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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 5 - Yamcha, The Desert Bandit

Oolong joins the quest. In the beginning of this episode, Bulma gives Oolong a yellow pill. When Oolong finds out they are going to the desert, Oolong changes into a fish. Bulma puts some cash on a fishing pole and they catch Oolong. He however runs away again. 

Bulma shouts the words piggy over and over. The pill she gave Oolong made him have to go to the bathroom. The team finds out that all of there dinocaps are missing so they have to walk. When they are in the middle of the desert Bulma falls a sleep and Yamcha appears. We find out that Yamcha's partner, Puar knows Oolong and seeks revenge. A fight ensues between Goku and Yamcha. Goku knocks his tooth out and Yamch wines about never being able to get a date. Bulma wakes up and sees Yamcha and instantly falls in love wtih him. Yamcha, being shy around girls runs away. At his house he explains to Puar his fear of women.


Series: Dragon Ball
Episode 5
Yamcha the Desert Bandit
When Goku and Bulma get the fifth Dragon Ball, they head to Diablo Desert.
with their new pal Oolong. When Bulma's boat runs out, they have to walk. This
makes Goku really angry because he can't fly the Nimbus. He still walks
faster then them, and when Bulma goes for a Dino-Capsule, it turns out Oolong
took it. All the time Yamcha was secretly watching them. When they stop to
rest, Bulma falls asleep, Goku watches her, and Oolong is attacked by Yamcha.
Goku sees this and starts to get ready to fight. Yamcha starts putting the
hurt on Goku, then he he starts to rage with his Pole. Bulma wakes up, and
Yamcha gets frightened off because he's shy around girls. The rest shows the
gang walking, and at the end Yamcha says he must find the Dragon Balls so he
can stop being so shy around girls.
By, Robert Glass
Review: This show deserves an 8 out of ten. The battle wasn't too long, but the humor
was plenty and first rate


English Dubbed Version
Yamcha the Desert Bandit # 5
By John Mimidas

After gaining the 6 star dragonball Bulma and Goku bring Oolong along with
them as they go to find the last 2 dragonballs. Bulma said the next location
is Fire Mountain. Oolong then yells that Fire Mountain is the Home of the Ox
King a huge guy who uses an ax. Then Oolong tries to run by turning into a
fish and Goku tries to catch him but He couldn't so Bulma fished him out by
using the bait as dollars, since she Knew Oolong was greedy and in fact she
caught Oolong. Then both Oolong and Goku got hungry so Bulma gave Oolong a
vitamin. But the boat they were using ran out of fuel and then Oolong
transformed to a paddle to go to the nearest location. Then Bulma figured her
Dyno Caps were missing cause Oolong took them and then Oolong ran away. Goku
went on Nimbus but once again couldn't find him. So Bulma called Oolong Piggy
6 times making Oolong take a poop. Then Bulma said the vitamin was a pill
making you go to the bathroom... Ouch. Then Bulma, Goku, and Oolong walk a
desert with no food or water. After some talking Bulma takes a nap. Puar who
is Yamcha's partner sees Goku and Oolong and goes and tells Yamcha. Then
Yamcha comes and ensues a battle with Goku. At first Goku was winning but
then Yamcha used some desert tricks on Goku but goku came back and poked
Yamcha's eye. Then Yamcha was going to do a run until he saw Bulma. Then he
runs and he says he's scared of beautiful women.


Dragon Ball Episode Summary- Episode 5
"Yamcha the Desert Bandit"
Dubbed; Long Version

    We start the episode with Bulma, Goku, and Oolong on a boat, taking a
river to Mount Fire. Oolong doesn't want to go because he is afraid of the Ox
King who lives a top Mt. Fire, so he transforms into a fish and swims away.
Bulma fishes him out with money. They run out of fuel, several hundred feet
from land, so Oolong turns into an ore and they paddle the rest of the way.
They reach the land, and Bulma loses her capsules. hen she turns to talk to
oku, Oolong runs for it. Bulma yells "Piggy Piggy" and olong runs back having
to go to the bathroom because of the pill Bulma gave him. They later reach
the desert, not realizing that Yamcha (a desert theif) and Puar (his
assistant) are watching them. Bulma goes to sleep, leaving Goku and Oolong to
find food. Yamchu comes up to them and tells them since they are trespassing,
they have to give him all of their money and capsules. Oolong remember Puar
from Morphing school, but Puar has bad memories and tells Yamcha to attack.
Goku and Yamcha fight, with Goku the upper hand until Yamcha uses "Wolf Fang
Fists" knocking Goku into a bunch of pillars. Goku comes back, and as Yamcha
is about to attack him again, he starts yelling...waking up Bulma. Bulma goes
out to see what's with the yelling. Yamcha runs out, then stops, blushing, he
and Puar flee from the fight. Bulma comments on how cute he was. Later, we
see Yamcha and Puar sitting in their hide out, Puar comforting him.
Elite Troops of Shinra, Inc.
"Only fools attack from the front"


