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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 47 - Kame House - Found

Kame House- Found

Goku and Bulma find the Kame House to get a submarine. Master Roshi was happy that Bulma was there. Krillan and Lunch went to get groceries. Lunch sneezes and starts attacking people. Since they took the machine, they wait. Goku and Turtle get sea food and find Turtle's son! Roshi gave Bulma a lot of drinks to make her go to the bathroom. With the RRA, they think that Goku has a base. Blue sends a soldier to look for it. Roshi becomes smaller and goes to the bathroom with Bulma. He gets flushed down the toilet. Roshi, Lunch, and Krillan make it back. 

When Krillan looked at the map, he said the dragonball was close to a pirates treasure. Roshi then told the story. Pirates fought each other. Because of the fighting, the treasure went over board. It went to land. Bulma, Goku, and Krillan leave to get the treasure and the dragonball. The soldier sees the island and reports it. Blue thinks that Roshi built the dragon radar. Roshi is happy because he is with Lunch alone.

- James I


Dragonball Dubbed
Joe Torok
Episode 47 - Kame House - Found

Goku and Bulma get to Kame house and ask Master Roshi for a submarine. He tells them that if Bulma gives her the shrink ray then he will give the submarine. Bulma agrees and Roshi gives her something to drink.Bulma then heads to the bathroom, but then Roshi shrinks down and tries to get a look at Bulma with no luck! Sorry Roshi, then Krillin and Launch get back from the market with the submarine and give it to Bulma and Goku. They put it in a Dino Cap and get on the nibus cloud and head for the dragonball. Little do they know the Red Ribbon Army is watching. They think that Kame House is their hideout so RR begin to head for it! What will happen next time on Dragonball????


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