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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 25 - Danger From Above

Dragon Ball
U.S. Dubbed
Episode #25 - Danger From Above
         This episode features the battle between Goku and
Nam. The winner of this fight will go on to meet
Jackie Chun in the finals of the tournament. Nam did
not want to hurt Goku, or anyone else, he only entered
the tournament to get the prize money for water for
his poor village. Nam hit Goku with every thing he
had, but the boy could take all the damage and bounce
back. Goku attacked him with his hands, feet, and
tail! Nam realized that he had to use his terrifying
Aerial Attack (I forgot the name, but I think this was
it) to get the victory. It was a dangerous move and it
was capable of killing Goku.
         After managing to knock Goku to the ground, Nam took
to the air. Then he crossed his arms in front of his
face to make an "X". He accelerated towards the ring
and crashed down into Goku's chest! The arena was in
disbelief. Goku was out cold and Nam bowed his head
and asked for forgiveness. The announcer/referee
initiated the ten count. Nam said that Goku would get
up in about 8-10 days, but Goku jumped up at the count
of ten! After a while, Nam went for his attack again.
Goku followed him in the air. The duo fought on the
way down. Goku had an idea. He dropped down ahead of
Nam. Nam thought Goku made a huge error and he
re-crossed his arms for the Aerial Attack. Goku
swiftly moved out of the way and Nam crashed into the
ring. Goku jumped towards him and kicked Nam out of
the ring to get the win.
         The finals were set, but poor Nam had no water for
his village. Jackie Chun approached Nam in secret
backstage. Chun revealed that he was really Master
Roshi and he had glued the wig to his head. He told
Nam that he knew about his problem because he could
read his mind, or something like that. He gave Nam a
Dyno Cap to fill with water and take home. Nam was
grateful and he asked why Roshi was in disguise. He
said that he wanted to win the tournament so that Goku
and Krillin would not because they were his students.
If they won and were at the top of their game, they
would think there would be no reason for them to train
any more. But if there was some one out there stronger
than them, like Jackie Chun, they'd train harder to
try and beat him. Nam then asked if there was any way
he could repay him for the Dyno Cap.
         Soon, Nam left. Yamcha came over to Chun and he
started saying that he was Master Roshi. Jackie Chun
pointed into the crowd saying that Master Roshi was in
the crowd. Yamcha was finally shut up when he saw the
Turtle Hermit sitting in the crowd. Shortly after,
"Roshi" walked away and removed his beard and
sunglasses, revealing himself to be Nam! Nam advanced
home as the crowd pumped up for the Jackie Chun vs.
Goku final bout.

Next Episode - The Grand Finals


This episode is called "Terror From Above", or something like that. It starts
with Goku fighting Nuum, an Indian fighter. He keeps remembering how his
village doesn't have any water, so he needs the prize money to buy water.
Goku starts and tries to fight Nuum. Nuum blocks a little bit but Goku knocks
him out of the ring. He hits a building and hops back into the ring. Goku
then uses a Double Afterimage. Jackie Chun is stunned that this kid knows his
moves. Then Goku decides to use a tornado attack, where he spins a lot. He
corners Nuum  to the edge of the ring. But, he gets dizzy and suddenly falls
down. Nuum does a Japenese fall and almost lands outside the ring. Nuum
decides to use an Aerial Attack. He jumps up, and then falls down     " like
thunder" . The first time, he hits Goku and it looks like Goku is choking.
Nuum gets up and tells Goku that he will get up in 8-10 days. Goku gets up
and holds his neck. Nuum gets frustrated and ftries to do an Aerial Attack
again. Goku jumps up after him. Nuum notices Goku's not there and does a free
fall. He sees Goku falling down. Goku lands first, then Nuum does,
upside-down. Goku kicks him out of the ring. After the match, Jackie Chun
gives a Dino-cap to Nuum, saying it can hold water. Nuum knows Jackie Chun
read his mind. Outside, Chun tells Nuum he is Master Roshi and that he is
entering to win this competition so that his students can have a challenge.
Then Chun asks him to do 1 more thing. Chun then shows Yamcha Nuum, dressed
up as Master Roshi. Yamcha apologizes and feels foolish. Nuum leaves, but he
gets covered up by the crowd. The Finals are about to start.





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