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Dragon Ball Z - Movie Summaries

DBZ Movie #6 - Clash!! 10 Billion Power Warriors

 Movie Summaries


Japanese Movie Poster

















From TNT:

      The movie starts with a view of Namek and its 2 moons.  A dark object passes over one of the moons which alarms the Namekians on the planet.  Suddenly, a mettalic-planet like body lights up above the planet and lets out roots that surround the planet.  The tentacles stick and the planet gets numerous earthquakes destroying town.
     The narrator comes on and explains that a strange planet is "eating" the New Namek.  Dende has received word and sends Goku and the other to help his friends on Namek.
Music Plays
     The Spaceship is shown with Goku, Krillin, Gohan, Roshi, Yajirobe and Oolong eating.  Piccolo is in the back of the spaceship looking out the window.  When they get close to Namek, Goku and the others are astounded to see the metal planet surrounding Namek.

   A Namekian tries his luck by breaking his handcuffs and an attack from behind on one of the robots.  However the robot turns around and catches him.  It throws him to the ground is about to fire a blast when our heroes arrive.
     Piccolo tells the robots "Let the Namekians go!"  Suddenly about 100+ robots fly down and line up in a battle like position.   "Good to see you again Son Goku," comes from the middle of the robots as they spread apart.  Kooler emerges in a shiny metallic-like state.  All the Z-fighters are alarmed and a flashback of Kooler's death is shown.  He tells the warriors the Big Ghetti Star kept him alive.
      After some pointless jabbering, the robots jump and attack Krillin, Gohan and Piccolo.  Krillin is instantly punched into the side of a mountain, but Gohan manages to destroy one with a ki blast while dodging another.  Piccolo is dodging every punch being thrown at him by a group of the robots.
      Kooler Comments that the Z fighters have gotten much stronger.  Goku says so has he and rock fragments begin flying into the air between them.  A robot dashes at Roshi and he tries punching the robot.  A few seconds later he grabs his hand in agony because of the robot's hard shell.  Yajirobe, Roshi and Oolong are taken away.
      All the other warriors are having similar problems and can't penetrate the shell of the warriors. Gohan and Krillin are sent soaring to the ground and Piccolo lands near them.  Piccolo tells them to look for their weak points and about 30 or so robots land on the ground, surrounding the 3 warriors.  Piccolo and Gohan both find weak spots and Krillin of course gets hit.  The next few minutes just consist of Piccolo beating the crap out of a bunch of robots with his stretch arms.  Gohan flies through a few, and of course Krillin is dodging spears that come out of the robot's arms the entire time.
      Krillin is knocked out and him and Gohan are captured.  Piccolo remains taking cannon fire from a huge group of the robots.  Smoke flies everywhere and it looks like Piccolo is dead.
      Meanwhile, Goku and Kooler are duking it out, but Kooler seems to have the advantage because of his hard shell.  Goku is knocked to the ground and a deathball is thrown at him which causes a massive explosion all around the Saiyan.  Goku uses Instantaneous Movement to avoid and they continue a Frieza-Goku like match.  Their speed is so fast it is hard to tell what is going on.  Kooler eventually grabs our hero by his leg and bangs him around a mountain which crumbles to the ground.  Kooler throws him into the air and is about to drive a knee into him when Goku catches it and goes SSJ.
      Meanwhile, smoke still surrounds the area where Piccolo was held and shot at.  The smoke clears and Piccolo looks basically unhurt.  He powers up massively and a self-destruct (except Piccolo doesn't Kamikaze) like move is used to kill all the robots.  Piccolo flies off to find Gohan and Krillin
      Goku and MK Continue to duke it out and Goku is thrown through a set of about 3 mountains.  He lands on his feet, powers up and flies through all of the ridges, causing them to crumble to the ground.  He continues flying and puts one fist out, taking out Kooler's left arm.  Kooler regenerates in really cool fashion and then laughs at Goku's attempt.  Kooler says no matter what he will regenerate.
      Kooler runs forward and lands a hard left into Goku's chest.  He is beat around and he fires a weak kamehamaha which Kooler deflects with one finger.  He sends about 100 Kooler blasts from his finger but Goku knocks them all away and drives his left fist into Kooler's chest.  It does nothing and he holds Goku above him by the neck, choking him.  
      Just then Vegita appears and drives his foot right into the side of Kooler's head.  Vegita goes SSJ and Kooler is astonished at 2 SSJ's.  Goku thanks Vegita but he does his usual if someone beats you I will never get to kill you crap.  Vegita dashes numerous times but gets the crap kicked out of him.  Goku saves his life and him and Kooler do the fast fighting shit again.  They appear beside Vegita and Vegita fires a Big Bang Attack which does nothing to the metal warrior.  Vegita and Goku get beat their ass whipped some more.  Kooler fires a huge blast which looks like it kills the 2 Saiyans
      A robot in the Big Ghetti Star is shown with all the captives and says they will all die soon.  Yajirobe punches the robot and he takes him off to be killed first. Piccolo is shown flying around in the star and a blast occurs out of no causing Piccolo to scream out
      Vegita and Goku are alive and can't believe MK power.  They agree to work together and each of Kooler's pieces are blasted by one destroying the warrior once and for all.  The 2 Saiyans collapse, thinking they have one, when over the ridge hundreds of Metal Kooler's appear.  Goku and Vegita power up and everything goes black.
      Our 2 heroes are in a dark room with tubes hanging out of them.  In front of them lies the true Kooler, only half of his head alive.  He explains that a long time ago a graveyard of spaceships and satellites came together to form the Big Ghetti Star.  The fused and over a period of time began to grow.  Lucky for Kooler, his brain floated within the group of metal and bonded with him.  He then says he is the head of the operation and the Big Ghetti Star steals the life out of planets like Namek which it is currently on.  Kooler says he will use this power and the power he gets from the 2 Saiyans to create an ultimate unbeatable MK.
      Life and energy begins to be taken out of the 2 warriors.  Metal Kooler is shown for a few seconds beating up Piccolo (apparently that blast was his).  The star begins to shake from the energy it is taking.  Goku and Vegita power up and send more than enough energy through the ship causing it to begin to explode.  All the robots and Metal Koolers explode on the planet as the Star begins to disintegrate.  All the other fighters besides Goku and Vegita escape the star as it begins flying back out into space.
      Goku and Vegita are laying on the ground as Kooler transforms shown a bunch of cables as a body.  The cables wrap around Goku who was about to destroy him and begins suffocating the Saiyan.  A kienzan from Vegita flies through the air and cuts one of Koolers "arms" off and Goku breaks free.  He throws a blast right at Kooler causing a massive explosion which blows up the star.
      Everyone on Namek is upset, because they think Goku and Vegita are dead.  Hover the 2 Saiyans are flying to the ground and it looks like a soft landing, but then it doesn't.  When Goku awakens from Unconsciousness, Vegita has left the planet.  Vegita is shown in his spaceship, holding a chip in his hand.  He crushes the final chip from the Big Ghetti Star and the movie ends



