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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 40 - Horrifying Buyon

Horrifying Bunyon

Goku and Eighter (#8's nickname) made it on the the ground without getting hurt. White tries to convince Goku to give him the dragonball and the dragon radar but refuses. White then closes the trap door and brings a wall up. Behind the wall was Buyon, a monster. #8 was scared, moved back, cracked a bone, and that made Buyon see them. Goku fought but everything he threw at him bounced right off. Buyon did an electric shock to Goku. Buyon then eats Goku but he gets out. Goku does a Kamehameha but has no effect. Buyon tries to eat Eighter but Goku saves him. Goku remembers how he was frozen and made a hole in the tower. It froze Buyon. Goku kicked it and it shattered into pieces! Goku and Eighter make it up to General White. Now Goku must beat him to save the Village Chief.

- James I.


40. Horrifying Bunyon
Dragonball Dubbed
Joe Torok -
Goku and 8 fall into a room with nothing in it except skeletons! General White tells Goku to hand over the Dragon radar and the ball. Goku refuses and White closes the hatch in the ceiling. The wall opens up and we see a huge monster eating some food! Next shown is Snow in her bead finding a small animal under her bed and returning it to its parents. Goku tries to attack the monster with no luck and even after a ka-me-ha-me-ha attack he is still no affected by attacks. Goku gets an idea and puched a hole in the wall and icy winds were now coming in. Goku gets cold and goes into 8's jacket for warmth. He says just to wait a little while. Bunyon then gets very cold and is ice covered. Goku gets out of 8's jacket and kicks Bunyon. When he does he begins to crack untill Bunyon crumbled to a pile of ice! Goku then jumped up back to White's floor and made his powerpole extend so Andriod 8 can can up witn him. When they do Goku tells him they better release the village chief or else.. What will happen next time on Dragonball???


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