they will be with
seven Dragon Balls and they will awake Bora.
Now comes another scene botched in translation. They arrive back to meet
Yamcha and the gang and Gokus clothes
are ready. Apparently Goku gets naked and changes in the street. Then
Krillen mistakes Upa for a girl. Everyone
looks confused. I am not sure, but I think the Japanese version must
comment on his boldness to get naked in the
street and comment on his weiner maybe. I am still yet to see Japanese
version to verify this dialogue. After the new
clothes, they are ready to head to Baba's house! Here you see the pink
ghost dude with the cooly hat. He has a very
spooky smile. I do not know if I would go with him. Meanwhile, the guys in
front of them are some big bruisers. When
they return from there session with Baba, they are beaten up good. The gang
sees that something is up here. Note
how Goku keeps messing Fortune "Seller" Babas name. Also its a Palace not a
house! The introduction to Baba is
great. Seems she will help them find the last Dragon Ball but it will cost
alot, which they don't have. Baba tells them
the other method is to fight her 5 fighters and survive. This they can
agree to do since they are great fighters. What
will happen to Goku and the gang. Don't miss "We Are The Five Warriors"
next on Dragon Ball.

by Dad

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