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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 10 - The Dragon Balls are Stolen

U.S Dubbed
The Dragon Balls are Stolen # 10
by- John Mimidas

The episode starts with Oolong, Bulma, and Goku riding their car. Oolong says to Bulma about the wish, she says she is going to wish for a man. Then Oolong gets mad and says what about wealth? Then you see the name of the episode which was weird since it appeared in Japanese words. Now in Pilaf's palace, Mai and Shao were getting in trouble since they only had one dragonball while the others have all six. Then Mai fixes the dragon radar it shows them coming their way. Then they go off to set a trap. 

Back to our heroes, Oolong stops the car and tells Bulma to change her wish, also Yamcha was sneaking by. Then Mai tells Shao that Goku and others are sitting ducks ready to get hammered. Then Shao launches his gun and destroys the car where Bulma, Goku, and Oolong were riding. Then Shao comes and steals the dragonballs and Bulma's dynocaps. 

Then Mai and Shao celebrate their victory but did a mistake and left one dragonball behind and Goku went and picked it up. Then Yamcha noticing that he is pretty much screwed he gives Bulma and others a lift. 

They approach Pilaf's castle and Pilaf happy that he will get his collection and put all of them in a trap. It turns out Pilaf's first trap was a failure, but then he puts up a wall and covers them making our heroes not being able to go anywhere. Now will our heroes ever get out?


#10 "the dragon balls are stolen"

After whipping boss rabbit with his power pole, a robot of Pilaf's stole the dragon balls. When he finally catches the robot, the robot no longer has the dragon balls. Yamcha and Puar decide to join goku, bulma and oolong and they go after pilaf who now has six of the seven dragon balls.  They end up being captured instead.

- Danny D


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