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Japanese Dragon Ball GT - Episode Summaries

Episode 64 - Goodbye Son Goku ... Till the Day we Meet again.

I would like to do an ep. summary for DBGT eps. 64. The episode is obviously 
Japanese (raw). The title is Good bye, Son Goku...Till the Day We Meet 
Again. Here's the summary: 

Son Goku has beaten Ii-Shenlong with a Geni-Dama that he has gathered from 
all over the universe. He gathers energy from all over Earth, the new Planet 
Nameck, all the Kaios, people that were shown in space at the beggining of 
DBGT. He then throws it at Ii-Shenlong. His body disintegrates. The Z Gang 
celebrates over the victory. Out of nowhere, Shenlong comes out without being 
summoned. He tells Goku that the Dragonballs cannot be used again. He tells 
Goku to go on his back, that he will be getting a ride. Everyone asks Goku if 
he will be back. He says yes. Vegeta asks him to finish the fight that they 
have once fought decades early. He then whispers something to Vegeta. Vegeta then finds out that Goku will not be coming back. Bulma also finds that out. 

Chi-Chi says that she and Gohan ang Goten will be preparing a huge feast when 
Goku comes back. Goku requests to Shenlong to see his friends again. The 
dragons says okay. 

They go by Tenshinhan and Chaoutzu by a water fall, Yamcha 
in the desert where they first met. Then know stop by Kame House to see 
Kamesennin and Kuririn. Kuririn and Goku spar for a bit and Kuririn punches 
Goku in the face. Kamesennin also finds out that Goku will be leaving them. 
Then, Goku stops in Hell to see Piccolo. He tells Picoolo that he will be 
leaving and that they are glad they met and teamed up. He also says that he 
has become a good friend. They shake hands and Goku leaves. Goku falls 
"asleep" on Shenlongs back. The dragonballs get absorbed into Goku and Goku 
disappears. Then the dragon turns back and the picture goes blank. When the 
picture returns to normal, we are shown a scene that is 100 years into the 
future. We are taken into a Tenchaki Budoaki. Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr., 
descendants of Goku and Vegta are now fighting in the Childs Division. 

They both fight playfull for a while and then Vegeta Jr. says that he can make his hair turn blonde and so he does. Goku Jr. says he can too and they both are 
now Super Saiya-jin. Then they fight seriously. The audience cheers andd are 
amazed at the two fighters' power. Pan-chan talks to a women who appears to 
be a descendant of Bulma. Then Pan-chan looks at the crowd and she seems to 
see her grandfather Goku. She goes to him and she loses him in the crowd. 
Goku is walking away from the tournament. Then the credits roll and it shows 
scenes for Dragonball, Dragonball Z , and Dragonball Gt. That is the 508th 
episode of the anime series. Thank you Goku, you have entertained us for the 
past 15 years. The end of anime. 

- DragonBallZJRM

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