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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 30 - Pilaf & the mysterious Force

Goku goes swimming naked in a lake.  

Some poor little punk comes along and steals all of Goku's clothes, pole, backpack and dragon radar.

Goku comes out of the water looking for his stuff and realizes it's stolen.  He calls Nimbus, and flies around naked on it.  (Funi again creates bushes & trees in places they didn't exist because Americans can't see a little schlongage on TV).  

Goku can't find the thief because of thick forest.  He decided to tell his power pole to extend until it's taller than the trees.  The thief freaks, and leaves all but the dragon radar.

The thief goes into town, and pawns off the radar at a Pawn shop.  Pilaf is in town, and buys a 4 star dragon ball from the pawn shop.  

Goku comes into the pawn shop and takes his dragon radar back, and chases Pilaf for his 4 star dragon ball (grandpa).  Pilaf flies away in his air ship.

The Red Ribbon Army (RRA) comes into the pawn shop shortly after that and also gets a 4 star dragon ball.  The Pawn shop dealer has a box filled with fake four star dragon balls in the back room.  The RRA know it's fake, drop it, it breaks into several pieces.  The Red Ribbon Army is so pissed they totally riddle the guy with bullets until he's deader than a doorknob.

We see a close-up of the mysterious leader of the RRA

Pilaf also realizes his dragon ball is fake.   That's about it for this show.


Pilaf and the mysterious Force

Goku swims naked in a lake. A boy takes his clothes, his power pole, and his dragon radar. The boy runs to the city. Meanwhile, in Pilaf's air ship, Pilaf has bad dreams of Goku ruining his plans. He wakes up and has a mini fight with Shu. Mai comes in and says a dragonball is nearby. 

Both the boy, Pilaf, and Mai go to the city. Goku gets out of the lake and sees that his things ar gone. He says "Power Pole extend" and the pole became big enough to see. The boy was so scared, he dropped everything except the dragon radar. He follows the boy to the city. He sells it. Goku catches him and he tells who he sold it to. Pilaf goes in the same shop. Goku finds the dragon radar and Pilaf byes a dragonball.

They meet and Goku finds out it is the 4 star dragonball. Goku chases Pilaf. The Red Ribbon Army comes and byes a dragonball. Since they find out it's a fake, they kill the manager. The shooting got a bird so scared, it flew away, holding the real dragonball in its feet.


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