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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 98 - I'll be the winner!  The final attack

Episode: # 97 I'll Be The Winner! The Final Attack.
Series: DBZ Subtitled.
     Hello, my name is Jack Lennyson.
Super Saiyajin Gokuu is charging for Furiza, preparing to kill him. Furiza only needs a small amount of time before he reaches his maximum of 12 million. Gokuu senses Furiza's fear of being killed before he reaches his best, so he decides to fight fair. Kaiosama tries to get Gokuu's attention, but Gokuu just ignores him until he starts his famous puns. Gokuu finally gets infuriated and mentally talks to Kaiosama. Kaiosama reminds him that Furiza is about to reach his maximum and Gokuu needs to kill him while he has the chance. Gokuu tells Kaiosama that he wants Furiza to reach his maximum so it can be a fair fight, and that Gokuu can fight and kill him at his best, so Furiza will have no regrets when he loses. This way, he can avenge Kuririn's death. He starts yelling at Furiza for killing Kuririn. Kaiosama tells Gokuu to attack, and Gokuu tells him to shut up and let him fight. Kaiosama tells Yamucha, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu how surprised at Gokuu he is. Buruma is dangling onto a ledge, waiting to die. Gohan shows up, the oceans dividing around him, the planet going unstable, and grabs Buruma. Buruma starts yelling at him for abandoning her. She asks where Kuririn and Gokuu are so she can yell at them, too. Gohan tells her that Gokuu is still fighting and Kuririn is dead. Furiza finally reaches his maximum of 12 million. Gokuu says he will still lose, but he will have no regrets. Furiza's muscles have now bulged out. Furiza attacks Gokuu head on and full speed. Gokuu fights back and he and Furiza fly across the ocean and fight the whole way through. Kaiosama can't even pick them up, they're moving so fast. The sky is turning pink. Gokuu knocks Furiza into a tall island and Furiza dashes. Gokuu can't pick him up. Furiza comes over to him full speed and they keep swinging and fighting until Furiza slams Gokuu in the stomach. Gokuu starts panting. Furiza thinks he's won, but Gokuu laughs and says the fight isn't anywhere near over yet. Furiza is now fighting at his best against Super Saiyajin Gokuu, but neither side is ready to back down. Will Gokuu finish the fight before Nameksei explodes?
- Next time: Shenron! Fly Through Space! Nameksei's Destruction Nears!

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