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Dragon Ball Z - Movie Summaries

DBZ Movie 5: The Best of Strongest versus Strongest

Japanese Cover

This cool Uncut DBZ DVD 
can be ordered
 at for about $18!

The Story

Did I just hear something?

This movie starts off showing Freiza's brother Cooler.  He knows that a Saiyan on Earth has killed Freiza, and he decides to go down to earth to kill all Saiyans.

Goku, Krillin, Gohan, Dragon, and Oolong are all camping on earth.  

Gohan gets snagged

Yep, Gohan heard something alright! Cooler has come to earth with 3 henchmen.  These two guys snuck up behind Gohan, and snagged him.  Goku comes up behind them and tells them to put Gohan down.


Goku rescues Gohan from the two thugs, and then Cooler sneaks behind Goku.  He tells him he's Frieza's brother seeking revenge.  Gohan flies up high and is going to fire some force at Cooler.  Cooler sees that and fires off a beam right at Gohan.

Goku takes one for the team

Goku sees a massive energy beam going right for Gohan, he snags Gohan and gets totally burned in the back.  They crash in a waterfall, flow downstream, and Gohan pulls his Dad in a cave.  Goku is hurt very badly.  

Got any gum?

All Cooler's henchmen are looking for Goku and Gohan.  Krillin says they need to get some sensu beans.  Krillin stays to protect Goku.

My daddy needs a bean!

Gohan flies up on his Dragon to visit Kurin to get some beans.  Kurin gives Gohan a hard time as he flew the dragon most of the way up.  Yajirobe makes Kurin look like an ass and gives Gohan the sensu beans.

Take this kid!

On his way back with his Sensu beans, Gohan is caught by Cooler's Henchmen.  Sauzaa fires a beam and nails Gohan's dragon.  Gohan's going down!

Piccolo vs. Sauzaa

Things are looking grim until, outta nowhere, Piccolo appears.  He easily takes out the two weakest henchmen, but has a tougher time with Cooler's right hand man - Sauza.  


Piccolo is about to kill Cooler's right hand man (Sauzaa).  But then Cooler shows up and fries Piccolo with one shot.  

Chew, chew, chew!

Piccolo got the job done though, Gohan gets a bean to Goku, and is back to full strength.


Goku comes out of the cave to find Cooler holding up what appears to a dead Piccolo.  

Goku is pissed!  He starts beating on Cooler.

No I'm not Shredder from the
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Cooler is sick of getting beat on.  He transforms into a stronger being.


And starts beating the snot out of Goku!

This one's for my bro!

This last kick leaves Goku embedded in the mountain.  Goku's about dead and starts to think about Piccolo being killed.  He's starting to get angry!

You won't like me 
when I'm angry.

Goku gets so pissed that he goes Super Saiyan. 

Cooler can't even lay a hand on Super Saiyan Goku!

I'll make this whole planet suffer!

Cooler flies up and builds a huge energy ball.  He fires at Goku and Earth.

Goku blocks this huge energy ball (Much like Trunks did to Frieza's), and tosses it back at Cooler.

I'm melting.
What a world.

Cooler is hit hard, and propelled into space and burnt to a crisp.

A nice happy ending!  Wait .. Sauza ain't dead.  He pops up from under some rocks, and is about to shoot at these 5 guys.  But from a distance, Piccolo has enough strength left to kill Sauzaa!  Piccolo wasn't dead after all Goku!  ... Now it's a nice happy ending.  

You can read Eric's Review of Movie 5 right here!

Fan Reviews:

DBZ Movie 5 - Cooler's Revenge
The movie begins with a scene of Frieza destroying planet Vegeta, and at the precise moment when we see Bardock being vaporized, we find that Cooler, Frieza's brother, has been watching the whole time.  Goku's space pod escapes, Sauza tells his men to destroy the space pod, but Cooler says, "Cancel that order, he is just a Saiyan child, no threat to us."  After the title of the movie flashes on the screen, we are in the present where Goku is still gitty about beating Frieza.  He is blasted the water with his Kamehameha waves.  Meanwhile, Gohan is doing his homework when Icarus appears.  Chi-Chi comes in and tells Icarus to leave Gohan alone so he can finish his studies, surprisingly, Goku does the same..  Later, we find out that Goku is planning a camping trip with Oolong, Krillin, and Gohan.  After that, the movie shows a desolate planet that Cooler and his men, Doore, Neizu, and Sauza, are on.  Cooler receives word that Frieza is dead, and ally nothing exciting about that).  On his way back, Gohan is discovered by Sauza, who chases him.  And, surprise, Piccolo appears and easily disposes of Doore and Neizu.  He is about to vanquish Sauza but then Cooler intervenes and blasts a hole through Piccolo's chest (our Namekian friend also thinks Cooler is Frieza).  After that, Gohan finally appears at the cave and is about to give his dad a Senzu bean when Sauza comes and destroys it.  Krillin, angered by what Sauza just did, leaps out of the cave like a raging bull and begins fighting him.  Gohan, remembering when Yajirobe gave him an extra bean, pulls it out and gives it to his father.  Sauza is about to take care of Goku, after he emerges from the cave, when Cooler once again appears out of no where holding Piccolo's body.  Goku shouts, "Put him down, Frieza!"  Sauza replies, "This is Frieza's brother you imbissile, wake up, this is Lord Cooler!"  Cooler blows Piccolo's body to the ground. 
My Thoughts: This is the best Dragon Ball Z movie under the sun!  The animation and plot is great, and I love when Sauza is pigging out on Goku's food, that's funny.  You should definately buy this movie, it's especially compelling when Goku starts getting mad.  Buy it today!


Cooler's Revenge

It starts out showing a clip from the bardock special and frieza destroys plant Vegeta. Bardock is viewed by cooler's armoured squardron(3). They see a space pod which has kakorot(goku) on it. Then we see cooler and he starts calling frieza names even though frieza can't hear him.

