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Dragon Ball Z - Movie Summaries

DBZ Movie 12: The Rebirth of Fusion:  Goku and Vegeta

Overall Score: 9 out of 10
Broken Down-
Animation 9 out of 10
Sound 9 out of 10
Story 8 out of 10

Why it got this score:
An amazing movie and a must see. This movie uses computer graphics, so the animation is absolutely amazing. Throw in an awesome bad guy and Gogeta and you have yourself a great movie.

Basic Storyline - During the after life martial arts tournament, Pikahan and Gokuh's match is interupted. The demon washing machine has exploded releasing the dead and bringing back a demon named Janemba. Pikahan is left to help break a barrier that is holding Lord Diao in it. At first Janemba is a large yellow marshmellow, but just as Gokuh turns SSJ3 and thinks he has one a new form is brought about. Janemba shows off his fantastic abilites. Vegeta shows up to help Gokuh and they both get beat up. After one failed fusion, the two finally get it right. Gogeta is just a little more than Janemba had planed on.


Series: DBZ Movies
Version: Chinese/Japanese
Dubbed/Subbed: Unknown
It starts out in the other world in a tournament and as usual the Kai's are arguing about who's going to win. Goku beats one of the South Kai's student, and advances and fights Pikkon.
Later in King Yamma's place, spirits are entering hell. A young teenage demon is suppose to be watching the evil cleansing machine but not paying much attention, the evil cleansing machine malfunctions and explodes. The other world and Earth collide and dead people are coming back alive, including Freiza and some guy that looks like Hitler. King Yamma's is then trap in his castle by some huge jelly bean. Many huge jelly bean shaped objects start appearing and the other world is taken over by the transformed teenage demon, Janemba.
On Earth, Gohan and Goten are eaten food like their Sayain ways until Videl gets a message that the town is being attacked. The Great Sayaiman comes into action and destroys all the zombies. Freiza appears and sends all the dead monsters (Ginyu, adn Wilo's monsters) at Gohan. Gohan rushes past them and punches Freiza and he explodes. All the monsters then runs away like cowards. Mr. Satan makes a cameo appearance and fights some zombies. Goten and Trunks are gathering the Dragonballs during the fights. They summon the mighty Shenlong and wishes for the zombies and dead people but he couldn't do it, because the only way to stop it was to defeat Janemba.
Meanwhile during the tournament, Goku and Pikkon fight but is interrupted by a huge rock which just came out of the ground. Grand Kai sense trouble in King Yamma's place and sends Goku and Pikkon to investigate. They find King Yamma trapped and attack the barrier with many ki blasts but they don't succeed. They fly out towards the top and find the hug fat yellow Janemba. Pikkon gets mad because Janemba does not answer him and Janemba punches him. Goku comes up with an idea and tells Pikkon to try to free King Yamma while Goku "plays" with Janemba. Janemba chases Goku through the jelly bean objects and finally they land on the ground. Using the pieces of the shattered floor, Janemba summons smaller copies of himself and they all jump on Goku in a large pile. With couple of kicks and swift punches, the small copies all disappear. Then Janemba starts making portals and punches through them and the portals open right beside Goku and which leads to massive beatens. After that Goku fires a Kamehameha at Janemba, but he makes a copie of Goku using the Kamehameha and an explosion occurs. He becomes Super Saiyan 3 and beats Janemba up until his head is stuck instead of him. Janemba then becomes smaller and skinny and red. He becomes super strong and Goku can't even handle him.
During the fight Pikkon discovers a way to destroy the barrier that Yamma is trapped inside. By mocking Pikkon can shatter the many layers of the barrier. But he soon becomes tired and out of ideas.
After many beatings from Goku, Janemba teleports by turning into many tetris pieces and then blasted Goku. After that he blasted Goku again with a huge beam coming from his mouth. Then on the path of the beam there layed a small object and Janemba picks it up and it becomes a sword. He slashes many times at Goku and with each slash a long slicing ki energy fires. It can cut throught all objects and finally Janemba was able to slash at Goku. Goku lands into floating blood and Vegeta comes to save Goku before he is chopped to pieces. Vegeta, after a fight gets defeated and thrown to a pile of spikes. Of course Goku saves him from being impaled by a spike. He tells Vegeta that the only way to defeat Janemba is to fuse together to become one. Vegeta finally agrees but to there dismay Vegeta dances wrong and they become a very fat and short Gogeta. He farts a couple of times at Janemba. Janemba throws a spike at them and they unfuse and attack Janemba at the same time and run away. Vegeta agrees to fuse again but Janemba catches on to there plan. Pikkon comes and distracts him and they fuse to become Gogeta.
Later on Earth, Goten adn Trunks fuse together to become Gotenks and they fight Hitlers forces. They use their Kamikaze attack and defeats them.
Gogeta uses one ki blast and defeats Janemba. Janemba turns back into the teenage demon and runs off crying. Goku says his farewell to Vegeta and leaves. Goten, Trunks, Gohan, and Videl (on Earth) fly back home and the credits satr to roll.



The Rebirth of Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta. Movie 12

The movie starts off at an outer world tournament where Goku and Pikkon are fighting. The Kais encourage their fighter.

Meanwhile in the scene switches to this place you go to that decides if u should go to heaven or hell. If you go to hell, you go through this machine that clenses your soul so you are no longer evil. So the person who is watching over the soul clensing machine has headfones on and is listening to music when an error happens and the person is posessed evil soul who is called Janemba. Janemba is huge and fat and sort of baby-like simiair to fat Buu. Janemba takes over hell.

Goku and Pikkon are notified and come to try to save everyone. Goku goes to hell to try to reason with Janemba. Janemba releases these like smaller Janembas and is entertained to watch Goku fight them. But then he is anry because Goku beats every one of them. Janemba then trys to attack Goku, Goku trys to fight him in SSJ 3 form but is no match.Janemba then transforms into his perfect form, he is now a normal height(about Goku's size) and is red and purple. Vegeta then shows up but they both get beat down by Janemba.

Meanwhile everyone from Hell is released and running wild on the streets. Hiitler is marching his army through the city. Goten and Trunks play around with them.

Also Freeza is back, he spots the Great Saiyaman(Gohan) and the Great Saiyaman 2 (Videl) . Great Saiyaman then takes his mask off. Frieza comments that he looks like Goku. Gohan says he is Goku's son and kills Frieza easily.

Goku and Vegeta continue to get beat down by Janemba. They hide and discuss how they are going to beat Janemba. Goku says they should fuse and Vegeta definetaly doestn agree and says that he would rather die then fuse with Goku. Goku reminds him he is already dead and finally Vegeta agrees. Goku teaches Vegeta the Fusion Dance. Remember with the Fusion Dance you are fused for 30 minutes then cannot fuse for an hour. Now they have to have enough time to fuse because just then Janemba finds them. Eventually Goku and Vegeta fused but Vegeta forgot to stick up his finger and something goes wrong. They are now Fat Gogeta who has no powers at all. Fat Gogeta gets beat up bad.

