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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 17 - Milk Delivery

 It all starts out with goku and krillin about to got to bed.They both are excited for the next day for traning.Goku gets to sleep with Lunch and krillin and Master Roshi sleep downstairs.The next day master Roshi comes up to wake up Goku for trainging but Lunch sneezed in her sleep.So he tried to wake up Goku with a broomstick.And it woke up Lunch.Lunches remark to Goku when she sees hm in a bed with is"you little pervert".So Goku and Master Roshi run down stairs to wake up Krillin.And they ran away to train.The first thing they did was the Milk Delivery.First they have to get the milk from the milk man.It needs to be delivered by 6:00 and its only 4:00.They go all over the place delivering milk real fast through rivers and other stuff.Zig Zagging through Trees and not having that much fun.Then there was the last house,it is way up high on a mountain. And theres about a zillion stairs.Goku is very curios to get up there because his grandpa used to deliver milk here every day!!!krillin barely makes it though.But krillin was having trouble all day.They were done!!!They were really mad because they found out that they had to do that every day.Te next thing was the midmorning exercise. Help the Farmer plow his fields.Krillin had a really tough time because he was more worried about his nails.After that there was a little bit of school.Goku wasnt very good at it but krillin was. this was before dinner.Then the two students went to help the construction till supper. and they gained extra bucks doin it.they day is over after supper and thats the end.

                                                 -Cole M.


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