Then in the present we see Goku getting ready for a camping trip. Chi chi gets mad at him because she asks if he knew which was more important camping or homework and he answers camping. Then the gang (goku,gohan,oolong,krillen,& icarus) are on their camping trip. Goku is out fishing and Gohan was chopping the fire wood.
They all sense something except oolong. It was coolers armoured squadren. they beat up krillen and gohan. then Goku comes to the scene. Goku fights the armoured squadron, mostly Doore and Saiuza. then gohan gets up and cooler comes. cooler blabs, this isnt the best place for anyone right now. he then shoots a death beam (not death ball) from his eyes intending to hit gohan but Goku jumps in the way and gets hit. while grabbing his son with all his might he starts spinning. he then stops for a mere second and counters with a beam.
they are about to land in the water and cooler sends a beam in the water to make the water separate and come down on Goku and gohan. when they get up out of the water they go into a cave. with Goku badly wounded gohan looks out for danger. he finds out that the armoured squadron's firing beams everywhere. they make rocks come down and cover up the cave. at night krillen and the others find Goku and gohan. they uncover the cave and krillen & oolong stay back and protect Goku. gohan goes on icarus and flies to korin tower for some senzu beans (he gets on icarus so the armoured squadron don't sense his power with the scouters). when they get there icarus flies down to take a rest and gohan climbs the tower. 
when gohan gets atop the tower he asks korin for some senzu beans and korin calls him rude because he came without bearing a present. But then yajdrobe gives gohan a bag of beans. korin gets all mad at yajdrobe. just before gohan leaves yajdrobe tosses gohan another bean, but gohan puts this one by his belt and not in the bag (later on this becomes very important). he then jumps off of korin tower and onto icarus. on his way back icarus gets really tired so gohan gives him a bean. icarus then goes really fast and the scouters go off. the squadron goes after gohan, but just when everything seems hopeless piccolo shows up.
piccolo kicks their butts bigtime! he kills Doore and the other guy. then he has some trouble with Saiuza. just when everything is looking good cooler shows up and shoots piccolo through the torso with death beam. he then throws piccolo up in the air and blasts him with a normal beam. Saiuza. goes off to find gohan and just when gohan is about to give the bag of beans to krillen. Saiuza shoots them. gohan then remembers the one he put by his belt. He gives it to his dad and gets healed. Goku then steps out and cooler shows up. Saiuza stays out of the battle. 
Goku and cooler go at it again and again. Cooler then turns into his next form. He beats Goku for a while, but then he remembers how bad the others are hurt. then he sees a dead bird that was killed by coolers blast and he gives it life. Then we see a flash & Goku becomes a Super Saiyan! 
cooler fires at Goku a couple of times. Then you can see blood coming from his lip. Goku looks away far a second. Then when he looks at cooler he realizes cooler has a charged Death Ball in his hands (finally Death Ball!). Cooler tells Goku he was foolish to look away because he can gather energy much faster than Frieza could. He throws the Death Ball at Goku. Goku tries to hold it back but it is extremely powerful! Cooler thinks he is done for and is about to go on his ship before the planet explodes. But the Death Ball hasn't even started to sink in the ground( Goku is still lifting it ;) !!!!!!!). Goku then tosses it back at Cooler while he isnt looking. Cooler gets thrown into outer space by the Death Ball towards the sun. 
Cooler says, "It's the star of the solar system [sun] I'll just blow it up and let them freeze to death. Ha Ha Ha.... What?! I'm heading straight for it !!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" ( are you starting to get the idea that Cooler is a moron, because he is) Cooler then remembers when frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta....

"Intercept Course?" said the member of the armoured squadron that I don't know the name of. Saiuza said "Yes" Then Cooler shows up And says "Belay that order! I have 12 planets to destroy by the end of the day. Besides this is Frieza's quadrant why should I put myself behind schedule just to clean up his mistake? Besides it's only a Saiyan child he's no threat to us. Look at him he's having so much fun he's blinded by his own arrogant pride! That could be King Vegeta on that space pod for all he knows! You've got a lot to learn, Brother!

Cooler says" It's him! I could've killed him! I'm a fool! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Then Back on earth Goku gets up (He fell down after the fight and he isn't a Super Saiyan anymore). Then under the pile of rubble Saiuza gets up (he accidentally got hit by a blast). He says" That's it! Now I will kill monkeys!" But just then a special bean cannon is shot at Saiuza by Piccolo. Saiuza Dies! Piccolo is off drinking water from a river (he regenerated his body).

THE END! - Caterp1024


Series - Dragonball Z

Type - English Dubbed and Japanese Subbed In One
Name/Website URL - Majin/Kaio-Sama's Comedy Dojo Is Back Baby!
The Best Of Strongest Versus Strongest
Original Release Date: July 20, 1991

Rating: 6 out of 7 dragonballs

Synopsis: Like so many other Dragonball Z movies, Cooler's Revenge starts out with Gohan doing his homework and then leaving for a camping trip. Also like the rest, the camping trip is the place the mayhem starts. As soon as Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Oolong, and Icaris settle down, Cooler's Henchmen Gang up on them. Gohan and Krillin go out fast and then Goku steps in. When he starts whooping them, Gohan comes to help, and so does Cooler, but on the other side of the line. Goku sees that Cooler wants Gohan out of the way and just as Cooler shoots his death eye-beam at him, Goku jumps in the way and gets seriously injured. Cooler told his pack to find and kill him. Goku and Gohan hide for awhile trying to escape all of the henchmen's blasts. Krillin comes late at night to find them in a pile of rocks. Krillin guards Goku while Gohan gets senzu beans from Korin and Yajirobe. Gohan went there and got the beans, and right before Gohan leaves, Yajirobe throws him an extra one and Gohan puts it in his belt. On the way back Cooler's henchmen spot Gohan and start attacking him, but of course, Piccolo shows up and kills off two of three. Gohan returns to his dad but before he can dispense the beans, the third henchmen comes up behind and destroys them. Krillin goes all out on him while Gohan and Goku are in despair. Gohan luckily remembers the extra bean and gives it to Goku. Goku gets up and out to meet Cooler. They start fighting and seem to be about even, then Cooler reveals he has a higher form that his own brother could harldy stand up against. He transforms and starts kicking some serious ass. Goku tries Kamehameha and Kaioken but those don't work, and he gets beat on some more. He's about to give up when he remembers Krillin, Gohan, and Piccolo are all in pain. He gathers up energy and goes Super Saijya-jin. Cooler is clearly no match for him so decides to blow up the planet. It looks dim but Goku manages to deflect the energy ball back at Cooler. Cooler, on the beam, starts planning his return, but soon realizes the ball is a one-way trip to the Sun. He then gets burned alive and everyone is happy.

My View: I thought this movie was a level up above most other Dragonball Movies. The fighting scenes were simply amazing, the music fit right with the atmosphere (even in the dub!), and the villain was very original and well developed. I found it strange that Cooler would try to avenge his brother's death when Furiza cared about no one but himself. Even though the plot was somewhat similar and boring at times, and even though all the characters weren't there, and even though it was considerably short, I liked it. I give it, Dragonall Z Movie 5, The Best of Strongest versus Strongest, at whopping 6 out of 7.