Meanwhile, Goten and Trunks turn SSJ and have their fun with Hitler and his army. They then fuse into SSJ 3 Gotenks. Gotenks beats up Hitler's army. The Z gang then finds the Dragonballs but the dragon can't reverse everything that has happened to the Z fighter's dissapointament.

When the 30 minutes are over Goku and Vegeta have another hour before they can fuse again. Pikkon comes and distracts Janemba for an hour so Goku and Vegeta can fuse. Vegeta and Goku then fuse into SSJ 2 Gogeta. Gogeta kills Janemba in seconds and saves everthing. That is pretty much it then.


My Name:  Mike
Title:          Dragonball Z Movie #12:  The Revival of Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta.
Type:         Japanese Version with English Sub-titles

      This movie starts out at the Other World Tournament (Galactic Tournament in Japanese) with Goku fighting the Fish like guy in the Crater Stadium.  Goku wins against him and is about to fight Pikehan (thats how its spelled in Japanese versions, Pikkon in English) and they start to fight.  The screen then switches back to King Yemma (Enma Daio in Japanese) and a boy named Tankboy who is watching the Soul Laundering Machine.  This machine cleans souls of their evil spirits and sends them on their way to Hell for their sins while among the living.  Tankboy is listening to music quite loudly when he is supposed to be watching the Soul Laundering Machine and one of the employees of King Yemma's tells him to be careful.  Then the tank in the Machine fill sup with evil spirits and needs to be cleaned out but Tankboy isnt paying attention. The tank in the Laundering Machine has never been cleaned before.  The tank explodes sending all the evil their ever was out into the Other World.  

The spirits take on Tankboy and he becomes Janenba.  Janenba is a big Yellow ball at first with what looks liek 4 open holes in his stomache and back.  He looks like a weird shaped marshmellow.  He turns Other World into a jelly-bean factory.  The rocks floating around and the cloud that King Yemma's house are on turn into hard jelly-bean looking things that absorb energy.  All of the people that have ever died come back to life, including Adolf Hitler who is seen driving his army through the streets of a city.  The screen switches back to Goku fighting Pikehan and a big rock shoots through the floor of the stage their fighting on and alarms everybody their, including the Grand Kai.  Grand Kai orders Goku and Pikehan to go check it out.  When Goku and Pikehan get their they see the drastic change in Other World and they find King Yemma trapped inside his house.  King Yemma tells them that the person who did this is on the roof.  When Goku and Pikehand get up their on the roof they see Janenba for the first time.  They think its a baby and decide to try and play with it.  Janenba flicks Pikehan and sends him flying.  Goku says that he is better with children and starts playing with Janenba thinking nothing of his incredible power.  Goku then tells Pikehan to destroy the jelly-bean thing around King yemma's palace while he lures Janenba away.  

Goku and Janenba float to the ground of the Other World (otherwise known as Hell) and start fighting.  Jananba decides they have played around enough and he raises his palm and it starts to glow with a purplish hue, he then slaps the ground and when he lifts his hand about 50 mini-Janenba's are there.  He does this about 5 times and then Goku says "That's a silly thing you've done there".  Goku then destrosya ll the mini-Janenbas quite easily.  The screen switches over to Gohan and Videl and they start killing the living dead people.  Then you hear "What a charming picture you two make." and the screen moves over a bit and you see none other then Freezer (Freeza in English).  Gohan does his Great Saiyaman dance and then you see every single dead Sayain float upwards.  Gohan decides to cut the crap and deives right towards Freeze and destroys him in one punch.  Then you see Mr. Satan (Hercule in English) fighting the dead, and actually doing a good job instead of acting like an ass as usual.  Then you see Trunks and Goten trying to find the dragonballs and they find the last one.  

They try summing Shenlon (Eternal Dragon in English) and they wish for all the dead people do be gone.  Shenlon responds by saying he cannot do this because it is out of his power, that he can only control what happens on Earth and since these people have died, they are property of Other World and are in King Yemma's control.  Then the screen goes to Pikehan trying to break open with an energy ball and when he sees his energy ball get absorb he says "My energy ball did'nt work?!" and then says "Damn crazy spirit world!" and then, the jelly-bean around King Yemma's palace starts to crack.  Pikehan discovers that cursing disturbs the Spirit World and deicdes to curse as much as he can.  Then the fight between Goku and Janenba moves on.  Janenba makes about 60 jelly-bean things fall on Goku and as he tries getting out, Janenba hurls towards it liek a bowling ball and knocks it all over sending Goku flying.  Goku tries attacking Janenba with little success as Janenba can teleport his attacks.  He throughs a punch and you see his fist go into a portal and appear outside of another portal and hits Goku.  Goku decides to wait for the next one, creates an energy ball in his hand and when Janenba punches, he nails Janenba's fist with it and the blast goes through the portal and hits Janenba in the head.  Goku then does a Kamehameha and Janenba teleports to Goku and Goku hits himself with it.  Goku goes Super Sayain and then Janenba yells "JANENBA!!" and you see his 4 sockets on his chest twitch, and energy balls fly out of them and the ones on his back creating quite a neat explosion in all directions.  

Janenba then blows up creating a mushroom cloud.  You see Pikehan cursing away at the shell around King Yemma's palace then you see Goku powering up turning Super Sayain 3.  He hurls at Janenba and beats the crap out of him.  He hits Janenba in the stomache and Janenba seems to dissapate.  He turns into a liquid that turns red then dark green.  You then see the tru form of Janenba.  He has two horns, he looks a lot like Metal Kooler only he has a little more detail to him.  Janenba then beats ht ehll out of Goku destroying him in every way.  Janenba does a series of teleporting Goku's energy blasts behind Goku and disappearing and reappearing .  Janenba then picks up a thing that looks like a grenade which then turns into an awesome sword.  He swings the sword mutliple times with no success in hitting Goku until he uses energy waves with the sword.  These energy waves could slice through anything and one hits Goku in the arm and makes him bleed pretty bad.  Goku is sent flying into a lake thats red and the lake solidifies.  Janenba uses Sword Waves to break up the lakes until Goku is trapped in a small water bubble and throughs one last Sword Wave at the Sayain.  Then it gets deflected and Vegeta appears.  

Vegeta says his usual "I told you I would be the one to destroy you" crap and and his famous "I'll destroy this guy your assistance is not required" and starts fighting.  Janenba grabs Vegeta by the neck similiar to the way Piccolo stretches his arms out and stretches it so far he smashes Vegeta into a jelly-bean thing.  Vegeta is defeated pretty easily.  Goku and Vegeta both end up in what looks like a bunch of balls with spikes on them in a big pile.  Goku tries talking Vegeta into Fusioning with him.  But Vegeta does'nt want anything to do with it.  He thinks it is a ridiculous idea.  He is the Prince of the Sayains afterall.  Vegeta says "I'de rather die then fuse with you" and Goku politely reminds him "But Vegeta.  Your already dead."  Janenba then finds Vegeta and Goku and shoots the crap out of their hiding place.  The Sayains land in another mine pile and Goku decides to use another strategy but Vegeta agrees to fuse.  Janenba finds them once again and shoots a meteor shower down upon their hiding place and Goku teleports Vegeta and him far away from Janenba so they can fuse.  Goku teaches Vegeta the fusion dance and Vegeta does'nt want to do it but he does anyway.  

