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DBZ Movie 10: Dangerous Partners! Super Warriors Never Rest

Eric's Review

Original Release Date: March 12, 1994
Rating: 6 of 7

While searching for the dragon balls, Goten, Trunks, and Videl encounter Burori, who crash landed on Earth after supposedly being defeated in DBZ movie 8. The three don't do well against Burori until Gohan arrives to help. Despite the years between the fight on New Vegeta and the present battle, even Gohan's Super Saiyajin 2 form isn't strong enough to compete against Burori. All seems lost until the dragon balls perform a miracle.

Though this movie has significant boring stretches (mostly early on), the humor and fighting make it more than worth seeing.


Hi. I'm doing this review on movie 10. 

I will describe it the best I can without taking to much of your time. 

It starts out with Goten, Trunks and Videl searching for the dragon balls. Only because Videl wants to see the Eternal Dragon Shenlong. They get nearly all the dragon balls when they come across a village that says they have been having trouble with a monster. The village was once prosperous but the monster has been making them give him food otherwise he would destroy the village and probably kill the people so Goten, Trunks and Videl say they will get rid of the monster. The fight with the monster starts and Videl gets scared not knowing that she is with super saiyans. So the kids easily get rid of the monster. Videl is amazed at their strength. After they celebrate their win by eating and getting a necklace for Trunks they sleep and realize that they had forgotten about the dragon balls. They go in search of the last ball. We then see Brolly's ship landing. While they search for the last ball 
Videl come across a big guy with yellow hair who is incredibly bulky. She stupidly starts a fight with him. This is before she knows how weak she really is compared to the saiyans. Right when shes about to get the crap kicked out of her Goten and Trunks come by. 

Brolly goes insane thinking that Goten is Goku. They take a beating but Gohan comes to save them before they could die. So Gohan and Brolly fight and Gohan is holding his own which is incredible because it took Goku with the help of Trunks, Vegeta, and Piccollo to defeat him the first time. Gohan gets Brolly in the lava and Gohan is exhausted so he drops on a rock which is quickly being surrounded by lava when out of nowhere Piccollo saves him. Gohan wakes up to see that its really Krillin in the cape and turban. All the sudden out of the lava using a ki shield Brolly comes out with no damage. Gohan gets ready to fight and starts 
to fight oh and Krillin gets blasted into some rocks by a small ki blast. 

In the end it all came down to Gohan and Brolly. Gohans kamehameha wave to Brolly ki blast and Goten then woke up and walked over turned Super Saiyan and helped Gohan with his own kamehameha wave. Goten said dragon please help us defeat Brolly and all the sudden the dragon balls glowed and Goku or an image of Goku came and encouraged them and shot his own kamehameha and told Goten and Gohan to put more power into it and they did killing Brolly. Oh and just to tell you I think Gohan is the legendary Super Saiyan because if Gohan 
were the same age as Brolly then Gohan would definitely be much stronger than him.

I would rate this a 6 out of 7. - Bellagurle

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