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Dragon Ball Z - Movie Summaries


DBZ Movie 2: The World's Strongest

You can pick up this movie from right now
for about $20.

Original Release Date: March 10, 1990
American Release Date: 1996
Rating: 6 of 7

Eric's Review:

Using Shenron to free his master, Dr. Kochin destroys the icy jail where Dr. Wheelo has been imprisoned for many years. Wanting to have the strongest body on Earth, Wheelo goes after Roshi thinking that he's still the strongest. However, upon learning that Goku is now the strongest, Wheelo has a new target.


With an easy to understand story that flows well with the movie's music and animation, this movie is a definate must see. Yet after seeing the movie, you won't watch it again for some time. While it's enjoyable and entertaining, it seems to lack those special moments that really define Dragon Ball.


Yo, here is my review for the DBZ Movie called "The World's Strongest Man." I'm pretty sure it's Movie #2. My website is

The beginning of the movie takes place in a land where there are mountains of ice. Gohan and Oolong are climbing a mountain in their search for the Dragonballs. Oolong looks at the Dragon Radar and sees all seven of them gathered together. On another mountain, Dr. Koachin has the Dragonballs and summons Shenron. He wishes that the mountains would melt, destroying his master's icy tomb and freeing him. Shenron grants his wish and disappears. The mountains start to crumble and then melt. A gigantic, metal fortress appears.

Gohan and Oolong are attacked by four green little men. (No, they're not Saibamen!) Piccolo comes to their aid and destroys the green dudes. Then he gets trapped in a red beam and disappears. Gohan and Oolong head back home. At the Kame House, the green men return, looking for Master Roshi. He comes outside and they want him to come with them. When he refuses, they attack and he beats them up. Dr. Koachin arrives and the green men hold Bulma hostage. Roshi and Bulma are taken to the metal fortress, which rises from the lake surrounding the island. Goku hears about their capture and takes off on the Nimbus to rescue them. Inside the fortress, Dr. Koachin says that Roshi is the world's strongest man and must be tested. Behind him is a big metal tank filled with water. Inside it is his master's brain. Koachin sends out three Bio-Technical Warriors to fight Master Roshi. They have weird Japanese names so I'll just call them Blob, Lizard, and Orange Hair. Roshi holds his own for a few minutes against their combined power. Then he fires a Kamehameha which goes straight through Blob's stomach, but bounces back out. After he dodges it, he gets punched in the face and is electrocuted by an energy beam. He is badly injured, but isn't dead.

Gohan has snuck away from home in a jet to help his dad. Bulma is chained up. Dr. Koachin says the giant brain belongs to his master, Dr. Willow. Dr. Willow was a brilliant scientist who was killed during an avalanche. But his brain survived and his assistant, Dr. Koachin, has been preserving the last bit of life belonging to his master inside the glass tank. Dr. Willow is able to speak as well. His goal is to find the world's strongest man and steal his body. Then he will be incredibly smart and have amazing fighting skills. After she hears this story, Bulma immediately claims that Goku is the strongest man. Meanwhile, Goku himself is standing in front of the doors of the fortress. Dr. Koachin notices him and sends Blob to test him. Blob breaks out of the ice and Goku is able to rough him up and then knock him back into the lake. Blob chases him into the fortress. Goku comes across a chamber with a bunch of black balls with spikes on them. He uses incredible dodging skills to get past the black balls and then destroys them. He finishes off Blob by flying through his mushy stomach and then comes ripping out the other end. Blob is destroyed. Goku goes flying through the ceiling and into a new chamber. Lizard and Orange Hair have arrived. Goku holds his own for a minute, but then gets hit by a blast of freezing cold air shot out by Orange Hair. Part of his body is now ice. He is hit with another blast of cold air and now he is completely trapped in a block of ice!

