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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 3 - The Nimbus Cloud Of Roshi


US Dubbed Version

Episode 3: The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi
U.S. Toonamie Premiere Airdate: August 22, 2001
By The Viper
Episode 3: The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi

Bulma and Goku continue their way to the sea to drop off Turtle, but they suddenly come across a huge Bear.  Asking for the turtle and not Bulma and Goku, Bulma
tries to give up Turtle to the monster.  Goku refuses to do so, and fights the Bear instead.  After a few seconds, Goku lands a hard punch on the bear’s
forehead and finishes him off with ease.  Goku, Bulma, and Turtle finally make it to the beach, and Goku puts Turtle in the ocean.  Turtle says that he has a gift
to give Goku, and tells them to wait on the beach. 

Back at Pilaf’s, the Emperor himself learns that a dragonball is in the posession of an old hermit named Roshi on a secluded island.  He sends Mai and Shao to

collect the Dragonball, but comes with them for supervision. Back at the beach, Turtle finally returns with an old man on his back.  The man introduces himself as Roshi, the Turtle hermit.  As a gift for finding Turtle, Roshi gives Goku a magic carpet, but
realizes it is in for dry cleaning.  Roshi instead gives Goku a special flying cloud, known as the Nimbus cloud.  Roshi explains that only those who are pure of
heart can ride it.  Roshi tries to get on, but falls right through.  Goku, on the other hand, fits perfectly, and starts flying all over the place. Pilaf, Shao, and Mai finally land on Roshi’s island. Pilaf tries knocking and impersonating a mailman, but
realizes no one is home.  Pilaf tries to use a universal key to open the door to Roshi’s house, but Mai and Shao show Pilaf a window that has already been
opened.  Back at the beach, Bulma asks for a gift from Roshi.  Although Turtle says only Goku saved him. Roshi decides to give Bulma a gift.  Bulma notices the
dragonball on Roshi’s necklace, and asks him for that.  Roshi tries to get something in return, but end up in vain.  Not knowing it’s powers, Roshi gives it to
Bulma, and goes back home with Turtle.  Goku and Bulma continue on their quest, now with one more dragonball to the collection.  Meanwhile, Pilaf and his henchmen
are still not able to find the Dragonball after tearing apart Roshi’s house.  Roshi arrives, and when he asks what’s up, Pilaf tells him to hand over the dragonball.  After some thinking, Roshi realizes that he gave it to Bulma.  Pilaf, Shao, and Mai head off to
find her, and ask Roshi to push their plane back in the water.  Roshi does so, but not before poking a hole in it!

Dragonball Race:
Bulma/Goku: 4 Dragonballs
Emperor Pilaf: 1 Dragonball


The Nimbuscloud Of Roshi  episode #3

It starts out were the second episode left of with Goku taking the sea
turtle back to the sea.

When they get there the sea turtle thanks Goku and says he’ll give him a reward so the turtle goes and gets his master. After about 3 hours of waiting the turtle comes back with his owner “Master Roshi” Roshi thanks Goku for helping his pet turtle and calls upon his flying carpet but the turtle reminds him the it’s at the dry cleaner. So Roshi turns around and calls apon the “The Flying nimbus and tells Goku that only the pure of heart can ride the ”The Flying ninbus” he displays this bye falling straight through the cloud. (being the pervert that he is) Then goku gets on “The Flying nimbus” and goes for a joy ride while Roshi stays on the ground in shock that Goku can ride the “Nimbus”. Then Bulma realizes that Roshi has a necklace with a ”dragonball” on it and “Roshi” said he’d give her the necklace if she’d go on a date with him but his pet turtle said that it was against his vow that he made when he became a martial arts champ. So ! “Roshi” hands Bulma the

the end

my name is nick winslow s/n dragonboy 2008


Dragonball Summary
US Dubbed version
The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi # 3
Written by- John Mimidas

The episode continues with Goku and Bulma returning Turtle to the water and
the continue of their quest for the remaining Dragonballs. While on their way
to the beach a huge bear shows up and says for Goku to give up Turtle so he
can eat him, Goku says now and beats the bear with 3 sucker punches. Then on
the beach Turtle says Thanks and that if they wait there he will give them a
gift. Then the scene switches to Pilaf who just got news that his guards had
known a dragonball that wasn’t protected on an island where some Roshi figure
lived. Then they go on a helicopter to go get it. Then Turtle comes back with
his gift an old guy called Roshi the Turtle Hermit. Roshi says his gift will
be a magic carpet but he forgot he put it in the cleaners so he brings up a
cloud called the flying Nimbus. He says you must be pure of heart to ride
Nimbus so Goku tries and he actually rode the Nimbus. Goku had a good time
with the Nimbus and then Bulma asked for her present, then Bulma saw a
dragonball as a necklace of Roshi, Roshi says he must see her bellybutton so
Bulma shows it to him and Roshi coughs up the Dragonball. Then Goku and Bulma
leave the scene and Roshi goes back to his Island. But in Roshi’s Island
Pilaf and 2 of his guards reached the island with their helicopter and
hijacked Roshi’s house so they can find the dragonball. Then Roshi comes and
says that he gave it to a girl. Pilaf says that she can’t be far and goes
back in his helicopter with his 2 guards but the helicopter was stuck on the
sand so Pilaf told Roshi to give it a push and by mistake while pushing it
Roshi made a big hole. Then while sailing with their helicopter Pilaf said to
go faster to his guards and his guards were trying but then the episode ends
with the helicopter being flooded.

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