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Dragon Ball Z - Movie Summaries

DBZ Movie 13: 
Dragon Fist Explosion!! If Goku Can't Do It, No on can

Eric's Review:  
Original Release Date: July 15, 1995
Rating: 7 of 7

After encountering a strange old man named Hoi who tends an oracle, Gohan and Videl bring the oracle to Capsule Corp. for examination. The Z Warriors discover the oracle was truly not of Earth, then set out to find the dragon balls and summon Shenron to open the oracle. They succeed, and a strange and mysterious man named Tapion emerges from the oracle, playing his ocarina. Tapion is horrifically terrified for being released, since he holds a secret that could destroy an entire galaxy.

With an original story, great music and enhanced animation, this movie is almost perfect. You'll find yourself singing the themes in your head for days after watching, and wanting to see the movie over and over again.


Robert Reeves
Subject: dragonball z movie 13


Grade:9 1/3 (1/3 taken of because of not explaining this clearly)

I think this is an excellent DBZ movie. It features some of  the greatest fights in DBZ history. A cool one is when Gohan and Vidal (Both as Saiyamen) fight Hiredugarn.

It's a short fight, but it has some of Gohan's best non-super saiyan fighting. Videl doesn't really participate. Another short but cool one is when Goten and Trunks fuse into Gotenks

and fight Hiredugarn. What I don't understand about this movie is, why didn't Goku and Vegeta fuse into Gogeta or Veggeto? I know it was not needed because Super Saiyan Goku 3 used "Dragonfist" on him and destroyed him completely but, why not just fuse with the fusion earrings or do the dance?


DBZ: Movie 13: Dragon Fist Assualt
Japanese Subbed
Movie 13
A mysterios man appears in town that claims he will commit suicide by jumping off this tower. Saiyaman and Saiyaman number 2 (Videl) rush to the sceen and save the man. Once talking to the man he reveals that he has a powerful warrior in a musical box! Although he cannot open it. Gohan and Videl bring it to Bulma with no luck the Z-Warriors gather the dragonballs and the dragon opens the box. The man says that this warrior will be able to defeat a great evil. 

After the warrior appears he reveals that his name is Tapion and that the old man has lied. The older man then dissapears. Tapion runs away to a secluded area. Gohan and Videl rush downtown to find that this monster is destroying the city! Gohan attempts to fight it with no luck just then Tapion is seen playing a flute. The moster then dissapates. After this Tapion is seen with the moster, but while playing his flute it dissapears. Tapion becomes friends with Trunks and after Trunks falls asleep he tells his story to Bulma. At his home world the monster destroyed many things. The gods gave him a sword to slice that moster in half. One half of it was placed in him and the other in his brother then they were each placed in a music box. 

After this they were sent to oppisite ends of the universe so they would not become the whole monster ever again. It seems that the old man is one of the people that helped bring this moster into this world in the first place. He united both Tapion and his other half. The moster was complete. The Z-Warriors tried to attack, but it didn't help. Trunks and Goten fused to Gotenks and attacked the monster. After this they belived it dead was wrong. The monster then hit Gotenks and made them un-fuse. Then it looked like Gogeta attacked with "Dragon Fist Assualt". I am NOT sure if it really was Gogeta or not. Once then Tapion gave Trunks his sword and departed. 


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