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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 85

Name: SSJ4 Vegeta Baby
Episode Title: Finally...! Son Gokuu Recovers!
Episode #: 85
Series: DBZ Japanese Subbed
     Beijita takes repeated swings at Furiza, but he misses each time. Finally, Furiza decides he's had enough and takes it to the air. Beijita gets mad and flies up there with him and keeps swinging but misses each time. Furiza flies to another spot on the ground, smiling. Beijita goes into a fit of rage and fires a massive ki blast at the ground. Furiza is right in front of Picoro, Kuririn, and Gohan. Picoro gets them out of the way of the blast and yells at Beijita for trying to kill them with Furiza. Furiza waits for the blast to get closer to the ground and spins around a couple times. Then, he gives it one simple kick. The blast is deflected right back at Beijita. Beijita gets out of the way and watches his attack blow up in the air. Picoro can't believe Furiza could defend himself with only one kick. Kaio tells Yamucha, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu what's going on. He explains that Beijita is now fighting Furiza and is so strong now that he can defend himself against Beijita's attacks like they're absolutely nothing. He also explains that Beijita is finally realizing that not only is he NOT a Super Saiyajin, but he also doesn't stand a chance against Furiza, and he, too, will be defeated. Kaio believes this is his punishment for all the people he has hurt or killed. But he also breaks the news to Yamucha, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu that all hopes for Picoro, Kuririn, and Gohan to kill Furiza are lost as well, since they're all too afraid to help Beijita. Beijita is crying now. He can't believe Furiza is making such a fool out of him. He can't believe how fast Furiza has become. He gets ready to attack again. Furiza flies up behind him and declares victory. He spins around and whacks Beijita across the face with his tail. Beijita falls into the ocean below. Furiza flies down and the force of his ki makes the ocean part around him and Beijita. Furiza grinds a rock on Beijita's chest and says that he's as pitiful and stupid as the rest of his friends who tried to fight him. Beijita is too badly injured to get back up. Furiza pulls him up by the hair and starts punching him in the back repeatedly. After he's got Beijita in agony, he hauls him onto the shore. Gohan tries to attack, but Picoro stops him, realizing that there's nothing they can do for Beijita. Furiza wraps his tail around Beijita's neck and hauls him up. He starts punching Beijita in the back over and over again. Beijita coughs up blood, but that doesn't stop Furiza. Furiza stares at the frightened Z Fighters and says that they'll be next. Gokuu can sense Beijita's perils and finally, the isolation chamber signals that Gokuu is healed, and he blasts through the glass. He flies outside Furiza's ship and senses Furiza in the air. He realizes he has to stop him, and help Beijita and the others as well. He flies toward the battlefield to help his friends.
-Next time, Furiza continues to beat the snot out of Beijita, and Picoro, Kuririn, and Gohan are all too scared to help him. Gokuu arrives to help against Furiza.

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