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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 42 - The Secret of Dr. Flappe

42. The Secret of Dr. Flappe
Dragonball Dubbed
Joe Torok
Goku and friends rejoice at Snow's house. It seems that 8 has bombs still inside of him and can go off at anytime. Snow knows a man in the mountians names Dr. Flappe that is a great scientist. They decide to go get the bombs out of 8 and to fix the Dragonradar. It seems Murasaki is still alive and is hiding in a tree. Goku goes to the bathroom on Murasaki's "tree" (haha). Murasaki contines to follow them untill they reach Dr. Flappe's home. Dr. walks into his room to find Murasaki. He tells about how Flappe created 8 and was working for the Red Ribbon Army! He tells him to get the dragonballs and bring them to him or else. He brought Murasaki the bag and then he took off. Goku in pursuit shot a ka-me-ha-me-ha and made an avalanche come down on Murasaki! Goku got his things back and found out that the only thing in the bag was his lunch. The operation is performed and 8 loses his explosive, but Goku's radar was unable to be fixed by the Dr. They left the house and continued back to the village. What will happen next time on Dragonball??????


This is DB Episode 42. It starts with Goku eating like a pig at the dinner 
table. At the dinner table is also Eighter, Snow, and village chief, and 
Snow's parents. Snow offers Goku and Eighter to stay. Goku says he must go 
on, which brings him back to say he never got the dragonball he wanted. Snow 
says she found it and gives him the 2-star dragonball!! Goku is happy, but 
not that thrilled since it is not the 4-star. Eighter says he can't stay 
either because he has a bomb inside him and might be endangering the whole 
village. Snow reccommends Dr. Flappe. She says he can get Eighter's bomb out 
and fix Goku's Dragon Radar, which was broken while he was fighting. So, 
Eighter, Snow, and Goku set off. Meanwhile, Murasaki rises from the crushed 
muscle tower. He swears revenge! As the three travel across vast snow, 
Murasaki dashes behind them. They reach some ice. Goku is confused about ice. 
Snow jumps in the lake and slides across, Goku goes next, but cannot skate. 
Eighter jumps in, and makes some cracks in the lake. They all slide across. 
Murasaki jumps in after them, but falls in the cracks Eighter made. Murasaki 
sticks his head over the surface He goes under and clings to the ice. The 
trio is looking at the hole Murasaki made. Murasaki starts to run out of air 
and can't find the hole. He bangs his head against the ice and makes a hole. 
He comes out just as they leave. Later, the trio notices a bear (Murasaki in 
a costume). The bear follows. He trips and rolls into a snowball, which hits 
a tree. Murasaki gets out of the costume. 

At last, they reach Dr. Frappe's. The doctor has puffy hair and wears a yellow coat. Dr. Frappe recognizes Eighter and stares off into space for a little bit. He eventually says he 
will. As he goes into his room, Murasaki is lying on his bed. Frappe says he 
quit the Red Ribbon army a long time ago. He tries for the door, but Murasaki 
throws spikes at it. Snow goes into the room, and is held hostage by 
Murasaki. Murasaki says if Frappe doesn't steal Goku's dragonballs from his 
bag, Snow will be killed. Eighter wakes up in the lounge to see Frappe 
stealing Goku's bag. Goku wakes up and they both take after Frappe. When they 
get to the room, Murasaki takes the bag and rides away on his snowmobile. 
Goku takes after him. Snow, Eighter, and Frappe just watch. Goku catches up 
just behind the snowmobile. Murasaki goes faster and Goku uses a Kamehameha 
to cause an avalanche. Murasaki manages to stay pretty well ahead, but 
eventually trips and gets covered in snow. Goku gets his bag and opens it to 
reveal his dinner! He walks back. It takes a lot of patience, but Frappe 
unscrews the bomb, and Goku saves it from blowing up! Frappe says that Goku's 
dragon radar is too technical for Goku, so Goku decides to go to Bulma. As 
they leave, Frappe says to himself why he wasn't going to tell Eighter he 
actually put another bomb in. Goku finds the bomb and throws it away. 
Murasaki finally gets out of the avalanche, and the bomb lands on his head! 
This blows up, killing him!! The announcer quotes that he loves how shows end 
with a bang. - Blumingdalesyo


The Secret of Dr. Flappe

Everyone is eating at Snow's house. The Village Chief allows Eighter to live there because he didn't give a dragonball to White (he found it in a cave).Eighter says no because there is a bomb inside of him and can explode any time. The chief said to go to Dr. Flappe. So Eighter, Goku, and Snow leave. Meanwhile at the ruble of Muscle Tower, Ninja Murasaki gets up. He sees everyone and follows. They all make it (Murasaki nearly drowns and bangs into a tree in a bear costume in a giant snowball). At the house, Dr. Flappe goes to get some pillows for Goku. Murasaki is in the room. Murasaki says that Flappe worked for the Red Ribbon Army and created #8! Snow comes in. To save her, Flappe had to get the dragonball from Goku. He does. Snow screams and Goku and Eighter come. Murasaki jumps out a window. Then he goes on a motorcycle. Goku does a Kamehameha at a mountain, making an avalanche. It falls on Murasaki and he was holding Goku's lunch! Flappe removes the bomb. Goku throws it in the forest. Flappe just can't fix the radar. Goku decides to go to Bulma. In the forest, the bomb lands on Murasaki and it explodes.

- James


Dragon Ball
The Red Ribbon Army Saga
The Secret of Dr. Flappe

      After finally defeating the Red Ribbon Army, Goku and Eighter are at Snow's house for dinner. At dinner Snow asks Goku and Eighter that you can live here as much as you can, Goku says he can't because he has to get to Bulma's house to get his radar fixed. Eighter says he still has a bomb inside him so it can go off as soon as possible. Snow tells Eighter that there is a man that lives in the mountains named Dr. Flappe that can help you get that bomb out of you and help fix your dragon radar. So the next day they decided that they should try to take that bomb out of Eighter by getting help from Dr. Flappe. Meanwhile at the wrecked Muscle Tower it seems that Murasaki is still alive, struggling to get up. So Goku, Snow, and Eighter head off to Dr. Flappe's house with Murasaki following them behind. On their way the gang hear Murasaki's footsteps, Murasaki hides himself under a tree and Goku pees on that tree along the way. They hear footsteps again and this time Murasaki hides himself under frozen ice and struggles to breathe. The next time the gang hears the footsteps they see that its only a bear (which is actually Murasaki). Finally they get to the Dr.'s house. Snow knocks on the door but no one answers. They see that Dr. Flappe is right behind them, the gang greets with the Dr. and they go inside. There Goku and Eighter take a rest while Dr. Flappe goes in his room, there he meets Murasaki. Murasaki says that how the Dr. created Eighter and was working for the Red Ribbon Army. Murasaki tells Dr. Flappe to get the dragonballs from the kid. Then Snow tells the Dr. to com on out and the Dr. takes the dragonballs out of Goku's pocket and Eighter Snow tell him to stop but was to late. Murasaki toke the dragonballs but Goku did a kamehameha wave which blasted a mountain top it brought up a avalanche. Murasaki was left under the snow and Goku got the dragonballs back. Dr. Flappe took the bomb out of Eighter's body and they thanked Dr.Flappe.

      The story by Sam Behbahani

- All material copyright of

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