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Dragon Ball Z - Movie Summaries

DBZ Special - History of Trunks

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I'm writing about DBZ Movie The History of Trunks

It starts off with Gohan running home, where everyone is standing outside. Gohan walks into his house and sees that Goku had died of a rare heart virus, but this proves to lead up to something worse.

6 months later, Androids 17 and 18 appear and kill Piccolo, Vegeta, Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu and Krillin with ease.

13 years later, the Androids are seen attacking a city and Android 17 is driving a car going on a killing spree. While this is happening Trunks flies to the city but finds he is too late. While at the city Trunks sees Gohan and askes him to train him, to Bulma's disapproval. Gohan starts training Trunks by trying to get him at Super Sayian level, Trunks gets close but always ran out of energy.

One day they find the Androids at a fun park and they start battling. Gohan tells Trunks to leave the battle to him and goes Super Sayian and starts fighting Android 17. Gohan and 17 start the battle and just as Gohan starts to win 18 interferes. Trunks gets mad and gives chase to 18 up on top of a Ferris Wheel where 18 beats him up and is about to finish him off when Gohan saves him and hides in the wreckage. The Androids get annoyed because they think Gohan has escaped and decide to shoot a couple of random shots before leaving. Next we see a one armed Gohan crawling towards Trunks with the senzu beans bag, unfortunately there is only one left and Gohan gives it to Trunks who takes him to Bulma.

Trunks is seen once again trying to become a Super Sayian with Gohan encouraging him to let out his anger. Trunks' is about to reach it when suddenly it stops. Trunks and Gohan are resting on a rock, Trunks is angry that he can't become a Super Sayian but Gohan encourages him telling him he's doing well. All of a sudden a huge explosion erupts from the city and Gohan becomes a Super Sayian and tells Trunks to leave it to him. Trunks says no and Gohan thinks it over before saying yes, but as Trunks stands beside him he knocks him out to keep him safe. As the Androids are destroying the city Gohan appears and the battle starts. Gohan fares all right during the battle but eventually the Android duo turn the tables and start chasing Gohan. While chasing him the Androids fire two ki blasts and it makes a smokescreen in front of Gohan and they knock him on to the ground and pummel him with multiple ki blasts.

Trunks wakes up and finds out that Gohan had gone to the battle without him. As Trunks flies over the city he finds Gohan's dead body. As Trunks kneels next to Gohan he gets really angry and transforms into a Super Sayian.

3 years later, we see Trunks at about 16 he finds Bulma working on a Time-Capsule and the radio warns the Androids have been sited. Bulma tells Trunks that he is not powerful enough to defeat the Androids and he should go back in time to give Goku the heart virus medicine, Trunks reclines turns Super Sayian and sets off to fight the androids.

He finds the androids in a dead city and the battle starts. 18 is first to fight Trunks but gets mad when he cuts off her hair. 17 then attacks and catches Trunks' sword and throws it away. Trunks then fires a dozen ki blasts but the androids disappear and start a haunting chant. 17 appears from behind him and knocks him into a building where 18 is waiting. They eventually get board of toying with him and decide to kill him. 17 is about to fire when 18 decides she wants the pleasure and fires a huge blast.

Trunks wakes up in his house, bandaged up and tells Bulma he wants to go in the Time-Capsule. Later Trunks is given the medicine and leaves in the capsule to get to the past.

By David Fogl


This review is for the history of trunks

The movie stars when they show gohan running to his house as a boy when he arrives we see goku dieing of the heart virus. Then he dies. 13 years later we the androids appear and are killing a lot of people. The z fighters go to fight the androids and piccolo dies first followed by the reat of the z fighters. Gohan is the only one to survive.

Later we see trunks and his mother driving in a car when trunks hears something on the radio and gets very mad he flies off and goes after the androids only to find gohan. When they meet trunks gets mad and askes how can the androids do such a bad thing. Gohan said its ok trunks and they go back to bulmas house.  When bulma arrives she see’s gohan and said its nice to see your still alive.  Later trunks begs gohan to train him and gohan agrees. When they start to train gohan did not no that trunks was this far along. Then they train and train for days. Next we see the androids at super world and they are blowing everything up. Gohan and trunks go to find out what is going on. When they arrive they see the androids and they want to fight. So gohan starts to fight the androids when gohan is in trouble trunks helps him but android 18 stops to fight him. And she almost kills him but gohan stops her and grabs trunks and runs. The androids start to blow thing up and say the are going to get him. When they leave gohan and trunks are not dead but are badly beaten.  Gohan only has one sensu bean left so he gives it to trunks. Gohan has lost his arm and trunks takes gohan back to bulmas house and she cures him. When gohan is feeling better they train some more and trunks becomes stronger and stronger.

