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Dragon Ball Z - Movie Summaries

DBZ Movie 7: Utmost Limits of Battle!! The Three Super Saiyajin
Eric Gerson's Review:

Original Release Date: July 11, 1992
Rating: 6 1/2 of 7

Creating three new androids in the spirit of Dr. Gero's hatred for Goku, Dr. Gero's computer sends the androids out to complete Gero's plan on killing Goku. The first two to go out are 14 and 15, who attack Goku while he is shopping with Chichi and Gohan. Not wanting to destroy the city they're in, Goku and Trunks leave for an uninhabited Arctic area. The fight seems even until Android 13 shows up - at least until Vegeta and Piccolo arrive. Just when the fight seems won, 13 shows off his "Super" form, changing the battle's outcome yet again.

This is one of my favorites. The animation is great, the music is perfect, and the story (though not as original as others) is still cool. It's also a movie that wears well with repeated viewing.


Movie 7 

Battle Limit! The Three Great Super Saiya-jins! 

The movie starts out with a replay of Android 17's betrayel and murdering of Dr. Gero(Android 20). We then see his computer running perfectly and 3 capsules in the background. On the capsules are the numbers 13, 14, and 15. We then see Kururin, Master Roshi, Oolong, and Trunks(Future) standing next to a giant stage. They are waiting for the "Miss Prettiest Girl in the World" contest(which begins the next day.) We then see a few moments of Goku and Gohan waiting on Chi Chi while she shops. 

We then see numerous scenes of 2 mysterious men making their way through the city. They seem to be leaving a very destructive path as they pass through the city. 

The Z gang have already met up and are having lunch on the top floor of a sky scraper. The 2 men reach the restaurant and destroy it with one blast. Goku and Trunks manage to rescue the civilia to gain the upper hand. Trunks destroys Android 14 with a slash of his sword and Vegeta kills Android 15 with a karate chop. Goku isn't getting very far in his fight against Android 13 and Gohan fires a blast to try to help his father out.. Android 13 turns and takes a shot at Gohan, but the blast is knocked outta the way by Piccolo. Android 13 joins with the main circuit boards and power cells of 14 and 15. Android 13 undergoes a strange transformation and becomes Super Android 13. 

The Z fighters all fall to Super 13 until all but Gohan are down. Goku, who is under water and badly hurt, begins forming a spirit bomb. Goku rises from under the water and has formed a huge Spirit bomb. Super 13 fires and blast to stop Goku, but Gohan gets in it's path and takes the blast full force. All the Z fighters try one final attack and Super 13 and all fail. Goku becomes a Super Saiya-jin and absorbs the spirit bomb. 

Super 13 tries to attack Goku, but fails.
Movie Rating: 6.7 out of 7

The movie is great. Great fighting, good music, lots of action. The only flaw is that it ends too quickly 

-Tr-Trunks Wingzero


This is my summary of "three Great saiyans" Movie #7
The androids kill dr. Gero by decapitation and then the scene changes.  Then the intro plays....(I have this movie in jap with subtitles so I have no clue what the intro says).......Mirai Torankusu, Muten Roshi, Kurlin and woolong, were in line for a beauty contest....(So they could check out the girls)...But the girls never come so they go to the mall where chi-chi is forcing son-kun to hold her shopping bags. 

then they go eat and androids 13,&14 come and blow up the mall but son-kun gets everyone out safely.   He fly's away to catch the androids and torankusu follows him.  Chi-chi tells gohan not to follow his father but he does anyway.  

Then she makes Kurlin go after him.  Then the androids, son-kun, and torankusu fight and they beat into the ground.  But piccolo comes to the rescue. Vegeta makes a big entrance and then they all fight the androids.  

The saiyans all turn SSJ (cept' for gohan)  and they kill androids 13,and 14.  android 15 powers up and attempts to kills son-kun but it doesn't work.  He defeats them. and you see vegeta and piccolo sitting on an island.  
The end.
Terrie L. Cooper a.k.a Chi-Chi



You can read Eric's Review here

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