Name: Zero Blade
Attack! 10,000,000,000 Power Warriors
Movie #:

US Dubbed Version

Here is my summary for movie #6 Attack! 10,000,000,000 Power Warriors.

The movie begins right where they left off in movie #5. Goku is recovering after the battle at the same exact place. As he gets up so does everyone else and out of no where comes out Koola's main henchman who is easily destroyed by Piccolo and all seems well. But on Namek there are huge robots taking over the planet and there is not much anyone can do to stop them. Dende, the new guardian of earth, finds out about this and the Z fighters must head out to Namek to save the planet and the people. The Nameks are all walking in a straight line, hands cuffed together, and one decides to attack a big robot but he is no match, but then the Z fighters arrive. They are about to battle until Metal Koola reveals himself and explains how he was re-made into Metal Koola. Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillen begin to battle the robots and Goku begins to battle Metal Cooler. Piccolo is able to find a weakness in the robots and tells the others as the begin to destroy the robots. Goku gets the advantage of the battle against Metale to return to Namek and are greeted by their friends and all is well.


overall score 9 out of 10

broken down-
animation 8 out of 10
sound 9 out of 10
story 7 out of 10
why it got this score:
this is the best of the two cooler movies. the only reason the story is low is because cooler turns into a cyborg like his brother freezer. the explanations of where the big gheti star came from and how cooler survived make the movie a must-see and a must-have.
basic storyline 
the new planet Namek is captured by the big gheti star.goku,and friends travel to nameck and find out that cooler has survived. goku and vegeta turn super saiya-jin and fight metal cooler.the three have a long battle and finally kill metal cooler. then hundreds of other metal coolers appear and capture them. after seeing the real cooler, they escape and face the real cooler.  


From: "doubleUP DAN"  

The story begins with Goku laying on the ground in major pain right after the end of the battle with Koola from Movie 5. One of Koola's henchmen pop up and seemingly out of nowhere, Piccolo shoots a Makankosappo through him, killing him. Meanwhile, on the New Planet Namek, a giant sized robot plots to suck the energy from the planet. The Z warriors catch wind of the plot, and fly off to the planet. By this time, all the Nameks were captured by pretty big robots, and were being led off to a prison camp where they were to be killed. Just in time, however, the Z crew shows up.

     As the robots readied themselves for battle, the leader of the machine  army, Metal Koola, reveals himself. He explains that after he was blown  away towards the sun, The Ghetti Star gathered his remains and rebuilt  him. He said that the only way for the Ghetti Star to continue was by the  sucked energy from other planets. Piccolo, Kuririn, and Gohan begin  battle with the robots, but their metal casings prove to be tough to  break. While his friends are occupied with these fearsome robots, Goku  begins to battle Metal Koola, and shortly after the beginning, Goku took  off one of Koola's arms.

