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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 83 - Be Terrified!  Freezer transforms a 3rd Time!

Name: Richie Macrosse
Series: DBZ Subbed
Episode: #83 Be terrified! Furiza transforms a 3rd time!
Furiza is ki blasting Pikkoro silly. Gohan flies over there and hits Furiza. Furiza is plummeting for the ground while Beijita won't let Kuririn help since he wants Kuririn to hurt him. Gohan fires a MaSenKou at Furiza which pushes him down as he starts flying back up. Gohan is so mad now he can't take it anymore. He wants Furiza to go to hell. He keeps blasting until Furiza is finally forced to the ground. The explosion leads everyone to believe Gohan killed Furiza for a second, but then we see Furiza isn't even hurt. Gohan has put all of his ki into that attack and has none left to fight with. Pikkoro, Kuririn, and Beijita are amazed by this. Furiza remembers how he killed all of the Saiyajins except Beijita, Napa, and Raditsu, and wonders how a Saiyajin as strong as this could have come from, but is still open to killing him. He starts pouting on the beach for a minute. Beijita says to Kuririn that if he beats to the point where he's dying, Dende will heal him and then he'll become a Super Saiyajin because the Saiyajin cell gets stronger when it's on the brink of death. Dende is listening to this and is scared stiff. Pikkoro is barely able to stay in the air. He starts falling but Gohan grabs him and explains that Dende can heal him. Furiza is looking for a challenge. He picks Beijita to fight next but Beijita says he's not ready yet. Furiza gets furious at this and decides to transform into his ultimate form. He starts powering up his ki and the ground begins shaking around him. Fragments come up as he groans while powering up. Beijita realizes they're running out of time and orders Kuririn to hurt him. Kuririn gets ready to ki blast him but he refuses since as much as he hates Beijita he doesn't have the heart to nearly kill him. Beijita starts making insults like there were Tsufurujins that fought better than him. Kuririn covers his eyes with one hand and fires a ki blast at Beijita with the other which Beijita takes the hit from and gets a gaping hole in his chest. He's falling to the ground almost dead but happy because now Dende will heal him and he'll be a Super Saiyajin. He falls to the ground, bleeding severely and demands weakly for Dende to heal him so he can win the fight. Meanwhile, Furiza is starting to have bloodshot eyes and huge, blood red cracks all over his body. In Furiza's ship, Gokuu, who is still in the rejuvenation tank, can sense Furiza's power growing and realizes he has to heal soon or the others will die. Dende refuses to heal Beijita(remembering how he killed Tsuno and the Namekseijins of his village) because Beijita is evil and has killed too many people. He can only heal those with a pure heart. Beijita says he needs to at least try but Dende is too scared too and flies away, leaving Beijita to die. Gohan, who had just seen this, is flabbergasted that Kuririn would try to kill Beijita. Dende flies to the next island. Gohan and Pikkoro land. Pikkoro asks Dende to heal him. Dende heals Pikkoro and says that he did it for Neiru and not Pikkoro. Kuririn flies in. Gohan asks why he attacked Beijita and Kuririn explains that Beijita would become a Super Saiyajin and win the fight if Dende healed him after he was brought to the brink of death. Dende explains that he can't heal Beijita because he's nothing more than another Furiza, since he killed Tsuno and the Namekseijin villagers of that island. Gohan and Kuririn can't convince him to do it but then Neiru speaks through Pikkoro and says that he has to heal Beijita or else Furiza will kill them all. Dende agrees with Neiru(remembering how he fused with Pikkoro) and decides to heal Beijita. Beijita is still rolling weakly from left to right, frustrated that Dende won't heal him. Furiza, who now has cracks all over him, screams a blood-curdling scream as he creates an explosion with his ki. Pikkoro realizes Furiza has transformed completely into his final form. Dende heals Beijita back to full health. Beijita, fully restored, gets back up and pushes Dende over. Then, he starts chewing him out for not healing him earlier. Dende crouches in horror as the smoke starts to clear. Pikkoro, Kuririn, Gohan, and Beijita are watching. Beijita thinks Furiza doesn't look so tough at all. Kuririn is imagining his final form to look like his 3rd form except with a really long tongue(like that's supposed to be the ugliest thing in the universe, pretty funny). The smoke clears and we see Furiza. He looks like a 10-year-old robot with a woman's figure pretty much. (Funimation made him so much more feminine in the American version.) Furiza having become his final form makes way for the ultimate challenge. Who will survive?
-Next time: Dende dies...Bring out the ultimate power!

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