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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 28 - Crash!  Force vs. Force

This is episode 28 of Dragonball. It starts out with everyone crying because
they lost Goku. If you don't know why, read the summary for Episode 27.
Bulma, Oolong, and Krillin start to call Chun bad things, until Chun points
to a pile of rubble. Goku comes out of it, naked. They ask why Goku wasn't
killed. Chun points out that he didn't aim at Goku, but that he aimed and
blew up the moon. The Anoouncer starts to yell at Chun, talking about all
these things that are associated with the moon. Goku puts on Krillin's
clothes, as Krillin asks Goku about his tail. The fight continues as Chun
tells Goku that they have wasted a lot of energy with blasts, so they can
only fight fist to fist and foot to foot. They fought and got very tired.
Chun tries to find Goku's weakness. He syas that Goku has a small body and
short legs. Then he came up with it. He asked Goku for a final blow, as they
both jump and kick each other. They both end up fainted on the ground. The
Announcer says that according to the rules, the first one to get up and
claims themselves the champion wins. Goku gets up first, but says, " I am the
World Cham-pi...". Then he faints. Sentene fragments are not alowwed, so they
don't allow it. Chun comes up, takes a deep breath, and reings himself the
World Champion!!!! CHUN WON!!!! He tells Goku that his legs were longer, so
he could dig his foot more into Goku's face. Chun takes his prize of 500,000
zeni, quickly changes back to Roshi, and imagines him using the money to buy
a bunch of girls. Roshi says he is very proud of his students and Roshi,
Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Puar, Oolong, and Bulma go out to dinner. But Goku's
big appetite made Roshi spend his prize money for the meal! So much for the

-Michael Bloom




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