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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 81


Dragon Ball Z episode
english subbed

Last episode PIccolo just arrived; now piccolo wants to take on freiza all by himself.Krillin,Gohan and Vegeta all believe piccolo cant beat freiza on his own. The same
thoughts was in King Kai's,Tenshinhan's, Yamca's and Chaiutzu's head on King Kai's planet and of course,Freiza thinks Piccolo is no match for him.Piccolo and Freiza go up into the air and start a tremoundous battle,as they make Earth tremble.At first Piccolo is winning and punces Freiza is this ugly face.Gohan and Krillin belive Freiza's done for but vegeta knows better.Then ugly(thats Freiza)smashes piccolo into a mountian Freiza, had his hand on piccolos mouth so he was a bit short on air,but then Piccolo shot a powerful energy blast at Freiza,which strangely has no effect on Freiza but the blast backfires and hits Piccolo;everyone thinks Piccolo is dead,but then he shows himself pretty much undamaged. Then Vegeta makes a break for it and flies off.Vegeta goes as fast as he can but right in front of him Freiza is already there.Freiza punces Vegeta hard in the stomach,then hits him with such force Vegeta hurtles to the ground.Ten Freiza quickly went back to where piccolo was;they start fighting like mad ,legs and fists everywhere.Dende was watching them from behind a cliff and realised Piccolo had fused with Nail.The two warriors took to air again,Freiza hit piccolo with his tail then Piccolo grabbed for Freiza but Freiza pushed Piccolo under-water.Freiza was underwater with the Namek,but Freiza was strangling Piccolo, it appears Piccolo has drowned


Freiza came to the surface.'PICCOLO'! shouted Gohan.'Dont worry,your friend is just fine Freiza said,and to prove it i'll bring him up for you,with that freiza shot a blast at the lake piccolo was in.Just before the beam hit the river,piccolo jumped up and accidently went into blast.BOOM!!!!! Piccolo was nowhere to be seen.Gloom filled the air.then piccolo came up from under some rocks.He went into the air,Freiza tried to hit him a few times,then Freiza realised Poccolo fused with Nail.(someone freiza faught a while back). Piccolo powered up and hit Freiza in the face,piccolo hit him 4 times more.Then Freiza shot a unbeliveibly powerful blast at piccolo,but piccolo hit it back at Freiza which badly hurt him.But Freiza still was'nt destroyed,he was far from.Goku had to get their soon.


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