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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 37 - Ninja Murasaki is coming

Dragonball  English    
Dubbed Version #37    
Ninja Murasaki is coming                                                                          

Goku triumphs to the 4th floor of Muscle Tower only to face Ninja Murasaki.A undefeated ninja.Ninja tries to Goku first they fight.But then he tells Goku to count to thirty but he stumbles at 25 and sees Ninja try to hide under a fake rock.Then Goku counts to thirty and sees Ninja hiding behind a American Flag which has a picture of a tree trunk on the other side.Then Ninja hides in a pond breathing with a tube.Goku Wanders into a cottage and gets hot tea and pours it down a tube.

Then Ninja runs away and Goku follows.Ninja thinks  Goku is slow but Goku shows him he has speed to burn.But Ninja throws prickly things on the ground.Goku once again goes to the cottage and puts on wood shoes and chases after Ninja and catches him.Goku and Ninja Fight Ninja with sword and Goku with Power Pole.Goku Sticks his Power Pole up Ninja's butt.And then Goku breaks Ninja's sword.Ninja saids he doesn't have a weapon but has a boomerang and throws it at Goku but misses but it comes back and hits Goku.Is Goku dead.Find out next time.   By: Neil Jenkins


This is a Summary for Episode 37, Ninja Murasaki is coming.

The episode starts off by showing General White describe Ninja Murasaki, and showing a clip of Murasaki fight. Man this guy is fast!

Finally, Goku makes it to the 4th floor. It's very dark and a bunch of knives and stuff keep coming at Goku. After about 50 knives have come at Goku, the lights come on, and Murasaki appears behind Goku, and slashes at him with his sword. Goku though sees it and dodges the blow.

After this Goku and Murasaki do a bunch of stuff. Like Hide and Seek, and they have a race. Goku of Course wins both games. 

Finally Genreal White gets sick of it all, and orders Murasaki to get on with killing Goku. So Murasaki draws his sword and jumps in the air at Goku. Goku dodges and leaves his power pull there and it gets stuck in Murasaki's butt. After a lot of screaming by Murasaki (and laughing by Goku) Goku pulls it out and they have a sword and powerpull fight. After a bit Goku slashes at Murasaki's sword, and cuts it in half! 

Murasaki tells Goku he is unarmed, and asks to have a hand to hand fight. Goku accepts, when Murasaki pulls out some metal boomerang and throws it at Goku. Goku dodges then gets mad at Murasaki for lying. When the boomerang comes back and hits Goku in the back! Goku falls to the ground, and doesn't move. While General White, and Murasaki are pretty sure Goku is finally dead. Then thats the end of the Episode.



English dubbed DB The Ninja Murasaki is Coming! #37
       The episodes starts out as the flash back of Goku fighting Metallatron. Goku goes up the stairs onto the 4th floor. He walks around complaining about how dark it is. Then Murasaki starts shoot knifes at Goku but he dodges all of them. Then the lights come on and a forest is revealed Murasaki says some stupid stuff trying to scare Goku. Then Gokue sences him near him and just dodges Murasaki's sword attack.
       Then Goku picks up a rock and says that its is turn. Then Murasaki starts jumping around fast but Goku hits him in a tree. Then Murasaki says that he can never find him but Goku finds him behind a flag and then Murasaki flips the flag around and says now you can't see me I am part of the tree. Then He asks Goku to close his eyes and count to 30 while Murasaki does a manuver. Goku counts to 25 and gets stuck on 26 and opens his eyes just to see that Murasaki is about to hide under a hollow rock.
       Then Goku counts to 30 again and then he looks everywhere for Murasaki. Then he looks under a board to see a lot of the magazines that Master Roshi would read. Then he sees a pipe under water (and who is on the other end of the pipe?Murasaki)
Goku takes a teapot which is still steaming and pours it down the pipe. Murasaki jumps out of the water and yelss at Goku that is tongue is burnt.
       Then he tells Goku to follow him if he could keep up. Then Goku runs after him. Then Murasaki is surprised that Goku is catching up. Then he throws spikes onto the ground and Goku gets hurt. Then Goku runs back into the house where he found the teapot and put on better shoes and they kept running until Goku run and Murasaki was out of breath.
       Then it was the real fight Gokus power pole against Murasaki's sword. Murasaki jumps into the air and is about to lunge at Goku. Goku sticks is power pole into the ground and moves away. Then Murasaki lands on the pole and goes up his butt. He starts to sceram and jump around and Goku laughes and says now you have a tail like me. Then he pulls it out and Murasaki is in pain. Then he gets up and attacks. Goku slices his sword and Murasaki yells at him. then he says to fight him bare handed and Goku says OK. Murasaki has a metal bommerang behind his back and throws it at Goku. He dodges it but it comes back and bonks him on the back of his head. Is Goku done for or is he play dead?



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