Movie 05: Cooler
The Best of Strongest Versus Strongest
(American Version)
(Characters: Bardock, People, Narrator, Doore, Sauzaa, Neizu, Cooler, Roshi, Goku, Chi-Chi, Gohan, Krillin, Oolong, Icarus, Armored Squadron, Korin, and Yajirobe.)
(Total Darkness)
Bardock: Frieza, I’m coming for you.
You murder, self-trading trader. It’s over!
People: Long gone Lord Frieza
(Bardock beaten up.)
Bardock: No way Frieza.
You lived long enough.
(Frieza creates a small ki with his fingertip.)
Actually too long for my taste.
(Back to total darkness.)
(Showing of people.)
Frieza! Listen up! We quit! All of us.
Got it…
We don’t work for you anymore.
(Showing of Bardock.)
We’re free. You can find someone else to do your dirty work for you.
Oh yeah. One last thing.
(Bardock creates a ki ball.)
(Showing a baby Karat in a space pod.)
Narrator: Deported from the military operation. The little Saiyan baby, Karat flies toward Earth. Missing the deadly surprise attack on his home planet. His father Bardock comforts the concealments Frieza and his entire army…alone.)
Bardock: This is all the people killed by your name.
Here! Have it!
(Bardock throws the ki ball. Frieza grows the ki ball into a Death Ball. The ki ball goes into the Death Ball with no effect.)
No way!
(The blast cover the Saiyan is seen in another ship’s screen.)
Doore: That’s the guy right there…Bardock.
Sauzaa: He doesn’t look so frighten to me.
Anyways space doesn’t.
There goes the whole monkey bar. Now this is live entertainment.
(Sauzaa react to something.) What’s this?
Magnified the image.
Neizu: Right.
I’m on it Sauzaa.
Sauzaa: I want an entire view as well.
Neizu: That’s it got it.
(Showing of baby Karat in a Saiyan space pod.)
Sauzaa: Where you think he’s going?
Neizu: It looks like he’s heading to a planet called Earth.
Go set for it?
Sauzaa: Yes
Cooler: Delay that order.
All three: Yes sire.
Sauzaa: But…he’s escaping.
Cooler: Frieza is in charged of this quadrant.
Let him clean up his own mess.
I got seven planets to destroy by the end of the day.
Why should I allow myself to get back in schedule to cover his mistake?
Besides he’s just a Saiyan child. He’s no threat to us.
(Showing screen of Frieza laughing.)
Look at him…what foolish.
So pleasant that he’s blinded by his arrogant pride.
After King on the press but all he knows.
You got a lot to learn brother.
(Planet Vegeta explodes in the screen.)
Let’s get out of here.
(Cooler’s ship moves off.)
Cooler’s Revenge!
(Open Credits)
(On Roshi’s island. Our hero Goku throwing ki blast through the ocean water seeing how high the walls can go.)
Roshi: (Shock) Wow!
Look at that!
I can see through the main land Goku…that’s amazing!
Goku: Awesome huh?
I can make the walls go higher.
(Goku throws another ki toward the water.)
Roshi: (Thinking) Remarkable. He never trained harder.
But he’s seem so relax and comfortable.
After beating Frieza has changed him.
(At the Son’s house. Gohan doing this homework in his room.)
Gohan: There. Divide that by 10.
Chi-Chi: Hi…I thought my scholar might be thirsty here some tea.
(Chi-Chi put down a glass of tea next to Gohan.)
What you think your doing?
(Chi-Chi start to yell at Icraus next to the window.)
I know what your up too.
Goku: Iracus leave Gohan alone.
He’s trying to do this homework.
(Gohan and Chi-Chi looks surprise.)
Chi-Chi: What?
Did you hear that?
He asks Icarus to leave you alone so you can do your homework.
Goku (At the window.)
Are you feeling okay honey?
(Goku’s arm sticking out at the side of the house.)
Goku: Oh yeah I’m feeling just fine.
Chi-Chi: Are you sure. You don’t got a fever Goku?
You sounding a bit strange.
Goku: Yeah I feel great. I just want Gohan to finish his homework.
Chi-Chi: Yep. I knew it! I knew it!
There is seriously wrong with your father.
He never carried if you finish your homework.
(Chi-Chi drinks Gohan’s tea.)
I wonder if all this fighting knocks a screw loose in your father’s head.
That’s it. He must of bruise his brain.
(Goku looking for something in the cabinet.)
Goku: M…nope. Not here.
Chi-Chi: Oh no…my poor husband.
He’s a vegetable.
(Goku took a bunch of stuff in a bag.)
Goku: All right this will be enough for a few days.
Chi-Chi: Oh no. I need to get him in bed before he hurt himself.
(Chi-Chi tried to hug Goku, but Goku moved. Causing Chi-Chi hit the table headfirst.)
Goku: hey Gohan!
Hurry up and finish so we can go camping.
(Goku looks behind him and see Chi-Chi on the floor.)
Chi-Chi what are you doing down there?
Chi-Chi: Ugh dear.
You never mention a camping trip.
That’s why you wanted Gohan to finish his homework?
Goku: Come on finish that later.
We’re all waiting for you little man.
Chi-Chi: Whose all?
(Krillin laughs)
Krillin: We’re all.
(Chi-Chi sees Krillin and Oolong.)
Chi-Chi: Oh I see it all.
What is more important?
(Chi-Chi yelling right at Goku face.)
Camping or homework?!?
Goku: Chi-Chi.
I’m not an idiot.
Every parent knows the answer to that.
(Chi-Chi start shaking her head.)
Camping of course.
(Chi-Chi goes for an Anime drops.)
(At a far away planet lays a ship similar to Frieza’s ship.)
Cooler: What!?
My brother killed by a Saiyan.
That’s obscure.
How a Saiyan gained that much power to kill Frieza.
Neizu: It happened my Lord.
The Saiyan living on Earth.
He left Vegeta before Lord Frieza blew it up.
Cooler: Hm I never did like him.
Now his descanting my father getting killed by a Saiyan.
(Thinking) Father always spoiled you rotting you little brat.
Sauzaa: Yes sir.
Cooler: Prepared the ship for deportation.
All three: Yes.
Cooler: No Saiyan going to attack my family and lived.
No one!
Plot a course to Earth.
(Back at Earth.)
Krillin: Well.
The rice is almost done.
And the stew looks good.
All we need a fish and we’ll be ready.
Oolong: I don’t know about camping.
But the food always taste great!
Krillin: I think we gonna need more wood to keep the fire hot.
What you say Gohan?
Gohan: Right.
Let see here.
(Gohan takes a long piece of a tree trunk.)
