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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 51 - Beware of Robot

Goku and Krillan start their battle with the Pirate Robot. General Blue watches from the hallway. Goku and Krillan just throw normal punches and kicks when Krillan gets punched in the face. Krillan watches with Bulma while Goku fights alone. Goku throws a lot of headbutts at the Pirate Robot's chin. The Pirate Robot the shoots out bullets. Goku retreats to higher grounds (like Murasaki did) and just runs away. The Pirate Robot glides on the water to shoot Goku. Goku manages to make the robot bang into walls but still can't win. Krillan and Bulma find a machine that shoots out missiles. They shoot one at the Pirate Robot but it hits Goku. The missile makes the ceiling fall on Goku witch makes the floor he was on break. The Pirate Robot decided to chase Bulma and Krillan and none of the other missiles hit it. 

While they ran, Blue stayed in the hallway. The robot shoots bullets as they go up the stairs. Bulma and Krillan find a hallway and go in a room. Meanwhile, Goku gets up. Blue stays and is amazed. In the room, it is a computer room. The Pirate Robot finds them and so does Goku (he uses the Power Pole to get to the
window). Goku uses his Power Pole to bring Krillan and Bulma down. The robot is amazed. While they run away, the robot went down the stairs. When the Pirate Robot gets down the stairs, Goku does an aerial attack, killing it. Krillan and Bulma run past a door Blue was behind. Blue follows them and makes a fake arrow so Goku will go the wrong way. Goku runs there and makes the wrong turn. Krillan and Bulma find a well and they go in. Blue follows and Goku continues going the wrong way. - James

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