The screen goes to Trunks and Goten picking on Hitler's army for a brie fmoment and goes back to Goku and Vegeta.  The first fusion goes sour ad they turn into a goofy looking Gogeta, hes fast has black hair and is quite un-cooridinated.  They fight like this for about 5 minutes or so until their fusion ends and then Janenba tries killing them both, of course he was fighting the fat Gogeta too, which was kind of funny.  You see Trunks and Goten turn Super Sayain to mess with Hitler because he was looking for a blonde haired blue eyed army if you remember your history.  Pikehan then interrupts and tells Goku and Vegeta to go off and fuse.  Janenba fight Pikehan and kicks his butt hard.  Goku and Vegeta fuse into Gogeta and Pikehan walks away astounded that they fused.  You see Trunks and Goten fuse into Gotenks who fights Hitler's army for fun.   

Gogeta is so fast you see his body move slowly but you see white strips moving which are his fists and you see Janenba get wailed hard in the torso and you see impact dents on him.  Then Gogeta ends up behind Janenba and knees him in the head twice.  Gogeta then makes a little energy ball in his hand and closes his fist.  As Janenba lunges towards Gogeta he throughs his energy ball.  Janenba lands a fist to the fist but it was to weak and to late.  A hole gets torn into Janenba and ge disintegrates.  You see Gotenks makes about 200 ghosts with their special attack and it destroys the city completely, but all the dead people are gone thanks to the ghosts Gotenks created.  Vegeta disappears back to hell and the dead people disappear and everything goes back to normal and the Demon Laws are restored.  Afterwards Goten and Trunks make fun of Gohan because he has no idea that Goku and Vegeta fused nor does he know about Gotenks.  Gohan races off to find out what happened but Goten and Trunks swear they wont tell.  

Aftermath:  10 out of 10 rating.  The quality movie I had was very good even the text for the sub titles was good and the movie was just pure niceness.  I highly recommend watching this movie.  If it seems boring please think again, even the parts without fighting are good or amusing.


Since I have the movie on my computer i will tell you movie 12. Movie 12 is when goku and vegeta fuse for the first time. The movies pretty funny. In the beginning something happens to the big guy who looks like a devil working in heaven son. He gets transformed into janeba some how and is causing trouble in the spirit world. He is a fat blubby kind creature, but is very strong. Pikkon is in the movie, but the problem is that he is stuck in another dimension or another part of the spirit room. He has to swear at the wall so the glass would shatter. Back to goku and janeba. Goku is getting his butt kicked so he turns into a ssj 3. He whoops janebas butt, but not quite kills janeba. Janeba suddenly turns into a red monster capable of kicking pikkon, vegetat, and goku ssj 3 butt. The funny thing about this movie is that everyone is revived such as frieza and, hitler. 

Hitler lol. Goten(young) and Trunks(young) is holding off hitler and his army of zombies in tanks. Mr. Satan or if you prever Hercule is beating up these dead zombies in alleys. The first attempt for goku and vegeta to fuse failed because vegetas hands were in the wrong position. They turn into Gogeta-Sama. If you like, a very fat gogeta that can't charge up or fight for beans. 30 min. later he turns back into goku and vegeta. Thats how long the limit is for fusing. The second attempt is successful because Pikkon who got out of the spirit world distracts janeba so goku and vegeta can fuse. They fuse and kick Janeba's ass. The final blow is from what looks like a rainbow energy ball. The kid who was in Janeba runs away scared for some reason. After Janeba is destoryed everything is back to normal. In the end Vegeta dissapeers because his physical body hasn't formed yet in the spirit world(Heaven).

 The End - Piggy


and now... the version with SPELL CHECK!  Hope it caught all the mistake
Original Release: 1995
Overall Rating: 9 out of 10
Dragonball Z : Movie 12
Rebirth of Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta!
(Japanese Subtitled Version)
By Daniel Powell
The story begins with a young teenage heaven dweller who is too busy goofing off listening to music on his walkman to notice that the spirit cleansing machine (which all hell-bound spirits must pass through) needed to be changed.  The machine explodes and releases all the spirits of those in hell.  Allowing them to return to earth.  The teenager is possessed by the evil and becomes Janemba.  The appearance of the other world changes and King Enma, who says whether or not you go to heaven or hell is imprisoned inside what appears to be some kind of glass barrier.
Afterwards, Goku and Pikon (or Paikuhan if you prefer) must stop Janemba and return things to the way they were.  Janemba is a giant, harmless looking blob that apparently can only say it's own name.  Goku proceeds to fight Janemba in his goofy-looking Jiggly-Puff form.  While Pikon tries to release King Enma from his imprisonment.
Meanwhile on earth, Goten and Trunks fight off Hitler's army who are trying to take over the world again.  Obviously, Goten and Trunks have to put forth little effort to do so.  Frieza (or Freezer if you prefer), challenges Gohan (a.k.a. Saiyaman) to a fight with Frieza's massive army of baddie-buds.  Just as thousands of the afore-mentioned bad guys come flying towards Gohan ready for attack, Gohan promptly flies off and gives Frieza one swift punch in the gut and Frieza explodes into a cloud of dust.
All the bad guys (including Jace from the Ginyu Force), fly off in terror of what they had just seen.  Apparently Gohan is just a little bit stronger than he was the last time him and Frieza met.  Anyway, back in the other world, Pikon discovers that the glass barrier's weakness is if you call it dirty names.  So he begins to insult the wall until it finally breaks.
Goku continues his fight with Janemba, until eventually Janemba takes on his bigger and badder form.  In his new form, he has a dark red body with a long tail.  He also has a sword which he can swing and it will send out a blast of energy that will cut through anything.  Oh, and he also has the ability to de-materialize and re-appear anywhere he wants.
After fighting... and fighting... and some more fighting.  We cut to what's happening on earth.  Mr. Satan (or Hercule if you prefer) is beating up Zombies with relative ease and trying to find a camera crew or some media-type group to give him some publicity.  Goten and Trunks decide to fuse into SSJ3 Gotenks and precede to kick some major Nazi butt with his Ghost Kamikaze attack, 100-ghost special.
Vegeta eventually shows up during Goku and Janemba's fight, and Goku tells him that the only way to defeat Janemba is for them to fuse together.  Of course Vegeta's stubborness keeps him from accepting.  He starts complaining about how even in hell, he's not as good a fighter as Goku.  But eventually after awhile, Vegeta gives in.
Goku shows him how to do the fusion dance, and Vegeta (not looking as though he is paying too much attention or taking it too seriously) tells him how stupid it looks.  Goku and Vegeta begin to fuse, and it looks like it's all over for Janemba (who has yet to say a word in his new form).
After a dramatic fusion special effect shot, we see our hero... Gogeta!  Gogeta points at Janemba and says something to the effect of ... I will end this now and send you back where you came from!  Gogeta looks like he's ready to open a big can of whoop-a.... wait a minute.  The camera then pulls back to reveal that the fusion was screwed up, and a FAT Gogeta was the product.  It's kind of hilarious to see this fat Gogeta, thinking he's all big and bad standing up to this demon monster Janemba.
Well, Janemba begins kicking Fat Gogeta's flabby butt... and fat Gogeta begins to get gassy.  Farting on Janemba is apparently his only useful attack.  After running around for several minutes, and eventually hiding, the fusion wears off just as Janemba sends an attack fat Gogeta's way.  fat Gogeta splits into two with Goku and Vegeta each splitting off in different directions, narrowly missing Janemba's attack.
Goku and Vegeta then try to figure out why the fusion didn't work right, and it ends up being Vegeta's fault.  Who else?  Well, the second time they do the fusion dance... they get it right.  This time, the result is one bad looking, butt-kicking warrior.  About the only thing this Gogeta says is that he's neither Goku nor Vegeta, just the guy who's gonna take down Janemba.  Gogeta kicks Janemba around a little bit, then raises his hand in the air and throws a blast at Janemba who tries to punch Gogeta, but his punch is stopped just inches from Gogeta's face.  Of course, Gogeta doesn't flinch.
Janemba is destroyed and the foolish teenage kid returns.  The kid takes one look at Gogeta, freaks out and gets the hell out of there.  Later, after the fusion was over, Vegeta says goodbye to Kakarot (or Goku if you prefer) and fades away, as he can't have his body in hell now that Janemba is destroyed.  Goku looks like he understands Vegeta a little bit better, but maybe that was just a stupid face.
Everything returns to normal and that's how the movie ends.  How'd you think it would end?
My Thoughts
Personally, this is probably my favorite of all the movies.  It has a really cool villain, and a good story.  Not to mention it has the most awesome of all fused character, Gogeta.  Other funny things like the un-expected (but now you'll expect it cause you read this -->) fat Gogeta and humorous situations make it even better.  It's a little short though, but definitely more entertaining than Movie 11, which was the third and thankfully final installment of the Brolli character.  The animation is great too, being that it's one of the DBZ Movies to use computer animation.  Well actually, it just uses computers to help the animating process... nothing is really CGI.  Anyway, it's a great movie.
I'd give it a 9 out of 10 rating.
P.S. --> You'd better appreciate this review.. I wrote it at 12:58 at night when I could've been sleeping! :)


