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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 84

     Name: SSJ4 Vegeta Baby
     Title: Dende Dies...Bring out the Ultimate Power
     Series: DBZ Subbed
     Episode #: 84
          The smoke on the island ahead clears. Beijita, Kuririn, Picoro, Son Gohan, and Dende are all terrified, knowing that Furiza's transformation has completed. Kuririn stares at Furiza and can't believe what he's seeing. Furiza's new form looks like an ordinary robot with purple spots and a womanly face, with child size and a tail. Kuririn laughs at the new Furiza and says that he's too puny, but Beijita and Picoro remind him that looks mean nothing. Furiza stares at the crowd and then says "Bang." and fires a fast-moving ki beam from his finger. The beam passes by Kuririn, Gohan, Picoro, and even Beijita, and Dende screams his final scream of horror as he is hit by the blast. An explosion occurs right where Dende was. Beijita wonders what happened, but everyone else can see the result. Kuririn, Gohan, Picoro, and even Neiru from within Picoro can't believe Furiza would go so low as to kill Dende. Picoro explains that Furiza killed Dende first because Dende was the one who could heal them, which was why Furiza hadn't won the fight yet. Furiza floats over and brags about Dende's death, staring at Dende's corpse. Picoro, Kuririn, and Gohan, determined to avenge Dende's death, all try to kick Furiza in a fit of rage, but Furiza shows them his new speed, so now they can't even touch him. Beijita floats overhead staring at what's going on, realizing they don't have a chance. Kaio is groaning. He explains to Yamucha, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu that Furiza is fully transformed, which means that all hopes of winning against him are gone. Gokuu senses what's happening and wishes he was out of the isolation chamber so he could provide some help. Furiza decides he's had enough horseplay and flies about 400 feet from Picoro, Kuririn, and Gohan, and fires another high speed ki beam from his finger. Gohan is scared stiff, realizing Furiza is trying to kill him now. Beijita knocks Gohan out of the blast's way and Gohan watches as an island behind them is blown up by the attack. Beijita starts yelling at Gohan for not reacting quick enough, and says that what happened to the island could happen to him. Gohan thanks Beijita for saving him, but Beijita is his usual, cocky self. Then, Beijita remembers how Dende healed him before he died, and claims he is a Super Saiyajin. Furiza tells him it's just a legend, but Beijita starts charging up his ki tremendously. Gokuu sense Beijita's ki increase, and hopes he can win. Beijita is at full power, and swings at Furiza a few times, but Furiza just moves way too fast for him. Beijita starts getting angry and criticizes Furiza for being a coward. Furiza stands there and grins as Beijita throws multiple punches at him that he just keeps dodging. Kuririn, thinking Beijita is winning, cheers. However, Picoro reassures him that Furiza is just toying with him, and that he doesn't stand a chance. He also realizes that since Beijita is now stronger than any of them, if he can't beat Furiza, no one can. And since Beijita doesn't stand a chance, neither does anyone else.
-Next time, Furiza shows Beijita and the others the ropes. Beijita tries again to try and defeat Furiza, but Furiza still has the upper hand. But now Gokuu is healed and ready to help.

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