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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 22 - The Quarter Finals Continue

Dragon Ball
U.S. Dubbed
Episode #22 - Quarterfinals Continue

         The episode starts with a recap of the disgusting,

but humorous, battle between Krillin and Bacterian, a
match that Krillin won. The next fight was Yamcha vs.
Jackie Chun (a.k.a. Master Roshi in disguise). Yamcha
stood in the ring waiting for Jackie to arrive. Bulma
was in the crowd (along with Puar and Oolong) and was
intrigued by Jackie, even though she didn't see him
yet. As soon as she saw him, she called him a crusty
old man and began to cheer for Yamcha.
         Yamcha unleashed an array of attacks at Jackie Chun.
Jackie Chun dodged all of the attacks without a
problem. Yamcha went for his powerful Wolf Fang Fist,
but it was dodged quickly by Chun to everyone's
amazement (especially Yamcha). Chun then lightly
clapped his hands and a wave of energy emerged and
launched Yamcha out of the ring and onto the arena
floor. This gave Jackie the win by ring-out. Krillin
and Goku were shocked that Yamcha was so easily
defeated. Krillin was scared since he would be facing
Jackie Chun in the next round!!
         The next match was between Nam and Ranfan. Nam was an
Indian (not an American Indian, but an Indian from
India) who needed to win the prize money to buy water
for his poor village. Ranfan was a seductive woman who
used her feminine wiles to defeat her opponents, but
she was also a skilled fighter. Nam didn't want to hit
a girl and Ranfan would cry if he tried of if he did.
By the end of the match, Ranfan released her charms
were not working, so she removed her top to distract
Nam (not shown on T.V., but it is on the uncut video
by FUNimation). Nam closed his eyes and knocked Ranfan
unconscious with a devastating blow and he won by
knockout. Yamcha then began to suspect that Jackie
Chun and Master Roshi were one and the same!

Next Episode - Monster Beast Giran


Yamcha has to fight Jackie Chun in the tournament.  Jackie Chun is really Master Roshi, but he is in disguise and no one knows this.

Yamcha tries his famous attacks, yet Master Roshi kicks his butt.

We also see an Indian type fighter kick some hot chick's butt.  No fighting for Krillin or Goku in this episode.

At the end of the episode, Yamcha finally determines Jackie Chun must be Master Roshi!

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