Gohan and Krillin come to his aid and use their combined power to take on the two ruthless foes. Lizard shoots a bunch of tentacles out of his arms and uses them to electrocute Gohan and Krillin. To make things worse, Orange Hair traps them in blocks of ice as well. Goku uses the Kaoken and frees himself from the icy prison. He knocks Orange Hair into the wall and kicks Lizard in the face. With them defeated, he rescues his buddies. They head off to find Master Roshi and Bulma. They succeed and Dr. Koachin says that Goku is the world's strongest man. Dr. Willow explains his plan of stealing Goku's body, who refuses to let himself be defeated. Then, Piccolo appears. He has weird golden things on his head. He is now under Dr. Willow's control. He fights with Goku. Gohan tries several times to help Piccolo but gets beat up. The third time, Piccolo gathers up a blast to kill him with, but Goku jumps in and deflects it.

Krillin tries to stop Dr. Koachin, who turns his arm into a machine gun. Now Krillin must dodge an array of bullets. Bulma escapes from her chains and Koachin is about to shoot her. Until Master Roshi appears out of nowhere and destroys his machine gun. And he breaks the golden things on Piccolo's head in the process. Piccolo is now back to normal. Dr. Willow gets mad and breaks free from being attached to the wall. He becomes a giant robot. They all try and stop him, but can't do it. Goku, Krillin, and Master Roshi all fire Kamehameha waves at the same time, but that doesn't work. Goku uses the Kaoken x3 and a Kamehameha. The fortress is destroyed in the explosion. Krillin thinks it's over, but Goku says that Dr. Willow is still alive! And he is right. The battlefield has become the icy tundra. Master Roshi, Bulma, Gohan, and Krillin run away as Goku gathers energy for the Spirit Bomb.

Goku is about to fire the blast, when Dr. Willow fires an array of ki blasts and knocks him to the ground. Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin chase Dr. Willow into outer space where they give it everything they've got. They fail, too. Goku gets back up and fires the Spirit Bomb. It flies into outer space. Dr. Willow the Robot fires a big red blast to deflect it, but he fails this time and is destroyed.

-- Ross Brandstatter

    The World's Strongest

         Oolong has "borrowed" Buruma's Dragon Radar, and discovers that someone is gathering the Dragon Balls. He tells Gohan what's up, and they decide to go north into the mountains. There they find a mysterious man named Dr. Kochin, who has just summoned Shenron. He wishes for Dr. Wheelo and his lab to break free of their icy prison. Gohan and Oolong are ambushed by Wheelo's henchmen, and Piccolo steps in to save them. He is captured by Wheelo's androids, but Son Gohan and his pig companion escape. Dr. Kochin
flies to the Kame house, and kidnaps Buruma to force Kame-sennin to come with him. Wheelo wishes to possess the body of the world's strongest body, as he lost his in the accident that encased him in ice. 

Since Dr. Wheelo was trapped in the ice for 50 years, he believes Kame is the best fighter on Earth. To test the martial arts master, Wheelo makes him fight the three androids. Kame-sennin actually holds his ground for half a minute...then he is smacked around and electrocuted. Goku learns of what happened, and flies to the mountains to rescue his friends. He is confronted with a number of tests, including a battle with the fat android named Minkatsun. After puncturing the android, he is joined by his son and Kuririn in battle. The
two other androids, Kishime and Ebifuraiya, prove to be a challenge at first. They both fall to Goku's Kaio-ken technique. At this point, Dr. Wheelo reveals his most powerful follower: Piccolo. Son Goku does battle with his old enemy, infuriating Gohan. Dr. Kochin doesn't make things better with his inflammatory comments and energy staff. In a blind rage, Gohan shatters Piccolo's mind-controlling gold veins, and does serious damage to the ship.