This one gotta do.
(Gohan threw it in the air and used some chopping skill. Gohan landed on his knee and the pieces of wood stock on each other.)
That’s that.
(In a lake. Goku grabbed a huge fish.)
Goku: Well you maybe a small side.
But great on making sushi.
(Three men flying around. Goku sense it.)
Gohan: Hey Krillin…
Krillin: Great…bring it over Gohan.
(There’s noises in the brushes and they both sense something. Icraus makes some noise.)
Oolong: Hey what all the stashing about?
I’m trying to relax here.
Krillin: Sh…
Oolong: Don’t sh me.
Iracus the one making noise.
(We see a guy behind Gohan.)
Krillin: Behind you!
(Krillin gets elbowed in the head. Gohan looked tired. Doore grabbed Gohan’s tail.)
Doore: Nightly night.
(Oolong looked scared.)
This is the monkey that destroyed Frieza?
(Doore swinging Gohan around.)
Neizu: Give me a break…
He’s power level is only fifty.
(Sauzaa eating the stew.)
Sauzaa: It maybe he lowers his level.
Hey this some good stew.
(Doore still shaking him around.)
Gohan: Stop it you big freak!
(Doore still kept swinging away.)
Oolong: We should get out of here buddy.
(Oolong on Icarus’ back, and Icarus moves more toward Doore.)
Whoa…easy boy…back off!
Goku: Hey!
Doore: Well what we got here.
Goku: I am Goku.
These are my friends.
Sauzaa: Goku (Sauzaa threw the pot of stew.)
This is the Saiyan that destroyed Frieza.
Doore: Don’t you say?
Let’s kill him.
(Doore threw Gohan onto a tent.)
Neizu: Yeah. I want to kill the guy that killed Frieza.
Sauzaa: So you’re the person of Earth.
You’ll be prepared to kill.
Goku: So who are you guys anyways?
All three: We are…(Some Ginyu Force moves.)
Armored Squadron.
(They fly toward Goku.)
Goku: Great there goes our camping trip.
(Goku flies backward.)
Gohan: Look out dad!
(Sauzaa tried a punch but Goku flew under it. Doore tried a body slam, but Goku leaped frog him. Neizu tried a kick but Goku back jump him too. Goku stands there, when Neizu tired a punch. Doore comes in with a fist and Sauzaa comes in with a kick. Goku stopped it and used a body force to them.)
Gohan: Come on Krillin.
You got to get up.
Sauzaa: So the one knows how to fight.
(Goku power up with his body extended. Goku let out 3 blasts.
Sauzaa punched it. Neizu cut it in half. And Doore blocks it and pushes it away. Goku goes to Doore and knee him in the chest, but Doore caught him. He then took his knee and his back and crushes it together. Goku tried to push Doore off, but here comes Neizu comes.)
Neizu: And still die…
(Neizu goes for a kick to Goku’s head. Instead Goku slipped off, so Neizu kicked Doore.)
Doore: Neizu…
What you do that for?
(Goku flies down. Then Sauzaa comes behind Goku forming a blast. Goku sense it coming. Goku turn around and slide down to the ground with the ki on his fingertips. Goku lift the ki blast from Sauzaa to Neizu’s head.)
Neizu: It’s not my fault.
You should hold him ti….
(Neizu screamed.)
(The blast looks it took his head. Neizu stick his head out like he was part turtle.)
Thank goodness for a detachable head.
(The Armored Squadron lands on the ground looked scared. Goku looked worried.)
Sauzaa: Sire…we didn’t expect you…
(A body walking through the water.)
(Goku turn around very slowly and see a figure. It was Cooler.)
Goku: (Thinking) Frieza…but how?
(They all hear and sense someone flying in the air.)
Gohan: I’m coming dad!
Goku: Gohan turn back!
This isn’t the best place for you right now!
(Cooler looks at the Saiyan boy.)
Cooler: This isn’t the best place for anyone now.
(Cooler gives out an Eye Bam straight at Gohan. Goku zanoken right toward at Gohan. In attempt to save Gohan’s life, Goku get his in the back.)
Gohan: Dad! You been hit!
(Goku and Gohan spinning around while Goku’s back giving out smoke and fire. Goku gives out a very last blast at Cooler. Cooler stand there. Cooler grabbed the ki and threw it elsewhere. Goku and Gohan splash into the water.)
Neizu: Smoke meat!
(The smoke of Goku’s back showed that Goku and Gohan fall into a waterfall. Cooler flies over the waterfall and gives out a huge blast toward the bottom. A titanic blast gives out a titanic hole in the bottom of the waterfall.)
Cooler: (Thinking) I can see how Frieza might of underestimate this one.
He’s somehow different of the rest.
But can he be a Super Saiyan?
Sauzaa: Nice work my Lord.
Doore: Yeah two Saiyans dead.
The universe is a better place.
Cooler: They’re not dead.
Only who can counter an attack like that.
After taking effect of my dead beam can survive a little swim.
Sauzaa: You think he’s alive?
Cooler: I think he’s alive.
Find him and kill him.
Armored Squadron: Yes sir!
(Down the river. We see Goku trying to pull himself up. Goku collapsed on the ground. Gohan got up and yelled after seeing the effect of Cooler’s death beam. Goku’s ki symbol burn and his back all swollen red.)
Gohan: Dad! Are you okay?
Wake up dad!
(The Armored Squadron flying in the high air using their scouter.)
Sauzaa: Ugh…I don’t get it.
The scouter isn’t picking up anything.
It must be broken.
Doore: Hm…his probably dead.
No one got hit by Cooler’s death beam and lived to say about it.
Far as I know.
(There back at the camp. Icraus licking Krillin. Oolong observing Krillin. Krillin moves a bit.)
Oolong: Yeah…he’s waking up.
Keep licking Icraus.
(Krillin gets up.)
Krillin: No. No. No. No.
I’m fine…where’s Goku?
(In a small cave lays Goku.)
Gohan: Wake up. Wake up!
Please dad.
Goku: Gohan…
Gohan: Hey dad…
(Goku tried to get up but couldn’t.)
Goku: My body fried…
(The cave shakes and tiny rocks falls.)
Gohan: What was that?
(Gohan looked outside. He looks shock. He sees blasts hitting the ground near him.)
Doore: Taking the details…
That’s why were the best.
We’re so darn thermal.
Sauzaa: Yeah…always get the monkey.
(The ground getting more blasted by the Armored Squadron. Animals running around in fear.)
Gohan: Oh no…
(Gohan runs back to his father.)
Goku: Gohan…
(The blast causes the rocks to fall on Gohan and Goku.)