One day they were both sitting on a rock talking when a huge explosion happens. Trunks asks gohan if he could go and he says no but then says yes but then nocks him out to save him. Gohan flys over to see the androids killing more people and they say that this time they will kill him. So they both start to fight him and with one arm gohan is still holding his own in fighting the androids. When gohan gets in trouble the androids see an opertunity to kill him and they do. When trunks gets up he flys over and finds gohan. When he see’s gohan he starts to screem and turns into a s.s.  and then 3 years later we see trunks comeing in on his mom when she is building the time machine. Trunks hears on the radio that the androids are closs he gos to fight them. But bulma doesn’t want him to go he goes anyway.  When he goes he finds them and almost kills them but they put up a great match and trunks cant stop them they just keep kicking the crap out of him.  Then we see trunks in a bed almost dead but still alive. When bulma see’s how he is doing he said that he is ready to go back in time to tell the z fighters about the androids. Then we see him and bulma out side and are trunks is ready to go back in the future. He gets in and the tmie machine gos up and disappears. Trunks is gone to the past.

The end

That was my dragonball z summary for the history of trunks by hypno336    



you see gohan fling as fast as he could and arrives at kames house or master
roshi’s house and everyone says gohan your finnaly here.then he runs upstairs
and u see goku dead in the bed with chichi criing!!!!!!Gohan screams and then
u see everyone screaming GOKU!!!!!And vegita says KA-KA-ROT about to cry.then
u see the androides 17&18 destroying a city and piccolos up first and is the
first to die:(then vegita second to die:(third krillen(bye 18!!):(fourth
yamcha:(fith tein:(and finnaly chousu:(the only ones left are trunks and
gohan.then they skip ahead and u see medium trunks in the car with bulma and
the radio says that the androids are destroying the city and trunks gets mad
and flies off and bulma says that he better come home alive or else.then he
gets there and guess who comes too.BIG GOHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!Gohan says hi and the
same with trunks then they reach the city and the androids are killing
people.they arrive and gohan says to stand back and they land in front of the
androids and 17&18 say “here comes blondie but today hes black”17 says”of
course, he’s copying me”then 17 says,shouild we both et him and 18 says fine
and the charge at him but he goes supersayin


DBZ TV Special
English dubbed/Uncut
History of Trunks
     It starts off with everyone(Krillin,Vegeta,Bulma,Piccolo,etc) gathered around Goku's house shocked because they have just discovered that Goku's heart disease has killed him. Even Vegeta is shocked. Then it shows clips of a massive battle between the Z fighters,short of Goku, fighting and being killed by two androids. Android 17 and Android 18 easely kill everyone,including a Super Saiyan Vegeta. The only surviver of the battle is Gohan who bearely escapes.
     Then about 10-13 years later you see a younge teenage Trunks stuck in traffic with his mom,Bulma, on their way into a city. They then see smoke coming from the city as 17 and 18 attack it killing many. Then Trunks spots an adult Gohan(20 years old?) flying on his way to fight the androids. Trunks can't stand waiting so he follows Gohan at his mother's dismay. Gohan goes Super Saiyan and is doing pretty good against 18 ,who he has fought before since they know who he is, but once 17 joins the fight he has no chance. Trunks comes out of hiding and tries to fight but makes a fool of himself and gets beat up bad. Gohan gets beat up trying to protect the beat up Trunks and loses his arm in the fight. Gohan then gives Trunks his last sensu bean after 17 and 18 have had enought and fly away. Once Trunks is revived from the sensu bean he carries Gohan to his mother at Capsule Corp to heal.
      Bulma is able to fix up Gohan but he was lost his arm. Trunks then asks Gohan if he will train him so he can fight the androids and Gohan agress. Gohan then trains Trunks for many months similar to how Piccolo trained him. Gohan is tough but fair and Trunks becomes much stronger. Finally Gohan tells Trunks that he is ready to fight the androids but right they fly off Gohan hits Trunks on the neck, knocking him out, then Gohan flies off. 
      Gohan finds the androids creating terror in a city and starts the fight. He again is beating the stuffing out of one but has trouble taking on both. Android 17 puts the hurt on Gohan and decides the leaving Gohan alive is too much of a risk since he has increased his strength by so much. They finish him off and fly away.
      Trunks finally comes to and relizes Gohan had left him there wanting to fight alone. Trunks is furious and goes to find Gohan. When Trunks finds his mangled body he cannot take it and goes Super Saiyan for the first time.
      It then skips to a few years in the future as Trunks is preparing to leave in his time machine to find Goku and tell him about the future. The word HOPE!!! is writtin on the outside of the machine and he tells his mom that he will tell Goku and he will try to find a way to beat the androids of his time. He flies off to start to Trunks Saga which follows through to the Cell Saga( US Episodes 103-179). Check out the episode Free the Future(US Episode 179) to see Trunks give the androids of his time what they deserve.Later!!!-JediAT


