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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 97

Episode Title: An Attack of Evil...Will Nameksei be Destroyed?
Episode #: 97
Series: DBZ Subtitled
      Hello my name is Jack Lennyson.
Super Saiyajin Gokuu continues to fight Furiza. He starts to declare victory, but Furiza charges up his ki in a fit of rage. Gokuu prepares a Kamehameha wave and charges his ki up. He proves to have the higher ki. Gohan has found Gokuu's ship. He takes the unconscious Picoro inside. He starts examining Picoro's wound just as Dr. Briefs turns on the TV in Capsule 3. Chi-chi sees Gohan and asks if the fight is over. Gohan tells her and the others that the fight is still going on, that Furiza killed Kuririn and Gokuu told them to get going. Muten Roshi is shocked that Furiza killed Kuririn, and Chi-chi keeps asking Gohan questions, but he flies off. Chi-chi starts threatening to ground him(a rather funny scene). Furiza can't believe that Gokuu is stronger than him. He tells Gokuu that he's forgotten one thing...Brains over Brawn, and forms a deathball which he throws directly at the ground, attempting to make Nameksei explode. Gokuu realizes he can't stop the attack, and it hits. Dr. Briefs sees the light in the sky and realizes Nameksei is exploding. The explosion occurs. Kaiosama tells Yamucha, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu the bad news. Yamucha asks what became of Buruma, Gohan, and Picoro, and Kaio explains that they also died in the blast. All of a sudden, Kamisama contacts Kaiosama and tells him that Misuta Popo has gathered five Doragon Boorus. Kaiosama realizes that Kamisama is alive, which means that Picoro is also alive, and that Nameksei hasn't exploded. Gokuu is bragging that Furiza couldn't kill both of them. Furiza informs him that the explosion only would have killed Gokuu because Furiza can survive attacks like that and survive without air. He also tells Gokuu that since the core was destroyed, Nameksei will explode in five minutes. Gokuu says that that's more than enough time. Furiza decides to start powering up to his maximum. Realizing this, Gokuu prepares to kill him before he reaches his maximum ki of 12, 000, 000. Buruma is barely hanging onto a pair of rocks and Gohan is flying across the ocean trying to find her. Nameksei has five minutes left, and Gokuu and Furiza are still raging on. What will happen now?
-Next time: I'll be the winner! The Final Attack.

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