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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 4 - Oolong The Terrible

US Dubbed Version
Episode 4: Oolong the Terrible
U.S. Premiere Airdate: August 23, 2001
By The Viper

Goku and Bulma continue their search for the Dragonballs, and thanks to Bulma’s Dragonball Radar, they learn that they are very close to their fifth Dragonball.  On the way there, Bulma falls off her motorcycle, and when Goku comes to check on her, his dragonball begins to glow.  Both of them look ahead and see a small village.  Goku decides to check there for a Dragonball.  The two enter the village, only to see no one there.  Bulma thinks it is a ghost town, but Goku feels that there are people there.  Goku heads to the Sherman Priest’s door, and since it is locked, he punches it open.  As soon as he enters, a heavy axe comes crashing down on his head, only to give him a small lump.  The priest with the axe tells him not to take his daughter, but Goku reveals that he is not whoever the Sherman Priest thinks he is.  The Sherman priest tells Goku and Bulma that a shape shifting monster named Oolong, has been taking away the villager’s daughters, and is looking for his daughter next, Pochawompa.  Bulma asks the Sherman Priest if he has a seen a dragonball around, and shows him one.  

By now, the village realizes that Oolong is nowhere in sight, and are all at the Sherman Priest’s front door.  An old lady shows Bulma a six-star dragonball, and Goku asks for it.  The woman refuses, saying it was passed down from other generations.  Bulma asks the lady if she can have it if she and Goku defeat Oolong, and get the girls back.  The village says that is Oolong cannot be defeated, but Bulma comes up with a plan.  Goku dresses up like Pochawompa and waits outside the village.  Oolong comes crashing in, in the form of a devil in a tux with flowers.  Oolong asks for Pochawompa to marry him, but Goku, still disguised, needs to take a ‘pit stop’.  Oolong then changes into the form of a handsome man, and Bulma, watching from indoors, is lured by Oolong’s new form.  Oolong, who takes a liking to Bulma immediately, debates whether he should take her or Goku (Pochawompa).  

Checking on Pochawompa, he realizes that “she” is taking a leak and finally realizes that he has been tricked.  Oolong again changes form into a huge bull.  Goku takes off the disguise, and gets ready to fight Oolong, but Oolong runs away at the last second.  Goku chases him, and when he gets outside the gates, he sees a small pig.  The pig tells Goku that Oolong went to the other side of the town, and Goku runs after him.  After Goku leaves, the pig reveals himself as Oolong, in his true form.  After going to shape-shifting school, Oolong learned to take different forms, but there was one catch: he could only take a certain form for 5 minutes and no longer.  Oolong explains that he had to terrorize the village since he was constantly being dumped by girls and needed some girlfriends.  Goku returns to the village, and tells the pig that he didn’t find Oolong.  Oolong takes the form now of a huge metal ninja, and tells Goku that if he runs away, he will not be dipped in Oolong’s hot soup.  Goku says he won’t leave, and Oolong accidentally dips his finger in the soup!  

From behind, a young boy shoots a slingshot at the back of Oolong’s neck, but his mother carries him away.  Oolong turns back to Goku who reminds him that he was going to kill him.  Oolong suddenly turn into a bat and flies away.  Bulma reminds Goku that he has to find the lost girls, so Goku calls for his Nimbus cloud and pursues Oolong.  Goku is not far behind Oolong, but Oolong changes form again, this time into a rocket.  In the middle of the chase, Oolong turns back to his normal form and falls to the ground.  Goku ties him up and takes him back to the village.  Oolong apologizes to the villagers, and then takes him to his “shack”, which is really a large house, and shows the daughters.  All of them are relaxed and are asking Oolong favors.  Oolong pleads with the villagers to take their kids back, seeing how they are so much trouble.  Goku and Bulma return to the village, and the old lady presents them with the 6-star Dragonball!  With 5 Dragonballs, the other two shouldn’t be far away!

Dragonball Race:

Bulma/Goku: 5 Dragonballs

Emperor Pilaf: 1 Dragonball   


This episode review is by Jen C.Hope you like it!P.S.The real movie's 

The episode starts with Bulma riding her motorcycle & Goku riding the Flying 
Nimbus.When Goku makes fun of Bulma's speed of her motorcycle she loses 
control and crashes.The 5 star Dragonball falls out & when Goku asks why it's 
glowing she says the 6 star Dragonball must be close-by!Goku says let's go 
check the nearby town.When they get there it's deserted.They walk into a dome 
house & someone hits Goku on the head with an ax!Since he had a strong head 
he only got a red bump.The person said sorry because he thought Goku was 
Oolong.He asked who Oolong was & they replied a shape-shifting monster who 
took away pretty little girls.An old woman showed them a 6 ball when they 
asked if they had seen one.

She said she'd give it to them if they could get rid of Oolong.Bulma dressed Goku as a girl to fool Oolong.When Oolong got there he turned into a bull when he realized Goku was a boy.He had to run out of there when his time-limit was up.He turned out to be the pig!After he could transform again he changed into a robot.When Goku scared him,he turned into a bat & flew away but Oolong didn't expect the Nimbus Cloud.He then 
changed into a rocket but Nimbus kept up with him.When he changed into a 
pig,Goku caught him & brought him to the village where he tied him up.They 
made him bring him to the girls.Goku said if he turned into a bug he would 
squash him.When everyone got there they found out the girls were spoiled 
brats,but brought them home anyway.The old woman thanks them & gives them her 
6 star ball as she said she would.The episode ends now!!!!!!! 



English Dubbed version
Oolong the Terrible #4

The episode starts with Goku and Bulma, Goku on Nimbus and Bulma in her
motorcycle. Then Goku sees a village. The village seemed to be abandoned but
Goku saw a face from a window and went to the guys house, Goku broke in and
the owner of the house got an axe and slammed it on Goku's head breaking the
axe. The owner says he's sorry cause he thought Goku was Oolong. Then Goku
learns Oolong is a shape shifting creature meaning he can change the way he
looks at will. Then the villagers come out from hiding and tell Goku that
Oolong kidnapped their daughters, and he came to steal Shermans daughter(
Sherman is the guy who hit Goku with an axe). Then Goku says he's ready to
fight and Bulma makes a bet with a lady that if they defeat Oolong they'll
get the 6 star Dragonball. Then they dress Goku as a girl. Then later Oolong
comes and turns into a man but figures out Goku is a girl so he turns into a
bull. But somethin' happens and Oolong runs away. Then Oolong says he's
really a pig and can only be different for 5 minutes. Then Goku chases
Oolong, Oolong turns into a rocket but his 5 min. were up and then they went
to the village and Oolong says sorry. Then he takes them to the girls who
weren't kidnapped they were just having fun.

By John Mimidas

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