     To Goku's dismay, due to the advanced tactics of the Ghetti Star, it  instantaneously repairs any malfunctions. Now, with a better strategy,  Metal Koola begins to gain the upper-hand. Yet out of nowhere, Vegeta  comes to the rescue, and joins Goku in his squabble. Meanwhile, Kuririn  and Gohan have been captured by the robots, and flown to the prison camp. 

 Only Piccolo remains, and with a huge blast, he destroys the remaining  robots. With the robots taken care of, Piccolo flies to the core of the  Ghetti Star.

     Meanwhile, Vegita and Goku attack Metal Koola at full strength, and  turn his body into such a fine powder that no regeneration is possible.

 Then, they see a barrage of Metal Koola's running directly towards them.  They hit at full strength, and the next thing they know, they are in the  main chamber of the Ghetti Star, surrounded by tiny electrodes. Koola  begins to absorb their energy, but realizes that the power of a Super  Saiya-Jin is too much to handle for his batteries. With the overloading  batteries, the Ghetti Star begins to self-destruct. In their final  attack, they destroy the remains of Koola and escape just as the Ghetti

 Star exploded. Good guys win again!!!


The movie starts out when the Krillin, Master Roshi, Yajarobie, Oolong,  Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo are on a spaceship. They see a star starting to  cover New Namek and race for it. On Namek the Namekians are being taken off to the base of the Big Ghetti Star to be killed. When the Z Warriors  arive there are huge robots they fight and none other than Coola himself  ( Frieezas Brother). Krillin, Gohan and Piccolo fight the robots and  eventually beat them but goku has trouble with Coola. Coola is now Metal  Koola and the fight is even untill Goku goes Super Sayian. Koola gets his  arm blown off by Goku but reginerates it. Goku starts to get beat up when  Vegeta comes out of nowhere and helps. Vegeta and Goku give it all they  have and blow koola to pieces. Unfortunately they gave all of there power  and find out that there is over 100 Koolas that have been made by the  power of the Big Ghetti Star. They are no match for the Koolas and are  next seen in Koolas spacecship getting their power drained from him.

Meanwhile the rest of the Z warriors are taken to the ship to get killed.  Goku and Vegeta break free and destroy the robots and Koolas and save  Yajarobie from getting his head cut off. As the star starts to blow up  the real Koola shows up and tells them that all of the Metal ones were  fake and that they arer trying to build him back Goku kills him and  everyone escapes the ship and Vegeta leaves in his space capsule.



Movie 6: Metal Cooler
“Clash!! 10 Billion Power Warriors”
(American Version)

(Characters: Namekians, Muuri, Narrator, Mr. Popo, Dende, Goku, Krillin, Master Roshi, Gohan, Yajirobe, Oolong, Metal Cooler, and Vegeta.)
(Showing of the new planet, Namek.
There, the sun being blocked out.)
Namekian 1: What is it? An eclipse?
Muuri: No, not this time of year.
(The Namekian walking out of their house. There’s metal planet size comes and covering half of the new Namek. The metal planet beings to shake up Namek. We see the ground breaking, and house falling down.)
Narrator: After losing their homes by the hands of Frieza.
The Nameks had to find a new world to continue their peaceful instances.
Now an invader of titanic proportion have destined on New Namek.
Unless of some means can be found.
The entire Namekian race is in danger of existence.
From across the galaxies, Dende.
The new guardian of Earth has seem the trouble of his people.
(Back at the lookout.) And the guides of his trustful adviser, Mr. Popo.
He turn to one man who maybe able to help.
Mr. Popo: It’s alright. You can ask him Dende.
Dende: Thank you
Goku … Save them.