Movie 12: Janemba
Fusion Returns Vegeta and Goku
(Japanese Version)
(Characters: Announcer, South Duke (South Kai), West General (West Kai), North King (King Kai), East Duchies (East Kai), Majesty (Grand Kai), Paikihan, Goku, Demon 1, Blue Demons #, Red Demons #, Grand Duke En-ma (King Yemma), Janemba, Old woman, grandpa, Romeo, Juliet, Vampire, Person #, Gohan, Goten, Chichi, Videl, Mini-Janemba, Frieza, Mr. Satan, Trunks, Bulma, Shenlong, Hitler, Vegeta, Fat Gogeta, Gogeta, and Gotenks.)

(At the Afterworld)
Announcer: Frog, from the South Galaxy advances to the semi-finals.
South Duke: Frog, way to go!
West General: He doesn’t stand a chance.
North King: East Duchies…That was so typical of your fighter.
East Duchies: Shut up, you half-dead bastard!
Mind your own business!
North King: Who’s a ‘half-dead’ bastard you half dead bitch.
East Duchies: What you called me!
North King: What about you!
South Duke: Calm down, after all this Annual Afterworld Martial Arts Champions will be worthy by this strongest man in the Afterworld.
And this year, the strongest man happens to be from my galaxy--Frog!
So why don’t you two stop wasting your time arguing…
North King: What the hell are you saying South Duke?
Don’t be ridiculous.
The one who’s gonna win the finals and receive the prize from his Majesty is my Son Goku!
South Duke: It’ll be Frog!
North King: Son Goku!
West General: Hey, Hey
The Semi-finals have started!
(Just showed Goku spinning heel kick and knock Frog out of the ring.)
North King: He did it…
Announcer: Son Goku from the Northern Galaxy advances to the finals!
North King: Goku!
Way to Go!
You’re my hero!
(Showed Aqua kneed to the face.)
Announcer: Paikihan from the West Galaxy advances to the finals!
South Duke: That Paikihan is one hellva guy!
Alright that rooling for you Paikihan!
North King: That’s because Frog can’t win.
East Duchies: Why aren’t you rooling for any of my fighters?!
North King: Cause, they all been eliminated.
(North King got pushed to the floor.)
Majesty: Goku and Paikihan are the finalist, just as I expected.
Paikihan: Goku, let’s settle this for once and that’s all.
Goku: I’m ready Paikihan.
(Both touched each other knuckles. Goku tried an upper kick. Paikihan counter this with a low kicked. They both moving trying kicks.)
In the mean time a horrible accident was about to happened to Grand Duke En-ma, the chief justice of the Afterworld.
Fusion Form! Goku and Vegeta!
Order Demons 1: Attention all souls! Please form a line please.
One line only!
Hey, Sir, stay on line, please!
Grand Duke En-ma: To Heaven.
To Heaven.
To Hell.
To Hell.
To Hell.
To Hell.
To Hell.
Blue Demon 1: Congratulation everyone,
Those who receive visas to heaven please come through this way.
Blue Demon 2: This way, please.
Those who received visas to Hell, your required to cleanse you bad spirit first.
Please proceed to the Spirit Laundry Machine.
(A red teenager demon listening to music on the job. And Grand Duke En-ma has piles of people going to Hell.)
Red Demon 2: My lord is a bit harsh today…
Blue Demon 3: Hey! What are you doing?
What are you doing yelling hey! Do your job, or I’ll report this to Grand Duke and he’ll cut your salary once again!
Red Demon 1: If I got another salary cut, I’ll have no salary at all.
Blue Demon 3: Then you better work hard.
I think it’s time you changed the tank.
Red Demon 1: Yes sir.
All he cares about is work.
(The red teenager gets back to his music. The tank is getting filled. The meter breaks. And the tank exploded.
Grand Duke En-ma: What the hell was that!?
Red Demon 2: There an emergency! There’s a problem with the Spirit Laundry Machine.
Grand Duke En-ma: What…!?
Red Demon 1: They’re…gonna…blame me…
Blue Demon 3: Idiot! You didn’t change the tank, didn’t you?
(The smoke covers up the teenager. Half of this head is red and the other half becomes yellow. He’s head grew, so does he feet. Then his whole body grew bigger.)
Grand Duke En-ma: It looks like the concentrated evil spirits that bald been washed out from the bad people have possessed the tank operator.
This is a major emergency.
This should never have been allowed to happen!
Janemba: Ja-nem-ba!
Blue Demon 3: My Lord, the monster has been…
(Ice has frozen behind him.)
Grand Duke En-ma: He’s enclosed the entire En-ma Palace with a negative force barrier.
It’s the evil spirits not the tank operator that’s making all this happens…
Red Demon 2: Isn’t there anything we can do, my Lord?
Grand Duke En-ma: It isn’t that simple, the eternal laws if nature will be completely warped, resulting in the weaking of the boundary between the Afterworld and the Humanworld.
In other words, the dead will be revived in the human world and everything will fallen chaos…
How terrible…
(Goku and Paikihan still fighting.)
Majesty: What was that?
What just happened?
Old woman: It’s him!
It’s Grandpa in ghost!!
Grandpa: I thought I died five years ago…
But I feel like I’m still alive…look at me!
Old woman: Your dead?
Romeo: Juliet…
Juliet: Are you Romeo?
Romeo: Yes, my dear Juliet.
Juliet: You aged so much.
Romeo: Juliet. It’s been 60 years since you left me behind--I’ve aged…I can’t be helped.
You didn’t age in heaven?
Vampire: (Walking) Take the stake out…
Get this damn thing out of my heart…!
(At a traffic road.)
Person 1: What’s going on over there?
(An army of knights rode over the cars. A tank comes driving over some other others.)
Hitler: The world belongs to the Third Reich!
Person 2: All the dead people are back!
What chaos this is!
(At the Son Goku’s house. Gohan and Goten eating.)
Gohan: Mom! Seconds please.
Goten: Me too!
Chichi: You two haven’t had enough yet?
(A bunch of piles of dishes sitting at the sink.)
And I have to wash all of them after you finish…
I envy Goku…just knowing he’s having a good time up there.
Videl: It isn’t fair…
I’ll help you.
Chichi: You are my guest and I can’t let my guest wash dishes.
(We see Videl washing some dishes.)
You’re very good Videl! I’m sure you’ll make a good wife.
Videl: A good wife…!
(Videl place a plate but it slip off to the floor breaking.)
I’m sorry!
Chichi: It’s alright. It’s alright.
Breaking dishes or two doesn’t change anything you make a good wife.
(Videl nock another one.)
Videl: I’m sorry!
