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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 1 - The Secret of the Dragonball

In this episode we meet Goku and Bulma....  

We first see Goku walk/rolling his log he just cut down. He then (at his “house”) throws it in the air and karate-kicks it into pieces that land perfectly in a pile stacked. He then gets hungry and goes fishing. When he is walking back to his “house” a girl  (Bulma) almost runs over him with her car. Goku thought she was a monster and that she was here to take his fish from him. But she convinced him she was a human girl (which he had never seen a girl before). They both walked back to his house and there Bulma found Goku’s Dragonball. Goku got mad and said that was his last possession from his Grandpa. Then Bulma showed him her Dragonball. Then she talked about them and how they worked. Goku agrees to go with her on her quest. The episode ends with them riding away on Bulma’s motorcycle.


english dubbed version of Dragonball episode 1-Secret of Dragonball

 As Goku,a small child,lives in the forest,which he used to live with his known grandfather,Gohan,who mysteriously passed away ago.He goes into a lake and catches a large fish.While bringing it back to his house,a car crashes into and crushes his fish.He lifts it up and throws it,and a girl named Bulma comes out.He takes her to his cause his grandfather told him to be nice to girls.Also,she was confused when she realized he had a tail.When they arrive,Goku thinks that in the fifth dragonball he has,which Gohan gave,he thought that Gohan's spirit was in it.Bulma explains that once all 7 dragonballs are united,the owner may be granted any wish.Goku joins up with her,and off they go!During their trip,Bulma needs to go to the bathroom but during that time,she was captured and ready to be eaten by a pteradactyl!Goku thought that Bulma's motorcycle could fly,he jumped off it and thwacked to creature!Bulma fell and Goku pinned her to the cliff.But,she wets her pants when she's pinned.  

This is my review and my name is Max.  


US Dubbed Version
Episode 1: Secret of the Dragonball
US Premiere Airdate: August 20, 2001

By The Viper

Episode 1: Secret of the Dragonball

Synopsis: A young boy named Goku who posses great power and an even greater appetite, is raised by an elderly man, his ‘grandfather’, until he dies, but leaves a valuable possesion with him, a Crystal Ball.  Goku goes out fishing and gets a large fish.  Meanwhile, a young teenage girl named Bulma is travelling through the woods and accidentally hits the boy with her car.  Thinking it is a monster, Goku tries to fight it, but the girl tells him it is only a car.  Bulma explains to Goku different things about the world that he should know at this age.  When she follows him home, she is surprised to see a crystal ball with him.  Trying to take it, Goku stops her, but she explains to the boy that they are Dragonballs.  Each has a certain number of stars on it, and there are seven scattered around the world.  Bulma has two, and Goku has one.  She explains that once all 7 are found, they can unleash a magical dragon that grants whomever posesses it a wish. They can be in the hands of good or evil.  Bulma asks Goku to come on an adventure with her to find the 7 Dragonballs, and Goku agrees.  Soon, though, the two encounter trouble when a Pterodactyl captures Bulma for food!  Using his magic pole, Goku easily beats the monster and saves Bulma!

Dragonball Race:

Bulma/Goku: 3 Dragonballs

Emperor Pilaf: 1 Dragonball


Dragon Ball  English Dubbed  Episode  001: Secret  of  the  Dragon  Ball - by  John

Air  Date:  8-20-01

Summary:  In  a  remote  and  enchanted  land,  an  old  master  named   Gohan discovered  a  boy  with  a  monkey-like  tail  in the  wilderness  and  raised him  as  his  grandson.  Gohan  trained  the  boy  to great  powers  beyond  his  years  until  his  death. 

One  day  in the  mountains,  the  superpowered  boy  known  as  Goku  rolled  down  a  hill  on  a  log  with  a  saw  in  one  hand. He  had  spiky  black  hair shooting  out  in  all  directions.  He  wore  a  blue  karate  uniform.  Goku  soon  arrived  by  his  small  house  and  did  a  simple  warm  up:  He  tossed  the  log  into  the  air  and 

shattered  it  to  a  stack  of  firewood  with  one  well-placed  punch.  Goku  was  getting  hungry.

Elsewhere,  a  red  car  drove  down  the  mountain  road.  The  car  pulled  over, and  a  blue-haired  female  teenager  emerged.  She  had  her  hair in  a  ponytail and  wore  a  pink  skirt  with  the  word “Bulma”  on  it.  She  checked  a   stopwatch-like  device  and  realized  she  was  close  to  what  she  was  looking 

for.  She  got  back  into  her  car  and  took  off.

Back  at  Goku’s  house,  the  boy  prayed  to  a  ball  with  four  stars  in  it  that he  had  inherited  from  his  grandfather  and  that  he  had  believed  held  his  randfather’s

soul. As  he  walked  outside,  Goku  realized that  the  ball  was  glowing.Goku  then  set off  down  the  river  trail  and  stopped  at  a  tree  and  munched  on  an  apple.  He  then  dropped  an  apple,  which  disturbed  a  sabertooth  tiger.  The  tiger  chased Goku  off  the  edge  of  a  cliff.   The  tiger  fell  to  his  doom,  but   Goku  had   grabbed  onto  a  branch  and  giggled  until  the  branch  shattered.

Goku  decided  to  go  fishing  -  with  his  tail?  He  took  off  his  clothes  and  stuck  his  tail into  the  river  as  bait.  A  giant  fish  thought  he  was  a  monkey  and  attacked - just  before Goku   kicked  the  fish,  killing  it  instantly.