The Return of Cooler

(In space, a capsule Corp. Ship flying in space.)
Goku: Alright
Dig in everybody
(Goku take a piece of a rice ball.)
Remember, you got to eat to keep your strength up.
(Roshi licking all his fingers.)
Roshi: Haaha. You got that right.
Krillin: Well if that was right.
I wouldn’t do all that push-up this morning.
Thanks Master Roshi, when were you going to tell me?
Gohan: Hey dad, you been there.
What was it like in New Namek?
Goku: You know, it’s a lot like old Namek.
Expect there’s more trees.
At least the part that I saw.
Anyways, we’ll take the tour before we leave.
Gohan: Okay.
Yajirobe: Great!
If I knew this was going to be a family vacation.
I could get my Senzu beams and stayed home.
Krillin: That Yajirobe, always a pleasure.
Oolong: Hey!
What about Piccolo?
Goku: Oh…him… don’t worry he doesn’t eat.
Krillin: Yeah…a Namek got to watch his figure don’t you know.
(Showing a room of Piccolo looking out at the window.)
Roshi: Yeah…Haaha he does look like he put up a few pounds.
Krillin: Sure…to his ego maybe.
Oolong: Hey, I’m a Super Namek!
(Roshi begun to laugh out loud.)
Piccolo: …funny…
Krillin: (whispering) Hey guys cool it down
(In space shows the ship moving slowly toward Namek. There in the ship screen is Namek and the metal size planet over Namek. Oolong dropped his rice ball.)
Oolong: Oh brother.
How did I know we’re going run to something like this?
Krillin: Do you know what that thing is?
Oolong: Yeah…
It’s big and scary.
(Goku and the gang look stunted at it.)
Roshi: Are you sure one of these is New Namek?
Oolong: Good point, I voted no.
Yajirobe: Uh …don’t be stupid.
It’s the green one.
Gohan: So what…
Are those two planets?
Krillin: Could be.
But if I didn’t know better, I say the little one trying to eat the big one.
Goku: Okay, let’s go.
(The Capsule Corp ship goes into the Namek atmosphere.)
(A Namekian were running ‘til a Cyclopean Guard caught him in a net. Many Namekian walking in chains and the Cyclopean Guard are in guard. One of the old Namekian fell off to the ground. One of the Cyclopean Guard dragged the old Namek across the dirt. A younger Namekian gets angry.)
Namekian 2: Enough of this…
Muuri: No, wait.
Please brother.
(The young Namekian breaks out of the chain.
He tried to race at the Cyclopean Guard.
But the Cyclopean Guard slapped him down to the ground and gets ready to blast the Namek away. Gohan spinning down and