Sauzaa: Boys…this is the grand finally
(The ground looks like a desert.)
Doore: Opps…do you think we over did it a little bit?
Sauzaa: No.
But we might have a hard time finding the body.
It’s probably in a million pieces.
(They all laugh.)
Neizu: We put them in the shedder.
No one can survive that.
Cooler: Oh no…
Doore: Lord Cooler.
Cooler: Weak minds easily districted.
He’s alive.
I want you to cover every inch and find him.
Armored Squadron: Yes sir!
Cooler: They can’t hide forever.
They have to come out sooner or later.
I don’t like this game no more like you do.
I would rather blow up the retread planet.
I would rather with my own eyes.
And I will!
(The sky starts to get dark. Behind a rock were Krillin, Oolong and Icracus on foot.)
Krillin: Now!
(Krillin and Oolong moved but Icraus moved back because he smelled something.)
Come on!
(Icarus gives out a screech sound.)
Oolong: Don’t leave me alone!
Krillin: What are you trying to tell us?
Gohan: Whose there?
Krillin: Hey are you okay?
(Krillin talks through a rock.)
Gohan: I’m okay…
But my dad is hurt pretty bad.
Krillin: Is he down there with you?
Gohan: Yeah. He’s right next to me.
Krillin: Hold on…I’m coming.
(Krillin moved a rock.)
Gohan: Krillin! My dad is really worried about the animals.
Krillin: Got cha.
You hear them get those animals a hand.
(Oolong and Icraus ran off.)
Oolong: We’re on it.
Krillin: Give one second you guys.
(Krillin moved a couple of rocks and eventually see Goku and Gohan.)
Goku: Ugh…fresh air…
Thank you Krillin…are those animals okay?
Krillin: Yeah I got a searching crew on it.
They are fine.
(Icraus moved a long off. Oolong freed a rabbit. After it was gone. The rocks come down and nearly killed Oolong. Krillin sees a huge rock and blast it away. On Neizu scouter shows up.)
Oolong: Whoa! Thanks!
Krillin: Oh no…
Neizu: Bingo!
(A pterodactyl comes and almost took Neizu head off. Neizu stuck his head if he was a turtle again.)
What the…
That thing almost took my head off.
It must of took off my scouter.
Krillin: All right guys! We got to move fast.
Gohan fly to Korin tower to get some Senzu beans.
I’ll stay here with your dad, but we’re sitting ducks here.
‘Til you come back, so don’t waste any time.
Gohan: Right.
Krillin: And don’t forget what I said about flying.
Gohan: Right no flying.
It’s all right I got the Icraus express.
…Right boy…
Krillin: Say the best of luck you boys.
Stay safe.
Gohan: Right.
Krillin: Don’t forget to stay at high altitude so they won’t spot you.
We’re counting on you guys.
Gohan: Right
(Sauzaa flying in the dark air.)
Sauzaa: It’s so dark I can’t see anything down there.
(We see Gohan and Icraucs flying in the air.)
Gohan: Good…I don’t think they saw us.
Right…let’s go boy!
(Icarus starts to fly fast.)
Whoa Icraus!
I didn’t know you can fly this fast.
(Back at the cave.)
Krillin: (Thinking) Please don’t get caught Gohan.
We need those Senzu beans.
Gohan: Good job Icarus almost there.
(Icarus looks a bit tired.)
Look there it is the tower!
Cool we made it!
You go down and get some rest.
(Gohan gets on the tower.)
I met you in a bit.
Right here we go
(Icarus left and Gohan start climbing the tower while thinking.)
I’ll be back soon dad.
Hey I can see the top!
(Gohan gets in the building.)
Hello Master Korin!
Korin: Well…isn’t it the son of Goku.
Gohan: Yeah I came for the Senzu beans.
Can I have some?
Korin: Oh you come barraging in unnoticed.
Now you want some Senzu beans
What you brought for me?
Gohan: But sir…
You got to give me the Senzu beans
It was for my dad!
(Gohan stopped himself.)
I’m being rude am I?
Your right…I should brought a gift.
I’ll be back sir.
Yajirobe: Hey wait up!
Don’t leave without these…
(Gohan turn around and a bag were thrown at him.)
Gohan: What’s this?
Yajirobe: A bag of Senzu beans…of course…
Korin: Hey!
What duh?
Yajirobe: Hey!
I’m the bean daddy this time!
Bean Daddy!
Korin: Oh yeah…who put you in charge?!
It’s my beans!
Yajirobe: I water them!
Korin: You water them!
Gohan: Here mister…
Korin: Well…you do got pretty good manners.
You can keep them.
Yajirobe: Stop messing with him!
You gonna give the beans anyways!
Korin: Oh…would you shut up?
Gohan: Thank you I really precipitated
It great seeing you two again.
Take care!
Korin: See ya later kid.
(Korin threw a bean over his mouth, but Yajirobe caught it.)
Yajirobe: Hey Gohan!
(Yajirobe threw the bean at Gohan.)
Gohan: What duh…aw thanks.
Another bean.
Korin: Why in Earth did I let you live up here?
Yajirobe: I dunno…
Beat the heck outta me.
(Gohan put the bean in his belt.)
Gohan: See ya later
(Gohan jumps down from the tower.)
Icarus…I’m ready boy!
(Icraus comes flying in and Gohan landed on his back.)
We did it!
Now to take the Senzu beans to my dad.
Korin: Pretty nice kid.
By the way…what’s a bean daddy?
Yajirobe: Ugh…I don’t know
Talking about beans.
Let’s make some Chili.
(Icraus looks a bit tired but still flying strong.)
Gohan: Keep it up Icraus.
Your doing great!
(The ray of light from the cave woke up Krillin.)
Krillin: …Huh…
Wow I can’t believe it’s already morning…
How you doing Goku?
(Goku didn’t move.)
Goku! Wake up!
Goku: Hey…what all the racket?
I’m alive…okay?
Krillin: Ugh…don’t mind me.
After all, there’s no sense of guarding a dead guy right?
Goku: That’s right.
Krillin: (Thinking) Hm…
Man…your dad need you Gohan…
(The Armored Squadron gathers together.)
Doore: This is ridiculous.
I think they’re dead.
Neizu: I think they perished what he thinks.
What matter is what Lord Cooler think?
(Icraus looks more tired than usual)
Gohan: Come on boy almost there.
(Icarus looks he’s gonna faint.)
Oh…you got it bad don’t you…
(Icraus start straggling around.)
Here I know…
(Gohan gives a Senzu bean to Icarus.)
Take this boy.
(Icarus felt strong and flew at amazing speed.)
That is the trick.
(There was a power level shown in Sauzaa’s scouter.)
Didn’t know you can fly this fast didn’t you?
Sauzaa: Oh…
Going somewhere monkey boy?