Kuririn confronts Dr. Kochin, who greets our bald hero with a heavy machine gun. Kame-sennin leaps in and chops off Kochin's pesky weapon, saving his student from a few painful wounds. Now with all his henchmen disabled, Dr. Wheelo is forced to do battle himself. His metal body is extremely powerful, and withstands a full-force Kame Hame Ha from all the Z warriors. Wheelo loses an arm in the battle, and decides that he'll just wipe out the Earth. Gohan, Kuririn and Piccolo follow him up into space, and do battle while Goku
charges a Genki-dama. Goku eventually gets his attack off just as Wheelo is launching his planet smashing attack, and the villain is destroyed.

- Aaron


English Dubbed
World's Strongest
DBZ Movie 2

      The movie starts out with picolo firing energy beams at frozen mountains. He's mad that they are so strong that he can't make a scratch.
      Then we see the Dragon Radar and here two voices. The dragon balls are gatherin by themselves. The two voices are Gohan and Oolong. They aren't too far from the balls, so they go to collect them.
       We see and old guy that brings out the Eternal Dragon. He wishes that the mountains are melted so that he can wake up his frozen mentor. The mountains begin to melt.
      Gohan and Oolong are blown away by the force of the surging water. They then see a big building on an iceberg. Before they can get inside they are attacked by bug-like creature. Gohan is beaten, but then Picolo arrives. He beats the bugs, but is defeated by three different bio-wariors.
      When Gohan and Oolong come to, Oolong makes Gohan promise not to tell anyone what happens.
      The scene goes to Goku doing push-ups at his home while Chi-Chi complains about how Gohan never studies and how he won't tell her were he was for three days while he was away from home. Goku just shrugs it off.
      Gohan is shown in his room studying, but he stops and wonders about if Picolo is okay. Then he starts daydreaming about how he is going to be a great scholar one day and follow in Picolo's footsteps. Chi-Chi sees Gohan dreaming and thinks he's becoming a juvenile delinquent.
      Now we see Oolong making and destroying dinner for losing the Dragon Radar. The doorbell rings and some bug creatures ask fo Master Roshi. Roshi won't go with them to see Dr. Wheelo. They attack him and he beats them, but some other creature take Bulma as their captive, so Roshi decides to go with the old guy, who just arrived.
      Oolong goes and tells Goku what happened and about him and Gohan. Goku decides to save Roshi and Bulma, so he flies away on the Nimbus cloud.
      Roshi is put in a room were he has to fight the monsters that beat up Picolo. He does good at first, but eventually loses.
     Bulma is mad and tells the old guy that Roshi isn't the strongest man alive. For the first time, we see the brain of Dr. Whello which is perched on a wall. The old guy revealed to be Dr. Kochin. the doctors make Bulma tell them that Goku is the strongest man. They see Goku flying tworads them. Meanwhile, Gohan sneaks away and flies to the North.

I have to leave now, i'll send the other half of the movie later



movie dubbed The worlds strongest movie # 2

When we first see Gohan and oolong climbing a mountain looking for a dragonball then Piccolo sets off an avalanche on accident and Gohan and oolong are buried under the ice. Meanwhile The evil doctor Willow and his assistant have returned after 50 years ... or so we think. The evil doctor Willow has been watching The WORLDS STRONGEST, a.k.a. goku for some time we look into the shadows and See... A BRAIN. Only the doctors Brain has survived after 50 years of freezing. He want goku's body to become the ULTIMATE LIFE. The perfect body and the perfect brain. but before goku can save Gohan he has to fight Mikoukatsun and some other henchmen guys he gets through with the help of Master roshi And faces Doctor Willow's assistance which turns out to be a robot his arm turns into a machine gun and he starts to chase krillian while goku faces a Piccolo controlled by a machine on his head. When Gohan Screams for piccolo the machine breaks on Piccolo's head and they go after Doctor willow. D


I'm Back!! Here's my review for English dubbed movie #3: The World's
Strongest Uncut....