(Her watch begun to ring.)
Hello….this is Videl?
Person 3: Dead People are all over the place! City in a panic!
Videl: Dead people…?
Person 3: Please come immediately!
Please tell this to the Great Saiyan-jin, too!
Videl: Gohan!
(Back at the Other World Tournament. Paikihan and Goku still fighting, ‘til a block off ice showed up between them.)
Goku: Your Majesty, what happened?
Majesty: It seems there’s some trouble in En-ma rearm.
Goku: What kind of trouble?
Majesty: We don’t know yet.
Paikihan: Alright! I’ll go find out.
Goku: Wait a minute. Paikihan, what about the match?
I won’t accept a win by default!
Majesty: Why don’t you and Paikihan go together?
You can have the final match later. Paikihan, Goku I’m counting on you.
Paikihan: Yes, sir!
Goku: Now I have to go, too!
Paikihan, let solve this quick and get back soon.
Hold on tight on my shoulder! Hurry!
I’ll teleport the both of us there and find out what’s wrong as quickly as I can.
(Goku use his Instant Transmission. Goku and Paikihan lands near En-ma Palace.)
This is En-ma Palace? It looks so different from the way I remember…
Is that En-ma…Inside that bubble?
Grand Duke En-ma: Is that Goku? Thank God!
The Palace is sealed with the negative-force barrier!
Goku: Old man, we’ll get you out of here now.
Paikihan, let’s break down this barrier.
Paikihan: Alright!
(Goku used a ki blast, and Paikihan tried his Super Energy Cannon onto the barrier. It impact but no damaged.)
It absorbed our energy.
Goku: Let’s try it again!
Grand Duke En-ma: He’s on top of the roof!
Destroy the monster on the roof!
Goku: Monster on the roof?
(Goku and Paikihan flies up to the roof and they see Janemba. They scream after seeing how big he is.)
What a funny looking guy…
Paikihan: That’s the one? Okay, I’ll take care of him…
(Paikihan flies in front of Janemba’s face.)
Hey! Are you responsible for this barrier?
Janemba: Ja-nem-ba! Ja-nem-ba! Ja-nem-ba! Ja-nem-ba!
Paikihan: Janemba?
Listen…you’re good boy, so remove the barrier okay?
Hey! I won’t repeat myself again!
I’m asking you politely to cooperate!
Janemba: Janemba!
Paikihan: Hey! Stop toying with me!
(Janemba flicked Paikihan to a jelly beam look alike and lands on it.)
Goku: Paikihan?
You’re pretty good, aren’t you?
Paikihan: Watch out Goku. He looks stupid but…
Janemba: Ja-nem-ba! (4x)
(Janemba let loose an energy wind to Goku and Paikihan.)
Goku: I’ve never seen such a powerful energy force before!
Paikihan, I think it turned out to be worthwhile putting off the final match and coming here!
Now, it’s my turn to take care of this monster!
You go rescue En-ma, alright?
Paikihan: Goku!
Don’t even try to keep this all this to yourself!
(Paikihan flies away to the barrier.)
Janemba: Ja-nem-ba! (4x)
Goku: Why, me?
See, the guy wants to fight me.
Too hard for you.
En-ma: Get me out there!
Goku: Oh just be a bit more patient, My Lord!
Paikihan, I’ll distract the monster while you get rid of this barrier in the mean time, okay?
(Goku flies up to Janemba’s face. Goku slaps his hands together making Janemba moves like a baby. Goku falls back down. Janemba looks over at Goku.)
Hey, this way…can you follow me?
(Janemba laugh of joy. He falls back to Goku.)
This way! Follow me!
(Goku falls into Hell.)
Is that the way Hell looks now?
(Janemba falls to the right to the ground.)
What a funny guy.
(Janemba gets back up.)
Janemba: Janemba!
(Janemba put his hands on the ground. Janemba makes a couple of mini-Janembas!)
Mini-Janemba: Janemba! (4x)
(The original Janemba makes more mini-Janembas.)
Goku: They look really ridiculous, but I’m impressed by your tricks.
(The mini-Janembas comes toward Goku. One tries to slap Goku. But Goku jumped and fighting all the mini-Janembas. All the mini-Janemba body slams Goku. Original Janemba claps for the mini-Janembas. But Goku powered up and kicks all the mini-Janemba away. All the mini-Janembas falls to the ground breaking to little pieces.)
Janemba: Ja-nem-ba…?
(Back at the city. The Great Saiyan-jin blasting all the dead people.)
Gohan: Strike out!
(Videl kicks a dead man in the head. Gohan comes behind her and blast them away.)
Videl: Gohan…. what’s going on here?
Gohan: Well, no matter what this is with you and I together everything is gonna be okay.
Videl: You’re right.
Mysteries voice: Not so fast, you two!
(At a far building is no other than Frieza!)
Gohan: Frieza!
Frieza: My, my…
It is a great honor to be recognized by a total stranger.
Gohan: You might not remember me because we only meet only once when I was a kid.
Frieza: What?
You must be Son Gohan…
Gohan: That’s right
I’m Son Gohan.
The man who never allows criminal to prevails…
Son Gohan!
Videl: Gohan, you look great!
Frieza: Like father, like son eh…?
Then I’ll take advantage of this opportunity to take my revenge on you.
Gohan: Do you think you can?
Frieza: Kill that little brat!
(Frieza’s men, all the movies villains like the Androids, the Ginyu Force (sadly, Ginyu the frog there too…), Bojack’s crew, Dr. Willow’s crew, were flying toward Gohan. Gohan powers up and flies toward Frieza. Gohan punch Frieza and destroy him. Everyone ran an amok after Frieza destroy.)
Videl: Way to go Gohan!
(Gohan does his…stupid pose…. We later see Mr. Satan battling some of the dead people.)
Mr. Satan: As long as I, Mr. Satan the hero of Justice lives in this world, you are not gonna be hanging around here!
Where’s the reporter? What happened to the news crew?
How can they miss Mr. Satan fighting the demons?
(A dead man walking to Mr. Satan. Mr. Satan just kicked him down.)
Now I have to call the stations and let them know what I’ve done…
(Mr. Satan walking and a dozen of dead bodies after Mr. Satan. Trunks and Goten are looking for the Dragonballs on the Dragon radar. They see the Four-star ball on the radar and getting close to it.)
Trunks: The Four Star Ball!
(Inside a golf hole.)
Goten: We found it! We found it! We found it!
Trunks: Here it is, the Four Star ball!
Let’s go, Goten!
Goten: Now we got all seven balls?
(A golf ball hits Goten right between the eyes. Goten falls and cried of the pain.)
Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch…!
(The ball rolls near the hole.)
Trunks: Goten c’mon hurry up!
Goten: Wait!
I’m gonna hide it!
(Goten put the ball into the hole. A man on the floor.)
