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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 39 - Mysterious Android No. 8

Mysterious Android No. 8

Android #8 gets out of his cage and breaks his chains. Ninja Murasaki then ordered #8 to kill Goku. Yet #8 refused. Murasaki tried to convince him but nothing worked. He took out a remote control that would make the bomb in Android #8 explode, killing him. Goku comes in and takes the remote away. He then destroys it. After that, Goku punched Murasaki to a wall, defeating him. General White (the leader of the army in Muscle Tower) send solders to kill both Goku and #8. Then Goku goes to the next floor. It is a maze. 

Goku looked all around but couldn't find a way out. He did but a wall closed him in, leaving a place to get threw (he didn't see it). Surprisingly, #8 comes to help. The solders find Goku and Eighter (#8's nickname). They easily beat them. Goku then goes one way to get threw the wall (#8 tells him) and Eighter goes another. They both make it threw. They make it to the 5th floor (the maze was between the 4th and 5th floors). White is there and tries to convince him to fight for him. It doesn't work. White then sends them to a trap door. Did they survive?


This is a summary of episode 39 Mysterious Android 8 The start of the episode shows Android 8. An extremely huge android who sort of looks like Frankenstein. 

Android 8 has a bunch of chains around him, but he breaks them. Murasaki orders Android 8 to attack Goku, but Android 8 refuses he hates violence! 8 also thinks what the Red Ribbon Army is doing is wrong.

Then Murasaki pulls out a remote saying he will blow him up with it if he doesn't obey orders. 8 still refuses, and right when Murasaki is about to push the remote button. BAM!! Goku jumps up flips and hits the controller out of his hand with the powerpoll, then hits Murasaki into a wall. 8 and Goku talk a bit then 8 reminds him that he was going to save the cheif of the town. 

General White meanwhile is extremely angry, and calls all his units to get ready for combat orders. Then, you see a bunch of guys with guns running all over the place.

Meanwhile Goku is stuck in a maze room. He keeps wandering around till he ends up back where he started. Then we see General White, the reason Goku can't find his way out is because White can move the walls.

Then 8 shows up saying he knows the way out. Goku follows him when suddenly 8 stops. (Goku calls him 8er)

He says many soldiers are coming. Then there they come! Goku jumps and pushes 1 who flies into another guy who flies into another guy, and they go right into a wall. Then after dodging some bullets punches another guy down. 8er also hits some people, accidentaly though.

After the fight they continue through the maze, when 8er figures out that White is moving the walls! They use what they know to trick White and get around his little wall trick. Then up they go to the 6th floor where White is. After some talking White pushes a button which opens part of the floor! 8er, and Goku start falling down a long way! Then the episode ends.



Dubbed Dragonball
Episode 39
Mysterious Android No. 8
Murasaki tells Android 8 to attack Goku, but he refuses. Murasaki tells him to do it or he will blow him up!  Goku uses his powerpole destroys the button to destroy 8 then knocks out  Murasaki! 8 followed Goku up the stairs to find a maze. Android 8 helps them find the end and a secret door to the next area. They find a hidden switch then head up the stairs to find General White! Android 8 is reminded who built him, but 8 doesn't listen to White and they go in for an attack only to fall in a trap door in the floor! They are shown falling! What will happen next on Dragonball???


This is DB Episode 39: "The Mysterious Android Number 8". It starts out with 
Muraski and Goku, still on the fourth floor. Murasaki opens a giant cage. He 
takes a chain and drags out..Android #8!! It looks just like Frankenstein, 
except with hispanic skin and a lot fatter. Anyway, while Murasaki is looking 
for the key to Android's chains, Android breaks his chains. Murasaki orders 
the Android to kill Goku. The Android says he doesn't like violence. Murasaki 
frowns and takes out a remote control with a red button on it. He says if the 
Android does not attack Goku, he will press the red button and a bomb inside 
the Android will explode! Goku gets mad and crushes the control. Then he 
punches Murasaki and he goes flying into the wall, knocking him out. See, I 
don't see why goku could have done that in the beginning! So, Goku says 
goodbye and climbs up the stairs. He finds a giant maze! General White is 
watching from his control room. Goku runs around frantically, trying to find 
the exit. When he gets close, General White presses a button rapidly that 
closes up one out of two paths leading to the exit. Goku eventually gets too 
tired and collapses. White sends out some of his army. Who to come 
but...Android Number 8!! He helps Goku. tehy defeat the army easily. Goku 
starts to call him Eighter because it's easier to remember. Eighter laughs 
and they go for the exit again. Once again, White closes the exit up. Eighter 
sees a little crack through the moving wall and tells Goku to hurry for the 
other path. White closes it again. Eighter has an idea. Goku stays there and 
Eighter runs to the other path. White closes up the moving wall again. Goku 
runs through and Eighter just beats the door! They go up the stairs into the 
control room. They see General White. White insists that Eighter kill Goku! 
Eighter refuses. Whuite then presses a button and sends them both down! What 
will ahppen to them? - Blumingdalesyo

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