The movie starts off in the arctic area of the Dragonball world. Piccolo is
apparently training, while Oolong and Gohan are looking for the Dragonballs
that have mysteriously gathered. Meanwhile, Dr. Kochin summons Shenlong to
literally break the ice that holds Dr. Wheelo. It is granted. Oolong and
Gohan see the lab building rise. Oolong tries to run away, but the bio men
stop him and start beating up Gohan. Piccolo arrives and kills one of the bio
men with a mouth blast. Piccolo then gets trapped in a light that obviously
is causing him pain. Gohan and Oolong go back home wondering what happened to
Piccolo. Then we see Goku and Chi-chi talking about Gohan's absence, and Goku
gets Chi-chi mad by saying as long as Gohan is healthy and happy he doesn't
care if Gohan doesn't want to study. Gohan has a dream about Piccolo and
himself. Next, Oolong tries to cook dinner for the Kame House but screws up
and gets Bulma mad. 

The doorbell rings and the Turtle answers it. Its the bio
men. They want Kamesennin so they can take him to Dr. Wheelo. Kamesennin
tells them to go away, and when they attack, he swats them down in a few
blows. Dr. Kochin applauds the battle and says that he can't believe that
Kamesennin is the strongest fighter in the world. Kamesennin still refuses to
go, but is forced to when the bio men capture Bulma. They then leave. At
Goku's place, Oolong tells Goku what happened and where he thinks they took
Kamesennin and Bulma. Chi-chi is scolding Gohan for hanging with Piccolo.
Goku then leaves to rescue Kamesennin and Bulma. 

Chi-chi forbids Gohan from going, so Gohan sneaks away later. Meanwhile in the arctic area, Kamesennin fights Dr. Kochin's bio fighters. He loses, even after using the Kamehameha
wave. Bulma then explains that while Kamesennin was the strongest fighter 50
years ago, Goku is now the strongest. Dr. Wheelo introduces his plan to take
over the world's strongest fighter's body since his own was destroyed. Bulma
comments on his insanity. Goku approaches and is at the gates of the lab. He
destroys some balls with spikes and Mikokatsun, the tubby bio fighter. He
then fights Kishime and some other guy who freezes him. Gohan and Krillin
show up and get frozen. This gets Goku mad and then uses the Fist of the
Worlds to beat the two bio fighters. The trio make it to where Bulma and the
two doctors are. The doctors try to capture Goku and kill him in a light.
Goku escapes, but then Piccolo shows up. He fights Goku for a while and that
gets Gohan mad enough to break the mind control device on Piccolo's head. Dr.
Kochin tries to kill Krillin with a machine gun, but Kamesennin kicks it off.
Dr. Wheelo fights the warriors in a battle suit, but Goku blows him into
outer space with a Fist of the Worlds + a Kamehameha wave. Dr. Wheelo then
tries to blow up the earth but Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin fly up to fight
him for a while. Goku then gathers a Spirit Bomb together and throws it at
Dr. Wheelo. Dr. Wheelo's evil brain is killed. The movie ends with Piccolo
leaving and everyone laughing at Bulma's remark about instead of Kamesennin
being the world's strongest fighter, he was just a dirty old man. Wha-ha.

 Thank You Very Much - Newboy12, the Z-Man


This is my first review. The movie begins as piccole fires a big blast in >the icy mountains. Piccole tryied to blast through the ice but it did not break. piccole was saying that he did not make a dent. Dr.cogen wished for dr. wello to wake up from the coverd ice. Gohan senced there was a big power. Oolong and gohan tryied to find all seaven dragonballs. When Gohan and oolong went for the dragonballs dr.cogen sent out abunch of fighters. gohan and oolong got beat up. piccole came to help gohan but piccole fired a blast from his mouth and then desaperd. gohan was safe. master rosi was dr.wellos plan to get his body. master rosi had to fight an army of fighters and lost. as soon bulma said the real strongets fighter is goku. goku fought agents some figters goku won. Dr wello destroid dr.cogen goku used spirt bomb and beat dr.wello. - Bobby Fisher


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