Person 4: This is my first hole-in-one in my entire life!
(The Dragonballs next to each other.)
Bulma: Alright, Gohan, it’s time to call the Holy Dragon.
(Bulma place the last Dragonball and they begun to glow.)
Gohan: Come, Holy Dragon!
(The sky becomes dark. A beam of light turns forming into the Holy Dragon.)
Goten: The Holy Dragon!
Videl: This is…the Holy Dragon…
Shenlong: Whatever you desire will make your wish come true. Tell me your wish…
Gohan: Holy Dragon…
The world has been overtaken over by the dead people in chaos.
Please put these souls back where they belong and restore order…
Shenlong: As you wish…
(Everyone jumped in joy.)
I cannot…
I cannot make that wish come true.
Gohan: Why not?
Goten: You cheap, stingy dragon…!
(Trunks jumped him and covered his mouth.)
Shenlong: The fake of the dead is the controlled of the Grand Duke En-ma.
Bulma: What do we do now, Gohan?
Videl: Is there anything other way to fix this?
Bulma: I don’t know…?
Shenlong: Ugh…Don’t you have any other wishes…?
(At En-ma Palace. Paikihan tired his Super Energy Cannon to the barrier.)
Paikihan: My Super Energy Cannon didn’t work out!
Shit, you goddamn barrier!
(The barrier clip off a bit.)
I cursed it.
It cracked a bit.
This goes against my principals, but…
Are there any other words in provoke this barrier…?
(The barrier cracked by 5 feet width, Janemba running to Goku.)
Janemba: Ja-nem-ba!
(Janemba twists his hands down and a bunch of jelly beams falls all over Goku.)
(The jelly beams block up over Goku. Janemba running so fast to Goku. Goku was climbing out of the jelly beams. Janemba ran and knocked over the jelly beams. Goku recovered in the air and race toward Janemba. Janemba did a back-flip kicked Goku. Goku tried again, but Janemba smacked Goku. Janemba created a portal; he punched right through the portal. The portal open up next to Goku. Janemba kept punching around Goku through the portals. Janemba also kicked through one portal. Janemba about to give the final punch but Goku hold on to the fist.)
Goku: I don’t know how, but this guys seems to know exactly what I’m gonna do next.
He’s good…!
(Janemba punched to another portal. Goku sees the moment and blast through the portal, which blast Janemba at the face. Goku powered up for a Kamehameha wave. Janemba sees Goku and open up his hand. He created a mini-Goku with his own Kamehameha wave. Both Kamehameha wave hit each other with a major impact. Goku watched Janemba with shock and clothes nearly torn up.)
Are you a witch or something…?
(Janemba laughs.)
There’s no other choice…
Let’s end this now!
(Goku turns Super Saiyanjin. Janemba stomach’s holes begun to shake. They were shouting out ki blast to Goku.
Goku dodging each one. Goku flies over Janemba and Janemba flipped onto his head blasting away. An explosion happened. The sky became dark. Goku started yelling. Paikihan sweating away.)
Paikihan: What is Goku doing down there?
(Goku still yelling. Janemba gets up to see Goku. The sky comes color.)
Majesty: Goku seems he is doing alright.
(Goku hair become longs and he turn Super Saiyanjin 3!)
Goku: You are the only one besides Evil Buu to turn me into this form.
(Janemba looks happy.)
The game has just beginning!
(Goku raced at Janemba. Goku punching Janemba at the stomach. Janemba let loose of the jelly beams on Goku. Goku still punch Janemba out of the ground. Goku let loose a powerful ki ball right through Janemba.
Goku created two-ki ball with his hands. He flew down to Janemba. Janemba get up and see Goku before Goku slice him in half.)
I did it!
(Janemba’s body fat is moving back into Janemba. His skin becoming red. The body comes smaller. Janemba transform.)
What the hell…?
(Back at the city. Tanks are ramming over the cars.)
Hitler: The world belongs to me!
Trunks: Knock it off!
Goten: What kind of idiot are you?
Hitler: Fire!
(The army begun firing at Trunks and Goten. The boys are just messing around with them.)
Trunks: Oh, I’m scared! I’m gonna pee in my pants!
Hitler: Advance!
Trunks: I’m gonna be run over!
(Trunks just punched the tank to pieces and that tank knock over some other tanks.)
Hitler: Kill them!
Kill them all!
Trunks: Goten, this guy is no match for us.
Goten: That’s for sure!
Trunks: Goten, let’s transform into Super Saiyanjin and shock him a bit.
(Trunks and Goten transform into Super Saiyanjin.)
Hitler: Dying your hair at your age, you punk kids…
(Back at Hell. Janemba flew at Goku. Janemba tried a kicked. Goku dodged and gives out an upper kick. Janemba blocked it. Janemba lead with a tail attacked Goku dodged that, twisted his arm and kicked Janemba at the face. Janemba grabbed Goku’s ankle, spin him half around ‘til Goku kicked him at the back of the neck. Goku throws a ki ball. Janemba open a portal. Goku waited and the portal open up behind Goku. Goku and Janemba ran for a bit. Goku leap toward Janemba and kneed him to the face. A 360-spin kick to Janemba’s chest. Goku moved behind Janemba, about to launch on Ki ball to Janemba’s chest. Janemba used his break off teleport. Janemba reform aside of Goku; blasting Goku away. Janemba mouth blast Goku too.)
Paikihan: You piece of shit!
(The barrier keeps on breaking.)
Why in the hell I have to do this lousy work?
You goddamned shit-head!!
(Goku slide back from the blast. Janemba reform in front of Goku. Janemba picks up a looking spiked head stick. It forms into a sword. Janemba slice over Goku’s head. Goku back flip to counter it. Janemba tried to slice Goku’s slide but Goku moved. Goku moved in front of Janemba and let loose of a ki ball to Janemba. Janemba hit it with the sword but the ki moved to impact on his stomach. Goku went up flying. Janemba gave another sword slices right through a jelly beam, which Goku was behind. It slices right through the jelly beam and slice the top of Goku’s shoulder. The slice that the jelly beam was cut fell and Goku holding on his injured shoulder. Janemba rushed behind the jelly beam and slice some of Goku’s hair before he moved. Janemba kept on trying nearly killing Goku. A sign showed ‘Lake Blood.’ Goku falls into the remaining of Lake Blood. Goku went back to normal stage. Janemba cuts Lake Blood into pieces ‘til he got Goku trapped in one little cube. Janemba signs for the last slice toward Goku ‘til a ki blast moved the slice cut and impacted Janemba. And blast Goku out of Lake Blood.)