(Gohan turn around and see the Armored Squadron behind him.)
Gohan: Oh no!
Icraus let’s get out of here…quick!
(Icarus flew down but soon Sauzaa throws a finger blast at Icraus’s back. Gohan and Icarus spins down near the ground. But then Gohan comes and fly down. Gohan later on grabbed Icarus in the air.)
It’s okay I got you
(Doore comes trying to kick Gohan at the face. But Gohan zanoken out before his kick. Icarus start to fall toward the forest.)
(Neizu comes trying to low punch Gohan. Gohan dodged the punch, so Neizu gave a high punch spin. When Gohan flew back from the punch. Doore high kick Gohan to Sauzaa. Then Sauzaa finish Gohan off with a close fist slam. Doore comes below of Sauzaa, and grabbed Gohan’s head. Doore start crushing his head.
Gohan tried to hold tight on the Senzu beans. Which cause Doore to notice the bag.)
Doore: Hey….what you got in the bag monkey boy?
(Doore tried to take the Senzu beanbags from Gohan. But Gohan kept on moving his body. Doore got angry for not getting the bag.)
Give it here.
(Gohan kept holding it closes.)
All right that’s it.
You’re going bye-bye kid…
(Doore start on squeezing Gohan’s head tighter than before. Gohan looks he was about to drop the Senzu beanbag. Then all a sudden a blast comes and hit Doore in the back. Doore let go of Gohan and turn around to see who blasted him.)
Who did that?
Piccolo: That would be me.
Sauzaa: A Namek out here…
Doore: Why isn’t that toad in his own world where he belong
Neizu: Frieza blew it up
Doore: Oh…Oh yeah.
Gohan: Oh…
Doore: It’s all over for you Namek!
Your gonna die!
(Piccolo start to throw his turban off.)
Piccolo: Not likely…I seen you fight.
Doore: I’m gonna rip you apart!
(Doore gave out a screamed and flew toward Piccolo. Doore comes in and gives a punch toward Piccolo. But when the punch came. Piccolo zanoken out of this cape, so Doore came and punched through the cape.)
Whe…Where he go?
(Piccolo reappeared above Doore and gave out an elbow on top of Doore’s helmet. Neizu comes trying to knock off Piccolo. While Doore was spinning down nearly hitting Gohan with his massive body. Piccolo fighting Neizu and notice Gohan not moving.)
Piccolo: Gohan…what you think your doing?
Get those beans to your dad…and hurry!
Gohan: All right…I’ll be right back…
(Gohan starts to fly off to his dad. Doore recovered himself up and see Gohan leaving.)
Doore: Oh yeah that what you think!
(Doore start to fly after Gohan. Neizu trying to give him a three punch but Neizu kept on missing each punch.)
Piccolo: Gohan!
(Piccolo gave out a hand blast toward Neizu head. But Neizu detached his head and the blast kept going and not stopping.)
Neizu: Haaha you miss me!
(The hand blast is racing after Doore.)
Sauzaa: What you think your doing your idiot!
(Doore turn around and tried to fly off the blast away. Piccolo goes and kicks Neizu and another kick to Sauzaa’s chest. Piccolos do a finger move to get the blast to take care of Doore. Doore turned around and tried to push away the blast but is too much.)
Doore: Darn it! I can’t…!
(The blast took down Doore and a gigantic exploded happened. Neizu turn and saw Doore died.)
Neizu: Doore…your dead!
(Neizu start to creates a two-hand ki blast. Then you can see in a distance is Sauzaa fighting against Piccolo. After Piccolo reflected Sauzaa punch. Sauzaa moved above Piccolo. Piccolo turn around to see Neizu creating two-ki blast. Neizu gave out his hand ki blast toward Piccolo.)
(Piccolo look stunned from the blast still lasting.)
Sauzaa: Excellent Neizu finish him off.
I’m going off for the kid.
(Sauzaa start to fly off.)
Make him hurt…
Neizu: Right
(Neizu moved closer to Piccolo to brag at his face.)
I bet you feel really stupid right don’t right?
A taste for a Namek…yummy.
(Piccolo smiled at Neizu. Piccolo grabbed Neizu’s head and the blast took over Neizu body. Not covering Piccolo anymore. Neizu get fired badly and died. Piccolo fires two-hand blast at Sauzaa. Sauzaa turned around and deflected it away.)
Sauzaa: Neizu…I thought you…
(Piccolo comes in and kicks Sauzaa in the guy. Piccolo gives out a left punch then a low kick to Sauzaa. Sauzaa tried to rebalance himself and he later fires several hand blasts. The ki explodes and Piccolo kept flying away while dodging them all. Both of them flew down near each other in the forest. Sauzaa gives out a high left blast to Piccolo. Sauzaa standing on a branch laughing of his victory. All a sudden Piccolo does his Mystical Attack. The two arms come from one side to another. His arms comes and nearly cutting Sauzaa in half. Piccolo jumps in the air and regain his arms to normal. Sauzaa moved back and turn his hand into a purple surrounding ki looking like a knife. Those two jumped at each other and Sauzaa gives out a swipe at Piccolo’s shirt. A part of Piccolo’s shirt was cut off. Piccolo looked pissed. Sauzaa laughs and trying to cut Piccolo again. Sauzaa tried to cut him several times. Instead, Sauzaa cutting the tree trunks down. Sauzaa get Piccolo corner at a tree trunk. And Sauzaa is jumping toward Piccolo ready to cut Piccolo down to pits.)
The party over Namek.
(Sauzaa tried to slice Piccolo, but Piccolo grabbed his wrist. Piccolo gives a major high kick. Sauzaa and Piccolo flew up in the air and looked at each other.)
Piccolo: I am Piccolo
You shouldn’t come to this planet.
(Sauzaa looks like he seen a ghost. Piccolo slowly turn around and a Frieza bean to Piccolo’s chest. Piccolo last image was Cooler.)
Cooler: Sauzaa…what you waiting for?
Get the kid.
Piccolo: Your suppose to be dead…
(Piccolo falls back even more. Getting ready to die. Then several blast come and explode on Piccolo.)
Krillin: Man…they should be back by now.
(Krillin check for Goku’s being.)
Damn it…Goku you got to hang on.
Gohan: Krillin…where are you?
Krillin: In here!
What in the world took so long?
Gohan: We got shot down by these 3 guys.
If it wasn’t for Piccolo.
We wouldn’t have these.
