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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries


Episode: #98 Shenron! Fly Through Space! Nameksei's Destruction Nears!
Series: DBZ Subbed
Name: Jack Lennyson
Lava is flowing upward. Lightning is flashing everywhere. The ground is splitting open. Super Saiyajin Gokuu and Furiza are poised above the site of Furiza's blow to Nameksei. Furiza is demanding to know why Gokuu hasn't finished the fight yet. Gokuu is ignoring him and wondering why Gohan hasn't escaped Nameksei yet. Furiza realizes this and starts telling Gokuu that he'll hunt down and kill Gohan, Pikkoro, and Buruma as soon as he kills him. Gokuu tells Furiza he'll die first. Furiza and Gokuu resume their fight. Elsewhere, Gohan and Buruma approach Gokuu's spaceship. The ship is sinking with the ground, and Buruma starts yelling, but it stops. They get in and Buruma is freaked out to see that she has to travel back to Earth with Pikkoro. She tries to convince Gohan to leave Pikkoro here to die, but Gohan starts yelling at her and declares that he will stay on Nameksei and die with it unless they escape with Gokuu and Pikkoro both. Buruma says she'll wait a few minutes for Gokuu to get finished and return. Kaiosama informs Yamucha, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu what the deal is and then Kamisama tells him that Misuta Popo has located the last Doragon Booru. He asks if the wish can be used to resurrect Yamucha and Tenshinhan. Chaozu can't be resurrected since he was resurrected once. Yamucha and Tenshinhan don't want to be alive without Chaozu, but Tenshinhan reminds Yamucha that he has to live again since he has a girlfriend who's still alive(Buruma). Kaiosama, however, has a better idea. He starts asking Kamisama a bunch of questions until he finally gets to the point where he wants to resurrect all those killed by Furiza and his minions. Furiza is now charging for Gokuu and Gokuu is preparing a ki blast. Kaiosama explains to Kamisama that if they make this wish, all of the Namekseijins, including Saichourou, will be resurrected. He explains that Saichourou didn't die naturally, that he became so depressed when Furiza killed his children(the Namekseijins) that he couldn't stand it anymore and let himself die. Everyone is shocked. Kamisama tells Misuta Popo to make the wish. Misuta Popo summons Shenron and makes it. Shenron doesn't know if he can grant the wish, however. Misuta Popo asks him to try, so he does. Will Shenron grant the wish in time? And will it work?
-Next time: I am Son Gokuu's Son! Gohan Returns to the Battlefield


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