Subject: History Of Trunks (English)

This DBZ Movie is a mini biography of Trunks. It is best to watch it any time during the Garlic Jr. Saga. Anyway the movie starts when our hero Goku dies of a major diease,and 6 months later two androids appear in a city May 12th, 10:00 a.m. 767 A.D. (this is a different Earth) and destroy everything in site. In a long battle all the other Z fighters die except Gohan. 13 years later Gohan trains Trunks to be one of the best untill 2 battles with the androids when Gohan's arm is off and fights solo and ends up being killed also. By then the movie is almost
over with Trunks being a Super Saiyan and one more fight versous Android 17 and 18 before going back in time in a time machine that his mom Bulma made with a medicine for Goku so he won't die in another time                  -James 
The Official Website Of James Pressley:


History of Trunks Movie (UNCUT)
English Dubbed
    All of the Z warriors are dead, except for Gohan and the young trunks. When androids 17 and 18 are causing major havok on earth, Gohan takes Trunks under his wing. He trys to make Trunks turn super sayi-jin but to no avail, Later, Gohan and trunks go to fight the androids, only to have the androids assult both Z warriors,  and in the process Gohan loses his arm, after some resting at Bulma's Gohan and Trunks go to train, Gohan notices something bad happening, and knocks out trunks so he wont follow, when Trunks comes to he goes to the scene and finds Gohan dead, This sends him over the edge and he turns Super Sayi-jin, he challenges the androids, but after a while, the androids near kill him, luckily he returns home and Bulma helps him get better, he then decides to go in the time machine to warn the Z warriors in the past about the androids. Clips are shown of Trunks decimating Frieza and King Cold in the credits
Overall i rate a 1 out of 5, for an uncut movie, there was no gore, no cursing, and truthfully, a little boring, now, this is my opinion, but when things are uncut, theyre supposed to be hardcore, thats all for now-  Matt Abrahams


English Version
History Of Trunks
Rating: 9 out of 10

The Movie starts off with Gohan as a child running threw the forest to get to his house. everyone is standing around moarning the death of Goku. (pretty funny stuff because even Vegita is choked up). They then show 6 months later, how these new andriods 17, and 18 wreck the world up killing Krillin,Piccolo,Vegita,Yamcha,and Tein.(Why not Chiaotzu?) The scene shows a 13 year old trunks jumping out of the car to try to fight the androids. He finds Gohan instead. they go back to the house and Trunks wants to be trained by Gohan...kinda reminds ya of gohan Chi-Chi when Bulma don't want him fighting. Trunks almost goes Super Sayjin. Oh during this time the Andriods are destroying everything. They play a game 10 poits for evey human they kill. 17 seems to be winning as he runs over 20 people in his car. 18 also goes and trys on clothes. She spares the man when he says her figure is nice (17 blows him up later). Trunks and Gohan find the androids playing at a funpark. Gohan tried to fight them and gets his butt kicked. Then disobeying Gohan, Trunks tries to fight androind 18. he almost gets killed when gohan comes to the rescue. he gets shot at. We then see a 1 armed gohan find he has only one zensu bean left. Just like dad, he gave it to trunks. Gohan and trunks are talking and Gohan says Trunks needs to focus his anger. They then go off to fight again. Gohan knocks trunks out so that he can fight with out bieng distracted. It starts to rain, and gohan gets beaten. When trunks comes too he tries to find Gohan. he finds his body face down in a puddle, dead. Trunks goes Super Sayjin because of the anger. A few years later Bulma wants him to go in a time machine to the past to give a heart medicine to Goku. Trunks doesn't want to at first, and goes off to fight the androids. He gets messed up badly. He then agrees to go to the Past to give Goku the meds. To find out what happens in the Past, and if the Androids are ever stopped the watch episodes 103-179. 103 is where he appares and 179 is where he Frees the Future.

Story: 9 out of 10-----Cool way to show how a heart desies can end the world
Color:9 out of 10
Music: 10 out of 10
-Jason McGinn


You can read Eric's Review of History of Trunks

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