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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 13 - The Legend of Goku


It begins when pilaf is about to make his wish, when oolong jumps in the way And wishes for underwear. Pilaf gets mad and yells at mi and shao to get Them. So oolong and puar run for it.

Shao sends his dog patrol after goku, yamcha, and bulma. While running in a Hallway a bunch of dogs attack them. While being chased by dogs, oolong and Puar turn in too a duck and a goose and bang in to goku and the others.

However they are caught and put in a steel room which in the morning will be Fried by the sun. Goku tells the others that his grandfather was killed by a Monster and told goku never to look at the full moon. Everybody freaks out And goku looks at the moon. Goku turns in to a monster and starts to deystore Pilaf’s castle. The manage to save goku from his transformation and the go Their ways yamcha and the others go to the city and goku goes to master Rosei’s island.

gus boatman


U.S. Dragonball Episode Summery
Episode 13 The Legend Of Goku

    The episode starts with Goku as oozaru wrecking Pilaf's castle.  Goku brake's into their bedroom and scare off pilaf and his henchmen.  They try to fly away, and just make it out of the castle in time.  But pilaf demands that they fly in back to save his castle.

    Bulma falls and sprained her leg, and needs Yamcha's help.  But he's to shy to pick her up and run from Goku oozaru before he steps on them.  So he finally picks her up, then says "I can't believe I touched a girl."  Meanwhile, Pilaf is shooting Goku, and then using a heat seeking torpedo and knocks Goku oozaru out.  Pilaf. thinking he killed Goku, runs up and starts jumping on his tail for destroying his castle.

    Goku oozaru wakes up and chases Pilaf and his henchmen.  Then they run off.  Yamcha finds Bulma stuck under part of Pilaf's castle.  Puar mentions that Goku's weak point is his tail.  So Yamcha uses his power of the wolf to break the castle and makes a sword and try's cuts off Goku's tail.  But fails, so Puar turned into a pair of scissors and snipped off Goku's tail.  and turns him back to normal.

    Goku doesn't remember a thing.  So they don't tell him that it was him that killed his grampa.  Bulma's now mad that she's not able to get a boyfriend, and Yamcha's mad cause he's gonna be shy around girls for another year.  They look at each other and decide to be boyfriend and girlfriend.  Then do a victory dance, or something.  So the others leave and Goku goes to search for the great Master Roshi.  Thus ends the last episode of the dragon ball episodes in English.

Review by a kid named Drew.


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