Vegeta: Look at you Karratto
You must have forgotten that I’m the one who suppose to kill you.
Goku: Vegeta…?
Vegeta is that you?
Vegeta: Don’t ask me how?
I don’t know how I got here with a tangible body.
Before I know it, I was here.
Goku: That’s right--you’re supposed to have been contained in Hell by En-ma…
Vegeta: Karratto
I will destroy that monster.
Don’t interred with me, understood?
Goku: Vegeta!
(Janemba flies slowly down to the ground.)
Vegeta: I’ll play with you…
You monster
Goku: Vegeta, don’t!
Vegeta: You have no idea what I have done to go through Hell.
Considering all the hardships I endured whatever he’s go it’ll be like a party to me!!
(Janemba breaks the spiked stick into pieces, and he laughs. Super Saiyanjin Vegeta flew to Janemba with a kick. Janemba dodged it. Vegeta leaped off his leg and let loose a ki blast. Janemba sees the ki and used his break off teleport behind Vegeta. Janemba rebuilding tried a spinning kick while Vegeta moved back from it. Vegeta begin to charge ‘til Janemba used his breaking off teleport again. Vegeta sees the moment and used a final flash to Janemba. Janemba repair a couple of feet away. Vegeta charged with a close fist.)
There you are!
(Janemba quickly grabbed Vegeta neck and extended his arm up to the air with Vegeta with it.)
Goku: Vegeta!
(Vegeta gets hit a jelly beam and turn back to his normal stage. Janemba slam Vegeta straight down to Mt. Needles and regain his arm back to normal size. Vegeta his to some of the needles.)
(Goku gets Vegeta and carried him to the floor.)
Vegeta: Karratto…
Why are you doing this to me…?
I don’t want you to help me!
Goku: Yeah, I know…
But, I’ve never met such a powerful guy.
He kinda makes me ever gutsy!
(Janemba walking straight to Mt. Needles.)
Vegeta: But, It neither of us can defeat him, who will…
Goku: Well, there is a way to beat him.
Vegeta: Wha…what?
Goku: Fusion.
Vegeta: Fusion?
You and I together?
Goku: That’s right.
You and I becoming one.
Vegeta: With you?
I won’t do such a disgusting thing!
Goku: This is the only way to destroy him!
You’d have seen how powerful he is!
You know we have too!
Vegeta: If I have to go through Fusion with you, I’d choose death!
Goku: Vegeta…we’re already dead.
(Vegeta looked pissed then become calm. Janemba looking right at Mt. Needles.)
Vegeta: I will never choose Fusion with you.
(Janemba creates a bunch of thousands broken glasses, and throws at Goku and Vegeta.)
Goku: Vegeta!
(Goku jumped to the floor but Vegeta gets cuts up badly.)
Vegeta, are you alright?
Vegeta: Even here in Hell, I’m not as good as you, Karratto…
Damn it!!
Goku: It couldn’t be helpful.
I’ve been training myself even after I came to the Afterworld…
While your soul was separated from your body and contained in Hell.
Vegeta: Don’t you ever pity me!
Goku: So you won’t go though Fusion with me, huh?
You are a proud prince of Saiyan, after all…
(Janemba flies up.)
Vegeta, I understood.
Anyways we’re gonna have to get outta here.
Hang on for me.
Vegeta, hurry up.
He’s gonna be here any second!
Vegeta: Don’t touch me!
Goku: Vegeta…
Vegeta: Karratto…
Karratto…I’ll go though Fusion with you…
Even now you’re pitying me--what difference does it make anyways?
Goku: Vegeta
(Goku saw Janemba throwing another of breaking of glasses at them. Goku grabbed Vegeta and moved to a different place with his Instant Transmission.)
North King: Goku!!
(The TV that King Kai watching blacking out. Janemba screamed for looking for Goku and Vegeta. Far away on blocks were Goku and Vegeta.)
Goku: Vegeta…
We don’t have much time, so I’ll explain it to you very quickly.
This trick requires a perfect synchronization of our spirits.
The formation is called the Fusion Pose.
We must linked the pose at precisely the same time, then the Fusion will be competed.
Vegeta: Pose?
Goku: I’ll demented the pose for you now, so try to remember.
First of all, you and I stand facing each other, at a same distance. Then, do this.
Be sure to keep your arms at this angle.
(Goku does half of the Fusion.)
Swing your arms to the other side, are we taken three steps closer to each other.
Watch my legs.
Then we put our index fingers together.
Be sure to keep your leg at these angles.
And strength your left leg straight.
Vegeta: Do I have to do a stupid move?
Goku: We have to do this together at perfectly the same moment. Understood?
We don’t’ got much time. Let’s practice once.
Vegeta, what’s wrong?
Didn’t you get that? Wasn’t it clear enough for you?
Grand Duke En-ma: Paikihan!
You’re almost there!
Do it again! Quickly!
Paikihan: You goddamn fucking barrier!
(Back at the city.)
Hitler: Fire!
(The evil army firing at Trunks and Goten. Trunks and Goten just messing around in the air. The boys just let loose some ki blast to the evil army.)
Kill ‘em!
Goten: Trunks…
(Goten and Trunks moved to the floor.)
Trunks: Goten, if you have time to complain, you have time to fight.
Goten: But they just keep coming…
(The boy flew opposite direction to the tanks, making them exploded.)
Goku: Now our spirits are synchronizing!
Let’s do it, Vegeta!
(Goku and Vegeta doing the Fusion dance.)
Goku and Vegeta: FU…SION…HA!
(Goku and Vegeta did the Fusion dance but Vegeta didn’t extend his index finger. A ball of light appears. Janemba turns around and gets angry. Then his face shocked up. And this fat guy comes down.)
Fat Gogeta: I’ll send you back to hell!
(At the Majesty’s Palace.)
North King: You failed, Goku!
That’s was totally interior ‘Gogeta!’
South Duke: I saw that Vegeta’s hand were not the position they were supposed to be.
That’s what turns them into an overweight monster.
East Duchies: What an ugly monster!
West General: Why don’t they try it again?
Majesty Kai: The fusion should take less than half of hour. They should go in like that for now.
North King: Goku…!
(Fat Gogeta flies toward Janemba, but Janemba stuck out his arm. Janemba grabbed him by the mouth, and Janemba blast him away. Fat Gogeta crashed head first to a wall.)
Fat Gogeta: You are very good…
But that’s enough
I ‘Gogeta’ will destroy you once and for all.