Punch the blast away. Gohan carried the Namekian away. After the dust disappear. Goku, Gohan, and Krillin showed up.)
My word…
Could it really be?
Goku: I’m going to say it once.
Get off this planet.
(More Cyclopean Guards lands next to the Cyclopean Guards.)
Muuri: Gohan…
It is you.
Thank goodness you came.
(Piccolo flies down next to Gohan.)
Piccolo: The Namekian race isn’t your to conquer.
Oolong: You hear that!
You better listen up if you know what’s good for you!
You’re out gun!
It better take an army of you guys of knuckleheads to beat Goku.
(More Cyclopean Guards lands next to the other guards.)
Goku: I’m giving you the chance to leave quietly.
I don’t want to settle this thing with violence.
You must understand.
If you stay.
You leave me no choice but to fight.
Oolong: Hehe you got the picture metal heads.
Out of here or the strake of meat.
Yajirobe: Hey…that way tough guy.
(Oolong was facing a bunch of rocks.)
Oolong: What, are you crazy?!
You want them to hear me?
Mysteries Voice: Spear me your reenactment.
You made your demand clear.
It’s a shame my Cyclopean Guard is unable to answer.
(A shiny metal feet being to walk.)
But even if they were…
What would you really expect them to say?
(We see the feet to the head of the shiny person. With the whip of his tail. Goku began to notice his face.)
Goku: I know you…
Your Cooler.
Piccolo: But he’s dead!
(Cooler smiled.)
Krillin: Yeah…he looks pretty alive to me…
(A flashback of Movie 5. Goku holding the death ball between his arms. Cooler laughed.)
Cooler: Struggle all you want.
It’s over, that what you get for descanting my family.
Goku: You hurt million of innocence people!
I can’t let it go on!
(Cooler laugh)
Cooler: Yes!
It is I who decided who lives and who dies.
All living things are mire-playing tools to me.
No one can conquer my power or come close.
(Goku pushing up the death ball. Goku uses a blue beam to push the death ball back at Cooler.)
Cure you!
(Cooler tried to push it back down. But the death ball pushes Cooler into the sun.)
Metal Cooler: Yes by all account.
I should be died.
In centered in the fire by your sun.
But fate seems has fit, I had a second chance.
Thanks by the power of the Big Gete Star.
I have been reborn, stronger, and silkier.
New and improve as you might say…
Goku: I wouldn’t go that far.
Piccolo: Is the Big Gete Star the monastery attacking this planet?
Metal Cooler: I would bother to explain.
But you won’t live longer to care.
Namek filth.
You saved from me once.
But my guards will soon correct that.
I do it myself but…
I got a debt to collect.
Piccolo: You demanded freak, I heard enough.
Oolong: hey…it look like they got things pretty much under control, yeah.
Why don’t we say we go home now, huh?
Yajirobe: You big baby.
Quit your wining would you?
Can you be more like Master Roshi?
You don’t hear him crying to leave.
Roshi: Actually, wouldn’t you remember where we parked?
(Oolong and Yajirobe fell to the ground.)
(The Cyclopean Guard flew toward Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin.)
Piccolo: Spread Out!
(Piccolo and Gohan jumped up. While Krillin about to jump. One of the Cyclopean Guard slammed Krillin into a rock.)
Gohan: Watch out Krillin!
(One of the Cyclopean Guards charged at Gohan. Gohan used his Mankeso. The blasted it in the face, but the Cyclopean Guard kept on flying. Gohan jumped to the ground and jumped again before the Cyclopean Guard nearly punched him. Piccolo fighting three Cyclopean guards in mid air. Punches and kicks were given.)
(Goku and Metal Cooler standing there.)
Metal Cooler: Now I believe we have unfinished business.
Goku: Yeah…
You mention a debt.
(Rocks began to flow up to the air. Cooler and Goku staring at each other.)
Oolong: Okay…
This is officially too intense.
Yajirobe: I already told you.
Quit your wining or find yourself else to hide.
(A Cyclopean Guard raced it way toward Roshi. Roshi goes into his fighting posture. Roshi gives out a scream and punched the guard at the chest.)
Yeah…he’s the man.
(Roshi’s hand being in pain. Yajirobe and Oolong looked unhappy. The Cyclopean Guard’s takes Roshi, Oolong, and Yajirobe away net.)
(Piccolo gives out a scream and punch, kick and punch again to the Cyclopean Guards.)
Piccolo: Fine if that’s the way you want to pay it.
(Piccolo took off his turban and cape off.)
Warm-up over.
(Krillin flying backward.)
Krillin: Hey!
Are you sure we can’t talk about this?
(4 Cyclopean Guards racing after Krillin. Krillin bounced from a mountain wall and flies at the Cyclopean Guards.)
Oh…didn’t think so.
(Krillin punched and kicked at the Cyclopean Guards. Krillin at the other side looking all tough. The Cyclopean Guards simplify turn their heads. Krillin felt pain at both of his arms and legs.)
(There Gohan moved back, shaking his hand off.
Gohan raced at the Cyclopean Guards trying a slam. Then the Cyclopean Guards block all of Gohan’s attacks. The Cyclopean guards slammed Gohan to the ground and smack him again to another side. Gohan slowly gets up. Up above was Krillin getting slam toward Gohan. Which they lay there on the ground both in pain.)
Krillin: Ow…the pain.
(They then get back up.)
How you doing there buddy?
Gohan: Not too good.
These guys are tough.
Krillin: Well, you know I hate to say it.
But I’m glad it’s not me.
(Piccolo lands next to Gohan.)
Gohan: Piccolo.
Piccolo: I might have a way to piece through that armor.
Consecrate all your energy into your point of your attack.