Goku  walked  down  the  road  fully  dressed  and  towing  the  giant  fish.  Suddenly,  he  got  hit by  the  red  car.  The  girl  yelled  at  Goku,  who  simply  lifted  the  car  over  his  head  and  chucked  it. Goku  drew  his  mystical  Power  Pole  that  once  belonged  to Gohan  and  was  about  to  attack  the  girl when  she  surrendered.  (In  the  Japanese  Version,  the  girl  surrenders  after  realizing  that  her  pistol’s  bullets  had  no  effect  on  Goku)

Goku  then  inspected  the  girl  and  noticed  that  she  was  very  differant  from  him.  The  teenager  told Goku  that  she  was  a  girl.  Goku  remarked  that  he  never  saw  a  girl  before  in  his  entire  life,  but  his grampa  had  always  told  him  to  be  nice  to  a  girl  if  he  met  one.  Goku  wondered  why  the  girl  didn’t have  a  tail  like  his  -  and  the  girl  thought  Goku’s  was  fake. The  two  conversed  with  each  other,  and learned  the  girl  was  from  West  City.

Goku  invited  Bulma  to  his  house,  and  the  girl,  after  checking  her  stopwatch-like  device  again,  she accepted  the  monkey  boy’s  invitation.  As  they  walked  down  the  road  Goku  introduced  himself.  Then, the  girl  introduced  herself  as  Bulma.  Goku  laughed  at  Bulma’s  name.  (Note: bulma  is  another  word   for  bloomers)

They  arrived  at  Goku’s  house.  Goku  spoke  to  his  grandpa’s  ball  again.  Bulma  then  saw  the  ball  and  swiped  it.  Goku  ordered  Bulma  to  give  it  back.  Bulma  than  reached  into  her  pouch  and  pulled  out  two  similiar  balls,  one  with  three  stars  and  another  with  five.  Goku  was  confused,  and

Bulma  explained  that  they  were  three  of   the  seven   magical  Dragon  Balls.

Elsewhere,  a  short  blue  creature  dressed  in  royal  clothing  entered  an  underground  tomb,   followed  by  his  cohorts - a  humanlike dog  in  a  ninja  suit  and  a  tall  woman  in  military  fatigues  with long  blue  hair.  The  creature, Emperor  Pilaf,  grabbed    the  one-star  Dragon  Ball  at  the  end  of  the path.  Pilaf  was  ready  to  make  his  wish,  but  the  woman, Agent  Mai,  explained  that  Pilaf  had  one Dragon  Ball  -  and  only  when  he  gathered  all  seven  of  the  Dragon  Balls  the  Eternal  Dragon, Shenron,  would  arise  from   the  core  of  the  Earth  to  grant  the  discoverer  of  the  balls  one  

wish.  Pilaf  dreamed  of  wishing  for  world  domination (How  creative!).

At  Goku’s  house,  Bulma  had  just  finished  explaining the  legend  of  the  Dragon  Balls  to  Goku. Bulma  planned  to  collect  all  seven  of  the  Dragon  Balls  and  wish  for  the  perfect  boyfriend. Goku  still  refused  to  give  up  his  Dragon  Ball,  and  Bulma’s  attempts  to  bribe  him  failed.  But,  Bulma  talked  Goku  into  joining  her    in  the  Dragon  Ball  quest.  Goku  agreed  to  let  Bulma                 borrow  his  Dragon  Ball  at  the  end  of   the  adventure (But  Bulma  “forg ot”  to  tell  Goku  that after  a  wish  is  granted,  the  Dragon  Balls  are  scattered  across  the  four  corners  of  the  Earth. As  they  went  outside,  Goku  wondered  how  they’d  find  the  Dragon  Balls.  Bulma  then  showed  Goku                 the  stopwatch-like  device,  known  as  the  Dragon  Radar,  which   detects  the  frequency  given  off  by  the

                Dragon  Balls.  Bulma  then  pulled  a  case  out  of  her   pouch ,  which  held  a  bunch  of  capsules.  She punched  a  button  on  the  capsule  and  tossed  it.  The  capsule  turned  into  a  motorcycle.  Bulma  drove off  on  the  motorcycle  with  Goku.

Twenty  minutes  later,  Bulma  was  driving  through  a  hilly  area  and  stopped  because  she  had  to  go to  the  bathroom.  She  warned  Goku  to  stay  at  the  bike  and  left.  Goku  then  heard  her  screaming  for help  and  ran  over  to  see  Bulma  in  the  hands  of  a  hungry  Pteradon.  The  Pteradon  tied  up  a  confused Goku  and flew  off  with  Bulma.  Bulma  yelled  at  Goku,  who  easily  broke  out  of  his  bindings - but  now he  needed  to  get  high  enough  to  rescue  Bulma.

Goku  got  on  the  motorcycle  and  flew  off  the  edge  of  a  steep  hill  at  full  speed.  He  still  wasn’t   high  enough.  So  he  climbed  on  top  of  the  bike  and  leaped  towards  the  Pteradon.  He  was  almost  high enough,  but  he  started  to  fall.  Goku  then  drew  his  Power  Pole.  He  extended  it  and  whacked  Pteradon over  the  head.  The  dead  Pteradon  and  Bulma  fell  towards  a  giant  chasm.  Goku  tossed  the  Pole  towards  Bulma

as  he  landed  safely  on  a  cliff.  The  Power  Pole  stuck  Bulma  to  the  cliff  wall  and  she  peed  her  pants.

To  Be  Continued.................


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