There’s a enough for an army here…
Krillin: Awesome Gohan.
It look like we’re gonna to have beans for breakfast.
Goku: Where’s…Icarus…
He’s not hurt is he?
Gohan: I almost forgot…
I got to go find him…
Krillin: Give them to me.
I’ll take care of your dad…
(Gohan about to give Krillin the beans til a blast burn the bag and the beans away.)
Sauzaa: Now…
Do you think you would’ve gotten away?
(Everyone looked shock.)
Krillin: We had them…
They were right in our hands.
(Krillin rushed at Sauzaa.)
You! You ruined everything!
(Krillin fights Sauzaa. Goku looks disappointed.)
Goku: I don’t believe it…
Oolong: Oh no…
(Gohan looked pissed)
Goku! Goku!
(Gohan remembers the Senzu bean Yajirobe gave him. And putting it in his belt.)
Gohan: Good it still here.
Here dad. Take this quick!
Goku: A bean…but how?
Gohan: No time to explain…just eat.
(Goku eats the Senzu bean. Sauzaa comes and punches Krillin. Krillin start to spin off. Krillin stopped spinning and gave a double hand blast at Sauzaa. Sauzaa simplify knock them off. Sauzaa gives a five-finger blast outer of Krillin. Krillin goes defense. Then Sauzaa flew over Krillin with a close fist to the ground.)
Krillin no!
You Jerk!
(Gohan raced at Sauzaa. Sauzaa dodged Gohan’s punches and gave a knee to the guy with another kick.)
Sauzaa: Kids…they don’t know their limits.
Time to take care of the sick and wounded.
It must been a flick.
How a guy like his has killed Frieza.
(His scouter picks up a reading.)
Huh? What’s his?
I’m picking up a power level going up in the sky.
But the Saiyan was barely alive.
And he’s the only one here with at big.
It couldn’t be that big…could it?
(The scouter broke.)
What the heck going on?!
(Sauzaa looks shock and see Goku outside the cave.)
It’s you…
Krillin: Goku…
(Krillin faints.)
Goku: Hang in there. You did great.
(Gohan walking if he’s drunk and fainted too. Goku saw that.)
Gohan! Rest easy son.
(Goku looks at Sauzaa.)
Hurting innocence people isn’t what I toddler rate.
Sauzaa: It’s you…how…
Goku: If I was you I’ll get off this planet.
Trust me, you don’t want any of this.
Cooler: Oh…I do Saiyan.
(Sauzaa and Goku looked up.)
Sauzaa: Yes sire!
Cooler: Can you do me a favor?
Tell what should I do with his Namek?
Goku: Uh! Put him down Frieza!
Sauzaa: Ha! This is Frieza’s brother.
You disbursal worm, so wake up.
This is Lord Cooler.
The materialist fighter in the universe.
Soon you’ll be at his mercy.
Cooler: What ever…
(Cooler throws Piccolo down toward Goku. Goku gets ready to catch him, ‘til several blast blasted Piccolo away.)
Goku: (thinking) Piccolo…no!
(Cooler laughs and Goku looks shock. Sauzaa comes with a face punch. Goku just stood there if it was just the wind.)
You’re twisted inside as your brother!
Full of hatred.
Well…no more!
You dug your own grave.
Cooler: Really…well after I kill you.
I’m going to turn this planet and everyone on it into dust.
Goku: No way! Not on my watch.
(Goku powered up with a huge energy force. Sauzaa is taken away from the force into a cliff headfirst.)
Cooler: Well isn’t gonna be good isn’t it?
Goku: I’m glad your amused.
Cooler: I am.
But I like to see the power you destroy my brother.
Goku: Then I won’t disappoint you!
(Goku flew toward Cooler. Goku start with the offensive with a right punch through from boulders between Cooler. Goku landed it to his face. A left punch given to Cooler’s chest. One last punch and Goku gives a spinning heel kick. Causing Cooler to spin down him. Goku comes and giving a right jab, but Cooler grabbed his wrist. With a fist reaction, Goku goes for another jab, which Cooler grabbed him.)
Cooler: No one discarded my family and lives to tell about it!
(They both struggle down into the ocean water. Goku leading the offensive again with several punches. But Goku kept on missing in his punches. While Goku tried a kick. Cooler’s tails comes and nearly cut Goku’s head off. Goku tried to counter, but Cooler is getting ready to blast Goku at his face.
Goku hold the ki and get pushed back to some underwater rocks. Goku slowly push the ball into the air. Goku jumped to give a punch, but Cooler dodged it. Goku again gives out punches, but there’s no impact. ‘Til Goku punch Cooler at the neck, and a jab at his chest. Goku grabbed his tail and threw him out of the water. Cooler and Goku land on different rocks facing each other.)
Well…not bad.
Rather impressed actually.
I can see why he had trouble with you.
My brother was a pest.
I would’ve killed him sooner or later.
He was always trying to beat me.
Trying to prove that he was the best, but he definitely had the edge.
But then it happened.
I transformed!
As you know, I’m in the third transform state.
I found a forth behind it.
Goku: What?!
Cooler: You should feel privilege.
You’ll be the first to witness this form.
First you will see it, then you will die.
(Cooler starts to power up near a waterfall. Rocks cracking, water rising, and Goku looks shock. Cooler’s body starts to grow and transformed into a huge beast.)
Goku: Whoa…man…he’s huge!
Cooler: Yes…time to die!
(Cooler’s mouth guard comes and covers his mouth.
Cooler jumped with a huge wave to back it up with.)
Your mine!
(Goku zanoken into the air, but Cooler comes with a low knee from the air. Cooler kneed Goku all the way to a cliff. A close fist to Goku’s head, and down Goku goes splashing into the water. Cooler flew straight down extending his arms at full speed. Down Cooler goes and here comes a big ocean wall. At the bottom is Goku screaming from the full impact of Cooler’s fists into his stomach. Waves start to fall back down on Goku, and Cooler flowing in the air.)
I love doing that!
(Goku comes out powering up.)
Well…back for more I see.
(Goku goes Kaioken then you see a Matrix shot of Cooler. Cooler backhand fist and Goku appear. Goku goes Kaioken again and moved off to another direction. Goku comes with a fist slide before Cooler zanoken himself. Cooler comes down below and elbowed him in the face. Goku goes Kaioken and flies off. Goku get stepped on Cooler’s chest.)
