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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 27 - Goku in the Biggest Crisis

This is Episode 27 on Dragonball.It starts with Roshi/Chun waving his hands
around. Goku keeps looking in his eyes and falls asleep. Chun tells everyone
he used a hypnotizing move called the Sleepy Boy. They start the countdown.
Bulma comes up with an idea and cries out, "Dinner!" Goku wakes up suddenly.
Chun is stunned. Goku decides to use Rock, Paper, Scissors on Chun. Chun
counters every attack and tells Goku he trained with Gohan. Goku then cries
out, "Paper," which Chun would block with a peace sign (scissors). But Goku
actually makes a punch (rock), and nails Chun right between the eyes. Chun
has his first countdown, but gets up. Then he powers up for another attack.
Nobody knows what this attack will be. Then, Chun fires electricity out of
his hands to Goku. Goku is in the air in his attack. Yamcha tells Krillin
that this is the Lightning Flash Suprise Attack, which uses energy as 2,000
volts of electricity! Chun tells Goku to give up, seeing as even Gohan could
only make it this far. Goku says, "I...Give...". Suddenly, he sees the Moon.
His eyes turn red as he transforms. Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha, and Puar are
scared, for at Pilaf's castle, Goku transformed the same way into a wild
beast. Goku transforms and breaks the Lightning Flash Suprise Attack, and
Chun screams, saying that nobody could break that attack! Then, Transformed
Goku stomps on the buildings. Everyone runs away. The Announcer says he has
to stay because he is the referee. Yamcha and Krillin run over to Bulma,
Puar, and Oolong. Yamcha tells Puar to transform to a pair of scissors, and
that while Yamcha is holding his tail, Puar would cut it off (this is how
they defeated him at Pilaf's Castle). Chun then takes off his shirt, and gets
his muscles big like Roshi did at Fire Mountain. His powers up for a Maximum
Power Kamehameha. Yamcha runs to Chun, warning him to not do this, or he will
kill Goku. Yamcha cries out, "NO!" as Chun fires the Kamehameha. It shows
everyone in a bright flash of light. The Kamehameha Wave clears. Everyone is
here, but Goku is missing. Chun breathes heavily as he returns his muscles to
normal. Yamcha goes back to the gang and says that Goku didn't make it.
Krillin climbs up on the brick wall and starts to cry. Bulma cries on
Yamcha's shoulder. Puar and Oolong cry. The camera focuses up on in the sky
as Krillin screams,"Goku!!"


From: "Kathleen Bator"

Well it turns out that the attack Jackie Chun was going to do was some hypnotism thing. He repeatedly told Goku that he was getting very sleepy very sleepy. Goku fell asleep. Master Roshi ( I mean Jackie Chun) acted all confident and stated that no matter how much you yelled or screamed Goku would not get up. Finally Bulma had an idea. "Goku dinner time" she yelled. Goku got up asked where the dinner was. Chun was amazed. Then he used some attack called the "lightning strike" and said that the only other time he had to use it was against Goku's grandfather Gohan. Just about as Goku was about to give up he looked at the moon and turned into a monkey. Jackie Chun didn't want anyone to get hurt so he used his Kamehameha attack to the max and blasted a humongous hole in fighting ring Goku has disappeared. Is he dead I hope not.


U.S. Dubbed
Episode 27-Number One Under The Moon

This Episode Continues The Fight between Goku and Jackie Chun, after Goku met and raised every Move Jackie had to offer to another level, Jackie starts this episode by Hypnotizing Goku with the “Sleepy Boy Technech” He makes Goku fall asleep and Goku doesn’t wake up until at the count of 8 Bulma yells out to Goku that his dinner was ready and Goku gets all exited about dinner untill Bulma says they would have a big dinner once Goku defeated The old Coot “Jackie Chun” and after one small attack Jackie Realizes that he must use a Technech that is very Dangerous  called “Lighting Flash Suprise Attack” (The Person gathers a lot of energy and changes his body into over 100 volts of Electricity and shoots it at his opponent) he only uses this attack when everything else fails, and he only had to use it one other time to defeat Goku’s Grandfather Gohan and as Goku was about to say “I give up” He gets his sights on the FULL MOON, and Changes into an Ozuru “Big Ape” and breaks loose from Jackie’s attack and as everyone but Jackie and The Announcer runs from the arena and The Announcer announces that he is sorry that he can’t leave the arena cause he has to ref the match, and Jackie stated that he had it worse cause he can’t leave the ring or he’ll be disqualified, Then Yamcha explains to Krillin what’s Happening to Goku and that he can’t control his actions when he becomes an Ape, and before Yamcha and Parr do what they did to cut Goku’s Tail off before Jackie Thinking that he can’t let Goku Hurt People hr gets all powered and bulks up ready to fire his Kamehameha Wave at Maximum Power and he shoots it off before Yamcha can stop him and the Episode ends with everyone thinking Goku was Dead.

Next Episode- The Final Blow




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