That should shake them up a bit.
(More Cyclopean Guards come in.)
Krillin: Great!
There’s more!
Gohan: Focus…
(Gohan tighten up his fist.)
Krillin: Right…
Piccolo: Now!
(Piccolo goes and punches right through 1 of their armor. The wires inside begun to explodes.)
(Gohan jumps up and punch at the Cyclopean Guard’s crystal glass. Gohan jumped out and the Cyclopean Guard explodes.)
Krillin: If they can do it…
(Krillin jumped and got elbowed to the face.)
Didn’t think so…
(Krill falls to the ground. Krillin gets up and punch through the Cyclopean Guard’s arm. Krillin rolls on the ground.)
Haha yeah.
(One of the Cyclopean Guards slammed on Krillin’s head.)
(Piccolo and Cyclopean Guard racing toward each other. Piccolo gives a left right punch into its armor. Then Piccolo punches into another Cyclopean Guard crystal eye. Piccolo gives an overhead spin and run to another Cyclopean Guard. Piccolo punching through one of them. Then a left punch and a low flying kick. The last Cyclopean Guard gives a defense pose and Piccolo punch through that one and flew up. One by one the Cyclopean Guard blew up. Several Cyclopean Guard shot out their cable arms at Piccolo. Piccolo gives out his Mystic Attack. Piccolo punch through two of the Cyclopean Guard into the ground. Come back out of the ground to another Cyclopean Guard.)
(Gohan screaming while flying up. The Cyclopean Guards blew up. Gohan flew through another one. One by one the Cyclopean Guard was blowing up.)
(Krillin screaming and flying through one of the Cyclopean Guard in the air. All the remaining Cyclopean Guard tried to capture Krillin but Krillin kept moving and falling on the ground. Krillin grabs the Cyclopean Guards arm near him and got carry up. Krillin tried to punch through but the Cyclopean Guard hold him tight. More Cyclopean Guard’s cable arms hooked on the Cyclopean Guards and Krillin to the mountain wall. The same thing with Gohan.)
Piccolo: I’m coming!
(One of the cable arms got Piccolo’s arm. And tried to blast him.)
Gohan: No!
(More Cyclopean Guards gets ready to blast Piccolo.)
Piccolo: …Gohan…
(Piccolo trying his best to block of the more Cyclopean Guards blast. Fire and smoke grew larger.)
(There we see Goku trying to punch Metal Cooler.
Cooler just holding Goku’s fist with his hand. There Goku and Metal Cooler giving out punches to each other. Metal Cooler tried a low kick but Goku flew up. Still trying to land a hit.)
Goku: Why don’t you leave it alone Cooler?
Metal Cooler: Why should I pay against mortal?
Goku: Like you and the Earth.
(Goku grabbed Metal Cooler’s tail and threw him down. Metal Cooler flew up. Goku goes Kaioken And Metal Cooler powers up. Goku flying and Metal Cooler flying after him. Goku flew back. Light exploded. There Goku’s hand shaking up a bit on Metal Cooler’s chest. There Metal Cooler smiled. Goku goes Kaioken. Goku punching and kicking Metal Cooler. Cooler grabbed Goku’s head.)
Metal Cooler: Let me guess…
I bet you are wondering how you beat me before?
(Metal Cooler kneed Goku’s chin. A hard punch and close fist slammed at Goku. Goku falling straight to the ground. Metal Cooler creates a death ball. Goku gets up and the death ball was thrown toward Goku. A huge blast appears after impact.)
Very nice…
I didn’t think there was time to dodge.
That was a clever trick.
Goku: You like that one huh?
It’s called Instant Transmission.
Metal Cooler: I know…
It’s one of my favorite techniques.
(Goku looked shock.)
Goku: Your favorite…
(Metal Cooler gives an Instant Transmission fight with Goku. Metal Cooler gives out a kick.)
Goku: This changes things.
(Metal Cooler kicks him in the back. Goku and Metal Cooler punches and kicks with the Instant Transmission. Fist to fist. Blow to blow. Moving with incredible speed. In aura color, Goku was running so was
Metal Cooler. Metal Cooler then grabbed Goku’s ankles. And slammed him straight at a mountain cliff. Metal Cooler threw Goku in the air and knees him in the gut. But Goku holding back at Metal Cooler’s knee. Golden aura comes-Goku goes Super Saiyan.)
Metal Cooler: So the Super Saiyan decides to show himself.
Well, I can say it’s only fair.
Don’t you.
See…this is the way I remember you best.
(Cooler laugh.)
This is how you should be when you die
(There’s still smoke at the horizon. Piccolo still alive.)
Piccolo: Are you finished?
(Piccolo spread his arms and legs. Piccolo yelled and let loose a powerful body blast at the Cyclopean Guards. All of the Cyclopean Guards were destroyed.)
I think that got the point across.
(Piccolo looks at the crater and threw away the Cyclopean Guard’s hand that was on him.)
Time to pay a visit at the Big Gete Star.
(Piccolo flies toward it.)
(Otherwise, Goku flying at Metal Cooler with some extreme fighting. Leading out punches. They were sliding on the ground with their fighting. Goku tried a punched but Metal Cooler kicked Goku. Metal Cooler bounced at the floor and another kick. Metal Cooler let loose an invisible hand blast. Goku goes through the mountain. Goku flying through mountains and heading for Metal Cooler.)
Goku: Let end this!
(Goku charging at Metal Cooler. Metal Cooler goes into a defense block. Goku punched through Metal Cooler’s arm.
Goku regain balance. Metal Cooler’s wires build up another arm.)
Metal Cooler: Perhaps I should explain earlier.
My body is monitored constantly by the Big Gete Star main computer.
