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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 86

Name: SSJ4 Vegeta Baby
Episode #: 86
Episode Title: Bitter Regret! The Proud Beijita Dies.
Series: DBZ Japanese Subbed.
     Furiza has Beijita by the tail and continues to beat him against the back. Beijita is coughing up blood while Kuririn, Picoro, and Gohan stand in horror. Kuririn tries to step in and help, but Picoro reminds him there is nothing they can do for Beijita now. Furiza puts Beijita down and grinds a rock on his chest. He grabs the battered Saiyajin by his shirt and gets ready to hit him again. Finally, Gokuu shows up at the scene. He introduces himself, and realizes that the robotlike being before him is Furiza, the one who caused all the trouble on Nameksei. Furiza puts Beijita down. Gokuu says that he can vent his anger with Beijita on him now. Furiza stands there and stares at Gokuu, realizing there's something familiar about him. Gokuu is proud to see Picoro, Kuririn, and Gohan in good condition, and Picoro tells him about Dende. Beijita is badly injured, but stares at Gokuu and senses how much stronger he is than him now. Realizing that Gokuu is indeed a Super Saiyajin, Beijita thanks Gokuu for arriving to help. He addresses Gokuu as Kakarotto. Furiza realizes that Kakarotto is a Saiyajin name, and visualizes Badaaku standing where Gokuu is. Furiza comes to the conclusion that Gokuu is undoubtedly the son of Badaaku, the strongest of the inferior Saiyajins who led an attack against Furiza in the exosphere of Planet Beijita. He decided he'd rather die than fear Furiza. He had fired a ki blast at Furiza, which Furiza had easily overpowered with a Planet Destroying Ball. The ball hit Badaaku and killed him, but before his death, he informed Furiza and his minions that his son would live on and defeat Furiza. After Badaaku was killed, Planet Beijita was destroyed. Furiza now realizes what Badaaku had meant. Kuririn tells Gokuu not to underestimate Furiza, but Gokuu tells him that he'll do just fine. Gokuu charges for Furiza. Furiza zooms off with Gokuu following close behind. They get back to the same spot and Gokuu kicks Furiza on the side of his face. Furiza, as well as the other Z Fighters, are shocked that Gokuu could actually land a kick on Furiza. Beijita is astonished. He positions himself up on his hands and starts laughing at Furiza. He says that Furiza should have believed him when he mentioned the Super Saiyajin, since Kakarotto is a Super Saiyajin. He thanks God for letting him live long enough to witness the defeat of Furiza by a Saiyajin, and with that, Furiza gets mad and shoots a ki beam through his heart. Beijita falls back down. Gokuu starts yelling at Furiza for attacking Beijita when Beijita couldn't have attacked him. Furiza says that killing him was the only way to get him to stop talking about Super Saiyajins. Beijita, now dying, gets Gokuu's attention. He tells Gokuu not to spare Furiza's life after he defeats him. Gokuu reminds him that everyone deserves a second chance, like the one given to him after his defeat on Earth. Beijita says that Furiza is far different, and that he never learns since he doesn't have a heart. Beijita's pride has been deeply hurt by the fact that Furiza killed him, and that all this time, Furiza has been forcing him to do his dirty work, ever since he was enslaved by Furiza as a child, which was when Furiza killed his father, Gokuu's father, and all of the other Saiyajins. Beijita is now crying. Gokuu takes notice of Beijita's words, but tells Beijita to stop talking, since he doesn't want to see him die. Furiza can't believe Beijita is dying and still talking, and gets ready to deliver the final blow. Beijita says he'll die anyway, and tells Gokuu not to let Furiza do what he did to him to anyone else. He drops his hand to the ground and dies. A cold wind blows through, signifying that Beijita is dead. Picoro, Kuririn, and Gohan are shocked by the fact that Beijita told Gokuu in tears about Furiza and then died. Gokuu blasts a hole in the ground, gives Beijita a proper burial, and vows to grant Beijita's death wish by killing Furiza. He prepares to continue the fight, realizing that Furiza has killed so many people already(namely Beijita, Beijita Ou, Dende, Saichourou, and the other Saiyajins and Namekseijins). Will he defeat Furiza now that Beijita has been killed?
-Next time, Gokuu and Furiza begin their fight, which sets stage for the ultimate battle.

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