(Janemba reappeared in front of Fat Gogeta. Punching him like those toys that doesn’t fall down. Fat Gogeta got flipped, but when Janemba about to give a punch. Gogeta farted in his face. Fat Gogeta walking like a baby falls on Janemba. Fat Gogeta rolled over Janemba’s face with a triple fart. Janemba comes for a punch but Fat Gogeta trips over. Janemba trying to attack, but Fat Gogeta tripping all over the place.)
Majesty Kai: The incomplete Fusion turned out to be a good luck…
Though that Janemba guy is good seeing one step ahead of his opponent. ‘Gogeta’ is apparently unpredictable to him.
Maybe the fusion will last for more than half an hour…
North King: I sure hope so…
(Fat Gogeta and Janemba had a race and Fat Gogeta tripped over Janemba. Fat Gogeta lands a soft punch to Janemba’s stomach.)
Fat Gogeta: How about that?
Here comes the final bow!
(Janemba kneed Fat Gogeta. North King shaking the TV.)
North King: Don’t underestimate that monster!
Fat Gogeta: That was just a practice!
The real battle has just beginning.
(Gogeta falls in front of Janemba and Janemba just laughs.)
North King: Has it been around 30 minutes yet?
South Duke: It’s been only 20 minutes.
(Janemba tried his length arm but Fat Gogeta jumping away from it. Janemba kicked Fat Gogeta to the TV screen window.)
Fat Gogeta: Hey you bastard!
I’ll let you go for now! Don’t you ever try to mess with me again!
(Fat Gogeta quickly ran away from Janemba. Back at the city. The evil army still trying to kill Trunks and Goten.)
Hitler: Fire! Fire! Fire!
(Back at hell. Fat Gogeta hiding behind a small wall. While Janemba looking for him. Janemba broke a piece of a needle from Mt. Needles. Turn to Fat Gogeta. The needle broke it to big needles toward Fat Gogeta. A second before impact, Goku and Vegeta spit into themselves.)
Goku: Vegeta, attack now!
(Both of them kicked Janemba at the neck and flew away.)
Vegeta: Karratto! What the Hell was that Fusion thing!
We turned into a fat, wimpy pig! You lived to me!
Goku: I don’t know what went wrong?
Vegeta: Did you actually think we could beat that monster in that stupid form?
North King: Goku…Vegeta’s hands were not in the right position…
Goku: I see…were weren’t in complete unison.
Vegeta: That can’t be!
I did exactly what you told me!
(Goku and Vegeta lands on an area.)
Goku: Vegeta, our index fingers have to be touching at the final moment.
Vegeta: Do I have to do that damned embarrassing formation again?
Goku: Of course!
This is the only way to destroy that monster! Let’s do it!
Goku and Vegeta: FU…SION…
(A blast nearly hit Goku and Vegeta. Janemba form a ki blast ‘til Paikihan hits Janemba at face.)
Paikihan: Goku!
I’ll take care of this guy!
You two perform the Fusion now!
Goku: Thanks Paikihan!
Vegeta, let’s do it!
(Goku and Vegeta fly more down.)
Paikihan: I’ve figured out your weakness.
I won’t let you move from here.
(Janemba flied in front of Paikihan.)
You goddamn, stupid monster!!
(A piece of Janemba’s chest broke off and slowing down Janemba. Paikihan moved behind Janemba doing his Super Energy Cannon. Goku and Vegeta doing the Fusion.)
Goku and Vegeta: FU…
(Janemba break off teleport.)
(Janemba repair behind Paikihan.)
(Janemba closed fist to Paikihan head. A ball of light appears where Goku and Vegeta were. Janemba let loose of Paikihan. The fusion of Goku and Vegeta created the fusion Gogeta!)
Paikihan: They…did it…
(Back at the city.)
Goten: I sense my dad’s energy!
Trunks: My papa’s too!
(Trunks and Goten powered up and faced each other and did the Fusion pose.)
Trunks and Goten: FUSION…HA!
(Gotenks standing there, powering up. Gogeta standing there, powering up.)
Gogeta: Paikihan!
I’ll get back at that monster for you!
(Janemba powered up.)
I am no longer Goku or Vegeta.
I am the one who’s here to destroy you!
(Gogeta let loose a ki blast to Janemba’s chest with major impact. Gogeta quickly without lifting his feet moved behind Janemba. Gogeta kneed Janemba at the back of the head. Janemba turn and Gogeta did a front flip kick to Janemba’s head. Gogeta gain some energy for his final bow. Janemba screamed at Gogeta and ran toward Gogeta. Gogeta threw the rainbow ball at Janemba. Janemba gets hit but still punched Gogeta between the eyes. Janemba waited there, and his back blew up. Janemba’s evil spirit begun to die off. A bit of light energy comes and form the red teenager demon. The teenager saw Gogeta And ran. Back at the city.)
Gotenks: Super ghost Kamikaze Attack!
One Hundred-Ghost Special!
Line Up!
(The entire ghost charged at the army and blew them up.)
How was that?
Goku: Vegeta…
Vegeta: Karratto…
I will never go through Fusion ever again.
Goku: Vegeta, I’ll see you around.
(Vegeta body turns back into a cloud. The entire ghost at the city begun to faded away.)
Grand Duke En-ma: Now it’s time to set everything straight.
(Gohan, Videl, Trunks, and Goten flying.)
Gohan: What a strange day it wasn’t…
Videl: Your right.
Goten: Gohan, we know who puts a stop to the whole thing.
Right Trunks?
Trunks: Yep.
Videl: Well, who was it?
Trunks: We’re not gonna tell you!
Gohan: You guys really know who stopped it?
Trunks and Goten: We do!
Gohan: So why don’t you tell us who!
(Trunks and Goten flew off.)
Wait you two!
Videl: Hey wait!
We want to know who.
Trunks and Goten: It’s our secret!
Gohan: Gohan, where are you going?
Shenlong: Don’t you have any other wishes?
The Person Talks:

When I first saw this movie. I was amaze at the details in it work. The storyline was great. Even thou it doesn’t match with the original story line. It’s all good. Seeing dead Goku fighting a childish Janemba. Also having dead people walking around the living world. Not only see more dead people, seeing the Prince of all Saiyanjin return from hell to help Goku out. Seeing how these two rivals sharing a more closer bond of each other. And we all get to see it by seeing their fusion at work. This movie has action as the fighting. The comedy as Fat Gogeta farting and falling all over the place. I know it sounds like me…but it still funny seeing someone else doing it. Overall, it’s a nice movie. With some digital work of course. But I don’t blame them. All I might stay for this amazing movie.
From the Person Talks,
Bobby Q.


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