And injuries I’m self get instantly get deceive and repair.
Whatever flaws in my design allow me to get comes back.
It a bit a remark relief?
In simple term…you can’t win.
Goku: I just have to try harder.
Metal Cooler: By all means try…
(Metal Cooler quickly gives a tail whip at Goku’s face. A knee to the gut and an ankle grab. Then Metal Cooler threw Goku at the other side of the ground. Goku goes for a Kamehameha. Metal Cooler was just standing if it was nothing. Then Metal Cooler gives out finger blast. Goku slapping then away. Goku goes for another punch at Metal Cooler’s chest. Metal Cooler grabbed Goku by the neck. Chocking him in the air.
Then all a sudden Vegeta comes and kicked Cooler away.)
Vegeta: You spill no Saiyan blood today.
(Vegeta goes Super Saiyan.)
Metal Cooler: What’s this…
Goku: Thanks Vegeta…
Metal Cooler: A second Super Saiyan?
Vegeta: Second in order perhaps.
But in no mean in stature.
Your fight with me now.
Karat fate is no longer your concern.
Metal Cooler: Super Saiyan yes, but monkeys your all the same.
You all show no substances.
Vegeta: Well see about that!
(Vegeta flies toward Metal Cooler. Metal Cooler punched Vegeta anyways. Goku stands his guard. Then a far distance was a high ki energy force. Vegeta flew at extreme speed with an off balance kick. Then Vegeta gives a kick to Metal Cooler’s neck. Metal Cooler presses down massy on Vegeta’s leg. Vegeta start screaming. Cooler then covered his mouth with his hand. Cooler gets ready to form a ki blast at Vegeta’s mouth. But then, Goku kicked Cooler at the face to cause the ki blast somewhere else. Goku and Cooler go into an Instant Transmission. Cooler gets ready to close fist Vegeta at the head.)
Goku: No you don’t!
(Goku and Metal Cooler rolling in the ground while fighting.)
Vegeta: Enough!
You will not make a full of me!
(Vegeta let loose a Big Bang Attack. Both Goku and Metal Cooler used their Instant Transmission. Cooler comes and gets a powerful kick below Vegeta’s waist. Of course Vegeta screamed like every guy would. At a second Cooler begun to search for Goku.)
Metal Cooler: Hm…there you are.
(Cooler punched Vegeta toward Goku who just appeared and caught him.
Cooler gives out a dangerous powerful invisible blast at Goku and Vegeta. At the Big Gete Star, the Namekians, Gohan and the gang were inside a metal hallway.)
Little Robot: Excuse me.
Your attention please.
If you all be kind to follow me.
Will being to chop you up.
(Everyone get scared and yelled.)
Oh no.
It’s not what you think.
We don’t want to hurt you.
We want the energy in your body to power up the Big Gete Star.
So we just have to chop you up.
Yajirobe: You ain’t chopping nothing.
(Yajirobe tried a punched at the little robot.)
Little Robot: Well…well…
The spirals one aren’t you?
Good we start on you.
(The little robot dragged Yajirobe while Gohan, Krillin, Roshi and Oolong trying to hold back with no luck.)
(Piccolo flying down in the Big Gete Star.
He entered at the main entrance.)
Piccolo: Gohan…
Little Robot: Oh…it seem we have another visitor.
(The little robot used radar from his head. Then Piccolo stopped.)
Piccolo: You…What are you doing here?
(A blue blast comes down the hall. Goku and Vegeta get up very slowly.)
Vegeta: That metal freak!
I can’t even pick myself up.
We haven’t put a dint in him.
Goku: Hey…can you still fight?
Vegeta: What a stupid question is that.
Goku: Listen…at this rate.
We’re not gonna make it this long.
(Cooler walking toward them.)
There’s anyway to beat him.
We got to combine our power and attack him at the same time.
Vegeta: I don’t take orders from you!
Goku: I thought you say that.
He’s coming!
Vegeta help me please.
Vegeta: Stay out of my way.
(Vegeta powers up. So does Goku. Vegeta and Goku flew quickly through Metal Cooler.
Vegeta took out his right arm. And Goku took out his upper body. Goku and Vegeta regain balance. Cooler getting his body parts together. Both Goku and Vegeta let loose a ki blast.)
Why won’t you die!?
(Vegeta letting lose some powerful quick finger blast at Metal Cooler. Metal Cooler beings to break into pieces. And all the pieces were gone. Goku and Vegeta falls to the ground.)
Goku: See…
I know we can do it if we work together.
(Goku saw Metal Cooler at a cliff. Then slowly more Metal Coolers comes out on the cliff.
There must be thousands of Metal Cooler.)
I heard stacking the odds but come on.
Vegeta: What is going on here…
Metal Cooler: Don’t look so stunned.
Like I said.
The Big Gete Star correct all my flaws to my body design.
Ever if I had one body.
If one metal body cause so much trouble.
How would you feel with a thousand?
(Cooler laughs.)
Goku: I guess we got no choice, but to try.
(Vegeta and Goku get up.)
Vegeta: I can’t feel my legs.
(All the Metal Coolers sliding down the mountain wall.)
Goku: Great…Well it was nice knowing you Vegeta.
Vegeta: Oh…shut up…
(Goku goes Super Saiyan and so does Vegeta. Both let loose a powerful body blast. There Cooler laughs.)
Cooler: Welcome to the Big Gete Star.
(Goku and Vegeta tired up in wires to their bodies.)
Goku: Cooler…Where are you!
Cooler: Uh a difficult question to answer.
I one sense I’m very where around you.
But I suppose what you looking for is right in front of your eyes.
Goku: What?!
Cooler: The story is thus…somewhere in space there is a single central chip.
It flown ions in the great yard of ships and satellites.
When one day this great chip gets consist device means properties of it self.
