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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 2 - The Emperor's Quest


My Name: Prince Vegeta

Series:  Dragon Ball
Version: English Dubbed
Episode: Episode 2:The Emperor's Quest

  Goku and Bulma set up camp for the night and Bulma spends some time explaining how a few things work such as electricity, T.V., and baths.  By the time all of this is over Goku is very hungry so he leaves to get some food.
  Now the Emperor, Pilaf wants the Dragon Balls just as much as Goku and Bulma but for evil reasons.  He sends his servants Shao and Mai into the Valley of Dinosaurs to search for the Dragon Balls.  Goku mistakes their plane for a bird and Shao and Mai laugh at his stupidity, but after Goku takes down a few wolves Shao and Mai become afraid and Goku destroys their plane in his anger.
  The next morning Goku is out destroying boulders when he comes across a turtle that speaks to him.  The turtle says he got separated from the other turtles and asks if Goku and Bulma will take him back to the sea.  Goku and Bulma agree.


From: "Trovtwo V.2" 
This review is for the english dub of DB Episode 2 The Emperor's Quest                                     So Bulma and Goku decide to stop and rest for the night.Bulma takes out a Dyno-cap which pops into a house.Goku thinks it's a monster but Bulma tells him it's a house.They go inside while Goku is amazed by all the electronic things such as the lightswitch,and the T.V.Bulma tells him to take a bath with him responding"What's a Bath".Bulma is shocked by this and decides the only way is to show him how.She takes him into the bathroom and yells at him for not covering himself with a towel.After she washes his hair for awhile she decides to scrub his back finding out that his "tail" is actually real and can pick up a brush and wash his back.Goku and Bulma get into a fight about how regular men and women don'
                                Now at Emperor Pilaf's palace he is mad at Shao becuase he hasn't brought back a Dragonball yet.During the conversation between them Pilaf passes gas and blames it on Shao.He tortures him until Shao admits he did it and will never do it again.Pilaf lets him live when Mai comes in reporting that thier agents have seen something glow that might of been a dragonball.Pilaf sends Shao with Mai to check it out.Back at Bulma's,they are eating dinner when Goku complains about the food and gose out to find something that will make him big and strong.Goku looks for food when he discovers Mai and Shao's plane in the sky and mistakes it for a bird.He gose to where it lands only to find out that they wern't looking for a Dragonballs glow.But the glow of many hungry beasts surrounding them.While Goku thinks now there's enough foofins a lost turtle who has been beached for over a year know.After much argument Bulma and Goku decide to take Turtle to the beach.Overall this was a good episode.The only thing they majorally cut out I guess was Goku removing Bulma's underware.This is trovtwo and his second review for Pojo's Dragonball site.                                                                           


US Dubbed Version
Episode 2: The Emperor’s Quest
US Premiere Airdate: August 21, 2001

By The Viper

Episode 2: The Emperor’s Quest

As Goku and Bulma continue their quest for the Dragonballs, Bulma stops at her house, explaining to Goku what a TV is, and every other home appliance.  Bulma then smells Goku and finds out he doesn’t even know what a bath is, much less taken one!  Giving Goku a bath, Bulma tries to relax in her own shower, but Goku asks to give Bulma a bath!  After some fighting, the two try to have dinner, but Goku doesn’t want veggies!  Goku decides to go out looking for food.  

Meanwhile, an evil tyrant known as Emperor Pilaf is looking for the dragonballs, and helping him are his assistants, Mai and Shao.  Pilaf, who has one Dragonball and is looking for the rest, shouts at Shao for not finding another Dragonball.  Mai does not find one either but reveals that one Dragonball is rumored to be hidden in a secluded area known as Skull Canyon.  Mai and Shao both head out to find it there, although quite nervous since no one has returned alive from it.  Mai and Shao arrive on the spot, but they attract young Goku, who mistakes their plane for a bird.  Mai and Shao try to shoo Goku away, but an angry pack of wolves comes out from nowhere and tries to attack.  Goku easily defeats them all, and takes some home to eat. 

Meanwhile, Pilaf’s henchmen run scared back into the plane, which Goku tackles, still thinking it’s a bird!  Finally getting home, Goku successfully disgusts Bulma again with his fried wolf, but the two finally fall asleep, getting ready for the next days adventure.

The next morning, Goku comes across a turtle that has lost it’s way, and he and Bulma decide to help it back to the sea.

Dragonball Race:

Bulma/Goku: 3 Dragonballs

Emperor Pilaf: 1 Dragonball


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