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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 14 - Goku's Rival 

Goku is flying on Nimbus and he stops by his house to get his covers and clothes...
then he flies off on Nimbus again and heads to Master Roshi's House. He gets  there walks in the door while master Roshi is watching his arobics hotties, then Goku tries to get his attention and finally yells, "MASTER ROOOOOSHII" right in his ear. He gets his attention and master Roshi says he is doing his morning exercise and goku says he is hungry, Master Roshi says the fridge is the kitchen. Since Goku is not familliar with certain stuff he wonders why he would put it in a box that fells like winter...

He then eats all he food and Roshi gets done watching exercises so he goes to see what goku was doing... He then saw that goku ate all the food then he explains to goku the only way he will train him is if he brought a beautiful girl to him. Goku brings back first a big weightlifting big-mamma woman then he brings Roshi  a mermaid Roshi liked her but he ruined it... Then another boy shows up , Krillin and he gives master Roshi some porn
magazines. Then the 2 boys get raedy to fly off on Nimbus but Krillin isn't pure of
heart he had more nude magazines he gives them all to master roshi... Then they go off to find master Roshi the girl they need to get trained by him...
-Corey Maddox


written by rebel121985
Episode-GOKU's RIVAL
This starts out as goku is flying to master Rushes house to train. he arrives as master roshi is keeping his mind occupied by aerobics on T.V.(women in spandex)
It takes goku a minuet but he gets the masters attention and he tells goku to wait a second.goku says I'm hungry.
Master Roshi says help yourself(BIG MISTAKE)Goku eats everything!!!
Yamcha's plane breaks down and the others are stranded in the desert.
Master roshi will not train goku unless he can find him a date first goku goes to the city and brings back this 300 pound women with bar bells in her hands master roshi rejects this one and tells goku to try again next goku brings back this beautiful young girl. master roshi likes this one but the girl turns out to be a mermaid master roshi says  "come inside with me and we can learn about each others species" He gets punched
all of the sudde a young man jumps way up in the sky and lands head first in the sand he gets up and says my name is KRILLIN!!!! will you train me
master roshi says no then krillin pulls out a porn magazine and master Roshi agrees.but only if you can help Goku get a date for me.Goku gets up on the flying nimbus but Krillin falls through he has 10 more magazines on him the episode ends here



English dubbed version 
Goku’s Rival - Episode 14
Long Summary  
Samir Bashir

The episode begins with Goku riding on the flying Nimbus and travelling towards the Kame House to receive training from Master Roshi.

Elsewhere, Bulma’s airship crashed into a deep jungle.  Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong and Puar jumped before the crash and were basically unharmed, but now they were stuck in the middle of a deep jungle. After Bulma saw a large flying monster, she grabbed Yamcha and started running. Puar and Oolong then followed. In another part of the jungle, a small boy was venturing through the jungle, but where was he heading to?

Meanwhile, Goku continued to travel on the flying Nimbus towards the Kame House, and he had some fun on the way.

He soon arrived at Roshi’s house. For some reason Roshi didn’t answer his door. Goku jumped in the window and saw Roshi watching an exercise video and he seemed to be mesmerized by it. Goku couldn’t get Roshi’s attention, so he yelled in Roshi’s ear. Goku explained he was here to train, but was hungry and needed food. Roshi pointed to the kitchen and told Goku to go take something that he liked from the refrigerator. Goku then basically ate everything that was in the fridge.

Meanwhile, Bulma and the others were walking through a heated desert to find that they were heading south, when they were supposed to be heading north. Bulma then thought she saw a sandstorm, but it was that same little boy from the jungle whose running had caused the sand to blow.

Back at the Kame House, Goku then told Roshi that he was ready for training. Roshi told Goku to find him a young girl first. Goku thought was weird but he agreed. After Roshi gave his guidelines, he realized that Goku’s tail was gone. Goku told Roshi that it was probably bored. He then left to find the girl.

Roshi then prepared for the date by dressing in his finest clothes (suit and turtle shell). He then waited impatiently for Goku to get back. Goku then arrived only to bring back a very large woman.

Meanwhile, the small boy was now travelling by boat across the ocean.

Back at the Kame House, Roshi showed Goku the type of girl that he wanted. Goku understood and left to find her. He returned soon after with a pretty girl. Roshi then told Goku to ask her for him to walk with him.  Goku agreed and soon returned to tell Roshi that she didn’t want to walk, but instead swim. Roshi was now very excited. He then ran to meet her to find out that she was mermaid. Roshi then tried to use some of his “charm” only to get punched in the eye by the mermaid who then swam away. Roshi then told Goku to look for another young girl quite like the last without flippers.

The small boy then arrived at the Kame House. He jumped from his boat onto Master Roshi’s island landing headfirst. Goku then helped him up. The boy then told Roshi that his name was Krillin and that he came for training from Roshi. Roshi told Krillin that he did not accept everyone who came at his door, and told him no. Krillin then convinced him with a few periodicals. Roshi then told Krillin to help Goku find him a young girl and then they would both receive training. Krillin tried to jump on the cloud only to fall through. Roshi then told  Krillin that only people with a pure heart could ride on the cloud. Now with Goku having met Krillin, will these rivals be friends or foes or both? Find out on the next Dragonball.



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