It began to collect mass and energy of its surrounding.
Until it grows from a chip to a giant machine.
At some point what left of my body and including my brain got absorbed.
My constancy got into the brains computer.
I took control.
But in sense I am the Big Gete Star.
And using the technically at my desire.
I created a new body for myself.
A Metal Cooler.
I think you know the one.
Goku: What are you going to do with us now?
Cooler: Let say this.
I restrict my revenge.
Vegeta: What!
(Ki was taken away of Vegeta and Goku. Both of the Saiyan screaming of pain.)
Cooler: What a delicious ironically your energy will give the destructing of the planet you were trying to save!
(Cooler laughs. We see Piccolo struggling on the floor of another Metal Cooler.)
Piccolo: Go on. Finish it.
Cooler: Wonderful.
What equate ironically.
(Goku and Vegeta still screaming. The Big Gete Star goes in deeper in the planet. Vegeta and Goku are stunned of lose of energy.)
Aw…it seem it is true.
All good things must come to an end.
But to think those Super Saiyan has this much energy.
Anymore it gonna exceed my capacity.
(A part of the Big Gete Star blew up.)
(Goku and Vegeta giving in more power without moving.)
What how are they?
The circuses suppose to be close.
Why is it still flowing in?
(More of the Big Gete Star explodes.)
Stop it’s over heating.
It’s over my limit.
(The wires tired to let go of them but the two Saiyan grabbed on to them. And putting in more energy.)
Yajirobe: Don’t just stand there. Get me off this table!
Gohan: Try to hang on. We’re gonna find out.
Yajirobe: Yeah!! Take your time.
Little Robot: Cut them up, and take them up.
(The blade stops right over Yajirobe’s head. The bars fall down and they start running.)
Gohan: This way you guys.
Oolong: Come on people hurry up!
(More Metal Coolers come down the hall.)
Krillin: Your kidding right…
(The Metal Cooler exploded.)
Oolong: Guys thanks for getting me killed.
(Piccolo comes out of the smoke.)
Piccolo: Gohan…
Come on, this place is starting to fall apart.
Gohan: Piccolo!
(The Big Gete Star begun to lift up in the air.)
Cooler: The controls isn’t responding…
I can’t get my hold on the planet.
(Goku and Vegeta lying on the ground.)
It seem I underestimate the amount of energy these Super Saiyan were capacity of.
Goku: That was the same mistake you took last time, isn’t it?
You didn’t think you’ve learned right now.
Gohan: Dad!
Krillin: Goku!
Goku: All of you.
Get out of here as fast as you can!
I follow as I take things around here.
Piccolo: Wait…Are you sure?
Cooler: In the state you are in.
What are you plaining to take care of?
(Fire arose up.)
Gohan: Dad!
Piccolo: You heard him.
We got to get everyone out right now.
(The Namekians looked shock and ran.)
Gohan: Come on get out of here. Hurry up…
Goku: You can laugh. But you’re not exactly in the position fight right now.
I don’t see any of your Metal Cooler to help you this time.
Cooler: I’m not as defenseless as you think.
You will have a real pity. As you will figure out.
You will stop medalling devoting this planet.
Goku: I learn from my mistake Cooler.
I know one way to defeat your kind.
(Goku goes Super Saiyan.)
Cooler: I have enough of you
(Goku form a golden ki ball. Cooler wire comes together and punched Goku and wrapped him up.)
This is just the start. You can’t win.
Goku: Even if that was true. Every breathe in my body won’t stop trying.
(A Kienzan comes and cut off one of Cooler’s wired arm.)
Vegeta: And that’s the last time you underestimate a Saiyan.
(Vegeta falls down.)
(Goku powered up and thrown the ki ball through Cooler’s wired body. Causing him to blow up with the chip too. The Big Gete Star slowly blows up. Everyone Namek awake their eyes from the light.)
Krillin: Goku…
Gohan: Where’s my dad?
(Gohan then saw Goku and Vegeta falling hard to the ground. Yajirobe took back a bag.)
Goku: Good thing you brought the Senzu Beams after all Yajirobe.
Hey where’s Vegeta?
Krillin: Aw…you know Vegeta.
He’s doesn’t care more about happy ending.
Goku: Funny I think it’s his fault for a happy ending.
Thanks you Vegeta for helping me.
(At a Saiyan ship was Vegeta holding the chip that begun the whole trouble. And he destroyed it.
Vegeta staring at the screen.)
The Person Talks:

his was a pretty good movie. This brought the cut English Version. I didn’t find out the movie was cut the next day. I realize that movie box didn’t say it was cut. So I got angry enough that I was stupid to buy the cut version. But on and all, the movie was pretty good. Sure there was a lot of talking throughout the movie. And my good man Vegeta showed up in this first movie. But the fighting didn’t please too much out of me. The fighting was shorter than expected of Metal Cooler. Of course as I mention there was more talking. I didn’t mind the talking that much. It gave out good information about Metal Cooler. Like he knows how to use Instant Transmission. It’s one of this favorite technique. How Goku and Metal Cooler fought in a Instant Transmission battle. But it still end too soon. And how Vegeta said, “Don’t estimate a Saiyan!” One of the good lines used in this movie. If I was you…buy the DVD version. I’m starting to buy them on DVD. It’s a good cost depends where you get them. And you can get uncut and English and Japanese version too. Don’t be a fool like me.
From the Person Talks,
Bobby Q.


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