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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 41 - The Fall of Muscle Tower 

41. The Fall of Muscle Tower
Dragonball Dubbed
Joe Torok
Goku attacks White and soon enough White relizes that he can't beat Goku. So he goes for his tail. It seemed as Goku was down but ,he came back! White gave up and released the Village Chief soon after he pulled a gun out his back pocket and took the Chief hostage! He then said if 8 went to his side he will spare the Chief. He refused and White shot Goku. 8 then became very angry and punched White threw the wall! White was defeated and Goku, 8, and the Chief all left Muscle Tower. 8 punched holes in Muscle Tower and it began to Crumble untill it toppled over! Then Snow's family, Goku, Chief, and 8 all meet up at Snow's house! Goku has brought an end to General White and Muscle Tower. What will happen next time on Dragonball????


The Fall of Muscle Tower

White gets ready to fight Goku. They each throw punches and White gets hurt. White then finds Goku's weakness: his tail. He grabs it and throws him by it. Goku then punches him. White finds a gun but decides not to kill Goku and Eighter yet. White then obeys Goku's orders by releasing the Village Chief (the old man). When he comes out, White grabs him and puts the gun to his head. Then he tells #8 if he kills Goku, he will release the Village Chief. Eighter still refuses. White tells Goku to turn around. He does and gets shot in the back. Eighter got angry enough to fight him and White releases the Village Chief. White shoots #8 but has no effect. Eighter punches White and he flies off (outside). Then everyone went outside (Goku's alive). #8 then throws punches at the tower, knocking it down. Then they all go to Snow's house and Goku eats. - James I.


Version USA
41 Fall of Muscle Tower

Goku and #8 make their way to the 6th floor of muscle tower. General White and Goku battle as #8 can only look on. As General White stumbles to the ground, he notices a gun. He pretends to surrender to Goku. He then opens the door to where the village chief was locked in. As soon as he is free, General White pulls out the gun.

He holds General White at gunpoint. He asks #8 to make a decision on who to shoot. #8 doesn't want to decide. Goku then says "Let him go. I am not afraid of you." General White releases the Village Chief and shoots Goku. #8 is mad and punches General White out of the tower. Goku recovers. As Goku, #8, and the village chief exit the tower, #8 decides to punch through the lower part of the tower. The tower begins to tip over and then it collapses. They make it to the village where they are greeted by Snow and her parents.

Laurence Johnson


This is DB Episode 41: "The Fall of Muscle Tower". Last time, Goku defeated 
Buyon and now both him and Eighter are in the control room again. Now, White 
decides to fight Goku for the chief, thinking that Goku wasted his energy 
fighting Buyon. Goku starts by kicking him in the shins. White is running 
around screaming! Android Eighteen wants White to stop, but is hit by White's 
sweater. White now has a black sleeveless shirt on. He uses the old 
hey-look-over-there sceme. He hits Goku, but Goku smiles and says he is 
tickled by the punch. Goku punches him back and White goes flying. White 
notices Goku's tail and grabs it. Goku loses his energy and Eighter gasps. 
White spins Goku around on his tail and slams him into the wall. After a few 
minutes, Goku regains his energy and hits White on the floor! White sees a 
gun on his desk, picks it up, sneaks it into him back pocket, and surrenders. 
He opens the door for the chief. The chief is listening at the door. He loojs 
like a bald-on-top Einstein. He is now listening at an invisible door. After 
noticing everybody, he goes to get his coat, and Eighter sees White pull out 
the gun. He does the old take-chief-hostage-by-pointing-a-gun-at-his-face 
scheme. He says if Eighter joins his side, he would let the chief go. But, 
Eighter has to kill Goku to get on his side. Goku tries to get the chief out, 
but White shoots at him. It doesn't hit Goku, but the impact either knocks 
out or kills Goku. Eighter gets really mad. His eyes turn white and he 
approaches White. White tries to shoot, but his gun is broken! Eighter knocks 
him out of the control room, out of Muscle Tower, out of the snowland! Both 
the chief and Eighter approach Goku. Goku opens his eyes and says he's 
hungry. Once they get out of Muscle Tower, Eighter says he must do one more 
thing. He strikes blows all around the tower, making it collapse. At Snow's 
house, Snow sees the chief and Eighter coming. She finally sees Goku inside 
Eighter's coat! The three of them approach Snow's house. Her and her parnets 
come out. Snow's father says Eighter looks like his mother-in-law! Fianklly, 
the village is peaceful.


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