Hello my name is A.J. Behfar and am doing a episode
summary for :

Name:Yamchu the desert bandit
Long and Detailed

it starts out with bulma,goku and oolong in a
boat,they are talking than oolong asks where they are
going,bulma says that they are going to fire
mountain,they oolong gets all scared says that the
ox-king lives there and than he changes to a fish and
jumps out of the boat,goku goes after him and than
bulma lures him into the boat with some money,than
they are on the boat and goku asks oolong why all the
food is gone and oolong says that the great outdoors
do make me hungry,than bulma hands oolong a "vitamin"
and she says it is good for you a bulma giggles some
than goku says to bulma that he is hungry and she says
that was the last one,than the boat breaks down and
bulma says thats great,we are out of gas, than bulma
asks oolong to turn to a paddle to get to shore and
than he says he would be honored to be handled by a
girl like you bulma,so he changes and bulma tells goku
want to do and than they get to shore.

Than goku is about to go exploreing but than bulma
yells out because her dinocaps are missing and yells
at oolong saying he stole them than bulma yells out
again and goku asks what is wrong,bulma says without
the dinocaps we are stuck here,than oolong snecks off
and goku says to bulma why not ask oolong to change to
a motorbike than goku sees oolong ran off again than
goku goes and looks for oolong and cant find him,than
bulma makes the "piggy" sound and than oolong really
has o go to the bathroom,than bulma tells oolong that
the "vitamin" she gave him was really a pill that made
you go to the bathroom when ever someone made the
piggy sound,than goku says bulmas a witch than she
says if she was a witch she would not need the
dragonballs,than oolong comes out and says he will be
nice than for fun goku makes the "piggy" sound and
makes oolong go to the bathroom again,than bulma tells
oolong she needs her motorbike and when bulma gets on
she falls because oolong can only hold so much and
than he says what is the point i can only hold a shape
for 5 min.

So bulma,goku and oolong are walking in the desert
while goku is walking normally and oolong and bulma
have sticks to stay up so goku says he i gave up
numbis to walk with you guys so can you try and keep
up while, than bulma walking over to the shade and
takes a nap,than from far away a small blue cat named
puar spots goku and oolong and says victums,than runs
inside a cave and tells a yough man named yamchu that
we have victums,than he says well it is about time and
laughs evily, than he and puar come on a airbike
flying to goku and oolong and than he says Greetings,i
am yamchu master of this land,give us all your money
and dinocaps and you will leave here in peace,than
oolong says your puar i remember you from
shapeshifting school,than puar says I remember you
were a big bully than he tells yamchu that he always
picked on puar and stole his lunch money because
oolong was always bigger than him, so than after
alittle talking goku and yamchu fight yamchu launchs
at goku with hois sword but goku jumps in the air
fliping over yamchu,than goku lands infront of puar
and yamchu launchs at goku but goku jumps out of the
way and yamchu just about hit puar but didn't,than
puar faints and yamchu launchs at goku again but goku
jumps in the air and uses his powerpole to fight
yamchus sword than goku jumps back and yells out POWER
POLE EXTEND! and he knocks yamchu into the ground and
puar rushs to yamchu,than he gets up and says goku has
great power than goku says thanks my grand pa taught
me than yamchu says only one person could have given
that pole to you,who is this grandfather of yours?
goku says his name was gohan,than yamchu starts the
fight again and beats the spit out of goku and knocks
goku into a bunch of rocks than oolong gets scared and
turns into a bug and flys off than puar becomes a fly
swatter and knocks oolong out of his form,so he is
bout to hand yamchu a dinocap (which he stole) so he
wont hurt him than goku gets out of the rocks and
yells at yamchu thn yamchu launchs at goku and they
both punch each others fist, than goku pokes yamchu in
the eyes and throws his palm at yamchus face knocking
him back to the ground,than yamchu launchs at goku and
goku says he in really hungry an than bulma starts to
wake up and just before yamchu gets to goku he spots
bulma and than he says a bunch of hearts and falls
over than puar rushs to his side and yamchu says puar
you know how i get when am around beautyful girls than
they fly off of the hoverbike and bulma asks who the
hunk was and oolong gets angry and all goku wants is
some food, than yamchu gets upset he cant be a warrior
around girls,than he says those fools have not heard
the last of yamchu than the episode ends


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