So this is the legendary Super Saiyan suppose to be.
(Goku begun to sweat a bit and back kicked, but Cooler disappears again. Cooler comes behind Goku with another close fist. Goku start to slide on the ground. Cooler raced after him leading a right knee at Goku chest to another cliff. Cooler with his fist swing Goku back to the ground. Cooler dig it in more. With a crater in the earth, Goku moves out.)
Look at you!
(Cooler laughs.)
You can’t even detect my movements.
What are you going to huh?
(Goku goes Kaioken yet again. Goku goes into a Kamehameha posture.
Goku gave a huge blast. Cooler look excited and jumped right into it.)
Goku: NO WAY!
(Cooler comes in if he was swimming. Cooler came out at the blast in front of Goku and giving him a right jab at his face. A fast knee to his chest, and an elbow to the back. Goku lying inside a cliff wall. Cooler comes in with a hard foot slam ok Goku’s chest. Cooler gives another 1.)
Cooler: Ha!
This is the mighty Super Saiyan?
The one that defeated my brother!
How ridiculous.
(Cooler flies up in the air.)
Frieza desire to die by a weakling like you.
I am the supreme master of this universe.
(Rocks begun to crack again.)
I am the great destroyer.
The taker of life.
It’s my will to this planet, and everyone on it be alienated!
(Goku falls to the ground.)
Oolong: What’s going on?!
The whole planet shaking, we’re all gonna die!
(A bird falls down dying. Goku begun to remember what happened with Krillin and Gohan.)
Goku: No…Krillin…Gohan.
(Witnessing the blast of Piccolo. Goku woke up. Goku took the bird in his hand.)
No…I didn’t do anything wrong…No I can’t!
(Goku start to power up.)
Cooler: What’s this?
(Goku gave out a scream and brought the bird back to life.)
What! What’s going on?
He’s different…he changed!
(Goku turn Super Saiyan.)
Saiyan…prepared to be squashed.
(Cooler lifted his hand but Goku grabbed it.)
Goku: Why won’t you wake up?
Your hurting people.
What have they done to you?
(Cooler got loose and punch at Goku’s chest. He acts he felt nothing at all.)
I can’t let your un-happiness on people anymore!
Cooler: What are you talking about?
I kill when I want.
The weak die and the strong survive.
(Goku powers up.)
Goku: Alright then.
We play by your rule Cooler.
Let’s go.
(Goku gives two major punches, and Cooler laughs.)
Cooler: Now I know why my brother was killed.
And I love it!
You’re too much!
(Cooler fires a ki and Goku just stood there like it was nothing. Then we see Cooler in the air with a death ball.)
So you and your job Super Saiyan?
I can gather energy faster than my brother.
You shouldn’t take your eyes off me.
Now die with this planet.
(Cooler threw the death ball at the ground. Goku goes and tried to hold it up as he can.)
Struggle all you want!
It’s over!
That what you get for desecrating my family!
(Goku start to get closer to the ground.)
Goku: You murder million of innocence people.
(It looks like Cooler has won.)
Cooler: Yes!
It is I who decided who lives and whose dies.
All being is mire playthings to me!
No one can compare my power.
(The death ball is rising up. Goku gives a scream with a blast.)
No…I can’t be!
(Cooler tried to push the Death Ball back but failed. Cooler is in space.)
Blast it Saiyan!
I won’t be on it forever.
I’m gonna get off, but when I do.
I’m gonna ripe him to pieces…huh?
(Cooler sees the sun.)
The star of the solar system.
I would blow that up instead.
Let them all freeze to death in darkness.
Wait a second…I’m heading straight for it.
Cure that blasted Saiyan!
Why wasn’t he destroyed with the rest of them?
Wait I remember now…I remember.
‘Delay that order, Frieza is in charge of this quadrant.
Let him clean up his own mess.
He’s no threat…to us.’
I don’t believe it.
I could’ve killed him.
I let him go!
I let him go!
(Cooler goes back into his third transformation and died from the sun. A titanic explosion in space.
The sky goes dark. Then 8 seconds later the sky light up. Goku lying there on the ground.)
Goku: Yes…I did it.
With a little help from the sun.
(A hand picking up Goku.)
Krillin: How you feeling there champ?
Gohan: Way to go dad!
Goku: Well, we all help.
Even Icarus gave a hand.
Good boy, Icarus.
Oolong: Where’s in the world is Piccolo?
Gohan: That’s a good question.
Krillin: You know Piccolo.
He shows up when we least expected.
(Some rocks begun to move a bit.)
Hey that must be him now.
(Gohan gets happy and ran to him.)
Gohan: Right…Piccolo!
(Sauzaa popped out laughing at the Z fighters. Everyone looked shocked of him.)
Sauzaa: You look dead like a punch of headlights.
You lose now die!
(A special bean cannon comes and hit Sauzaa’s heart. Down goes Sauzaa.)
Gohan: Piccolo…
I know your there.
Come out Piccolo!
(Piccolo goes and gets a drink from a tiny waterfall. Staring at the sun then at the TV screen.)
The Person Talks,

This was my first full English version of Cooler. I was please at the movie I brought. The movie of Cooler, Frieza’s brother coming for revenge. Even thou he hates his brother. The fighting was perfect. You get to see the minions fight and the main villain at their full potential. And you don’t see Goku that much. But he still fights a good fight. But there some movies I like that doesn’t show Goku that movie. Have other people have the glory. Like movie 11, and much more. As I was saying about the villains. You get to see the Armored Squadron fighting the good Namek, Piccolo. Seeing how intense it got. Like Sauzaa vs. Piccolo. And the main fight of the movie. Cooler vs. Goku. Showing that Cooler has an extra transformation. The strength shocking Goku himself. Over all, this movie is one of the good ones. May not be the best. But it’s one of the better ones. If you have a choice to buy a movie…I say this movie. Because the action was get you to the edge of your seat.
From the Person Talks,
Bobby Q.


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