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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 58 - Furiza's Secret Weapon   

Hi, my name is Jack Lennyson. I'm doing reviews.
Episode: #58 Furiza's Secret Weapon! The Demonic Ginyu Tokusentai.
Series:DBZ Japanese Subbed
Son Gokuu is hurt. He has just been injured during his encounter with 100G's. He crawls for the Sinzu Beans, and eats one of them. His strength is restored. Gokuu realizes that now he has to train in 100G's in order to beat Furiza and Beijita on Nameksei. The lightning from the magnetic storm crashes outside the ship. 

On Nameksei, Zaabon is so scared of death now that he's desperate. He thinks of how to get Beijita to give up. Zaabon tries to scare Beijita with mindless trash about how there's no way he can beat him, but Beijita has already roughed him up pretty bad. Beijita tells him that he's just too proud to admit that he's been beat. Zaabon gets mad and attacks Beijita head on. Beijita picks him up, and gets ready to kill him. Zaabon pleads for his life, but Beijita powers his ki into his hand, puts his hand through Zaabon's gut and then fires a ki blast from within. Zaabon is thrown into the air by this attack. He shouts to Beijita for killing him, but falls into the water and drowns before he can finish his sentence. Seeing this, Kuririn and Buruma gets scared. Beijita tells Kuririn that he and Buruma will die too if he doesn't hand over the Doragon Booru. Kuririn is hesitating to give it up. Beijita prepares to fight, but Kuririn hands it over. Beijita is ecstatic that now he'll be immortal and flies off. Buruma starts yelling at Kuririn for handing over the Doragon Booru, but Kuririn explains that even if he had fought, he would've lost, since Beijita is so much stronger than he is(remembering how Beijita killed Zaabon). Kuririn is furious that he just let Beijita get it, and that he'll be immortal, but then remembers that Son Gohan still has a Doragon Booru. Buruma is scared that Beijita might find Gohan, as is Kuririn. 

Meanwhile, the magnetic storm has passed. Gokuu is training in 100G's. He is practicing how to fight in 100G's so that he can defeat Beijita and Furiza on Nameksei. Elsewhere, Furiza is anxiously waiting for Zaabon to return. Three of his henchmen are standing behind him: Razuberi, Buruberi, and Anamoru. He realizes that Zaabon is late, but also realizes that Beijita may have gotten stronger and killed Zaabon(which uh, he did). Anamoru gets scared, realizing that if Beijita killed Zaabon then he might be next. Furiza tells one of his other henchmen to call Planet Furiza #79, have the Ginyu Tokusentai abort their mission to Yardatsei, and come to Nameksei instead. Anamoru asks Furiza if this is really necessary, shaking uncontrollably like the coward he is. Furiza answers yes. He asks Anamoru if he was trying to make a decision. Anamoru shakes his head no and shakes like the coward he is. Furiza fires an eye beam at him which kills him. Razuberi and Buruberi get scared, knowing that Furiza would kill Anamoru for something so minor with the mood he's in. 

On Planet Furiza #79, one of Furiza's henchmen in the control room informs the Ginyu Tokusentai that they have been given orders to abort their mission to Yardatsei in order to go to Nameksei. All five of them get into their space capsules. The guy in the control room does the countdown, and they're off. Some of Furiza's men start talking about how the Ginyu Tokusentai are the best, and they'd hate to be paired up against them. Elsewhere, Yamucha, Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Pikkoro are training on Kita no Kaio kai by standing posed on poles, meditating. Kaio is pouring some coffee when he senses that Furiza has dispatched the Ginyu Tokusentai. He starts shivering. Yamucha, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu get down to see what's troubling Kaio, but Pikkoro just sticks to his meditation. They ask him what's wrong, and he tells them that Furiza has dispatched the Ginyu Tokusentai. He explains that many years ago, entire groups of people across the universe were killed, their cities and planets were destroyed, and left nothing. He was one of the few people who knew that the culprits were the Ginyu Tokusentai, Furiza's private army. Yamucha is pretty confident and asks Kaio if with his training, they could beat their a**es. Chaozu and Tenshinhan and even Yamucha start laughing at that one. But their laughter is broken when Kaio has poured his coffee all over the place, he's so afraid, realizing that the Ginyu Tokusentai each have a ki 5x Gokuu's ki. Pikkoro is listening in, but goes back to his meditation. Meanwhile, Gohan is flying back with the Doragon Booru he obtained. He sees Beijita from very far ahead, and gets scared. He flies down to the ground and hides behind a ledge. But Beijita has already sensed him. He sits back and waits for Beijita to leave, but Beijita prepares to kill him since he won't come out. Gohan finally surrenders and shows himself. Beijita is surprised to see the "Son of Kakarotto". He flies down. Gohan has left the Doragon Booru behind the ledge and has the Doragon Radar in hand. Beijita reminds him that they are the last of the Saiyajins, and that they're like brothers, which means they have to defend one another(trying to intimidate Gohan). 

Gohan hopes and prays that Beijita won't find the Doragon Booru. Beijita tells him about how he stole the Doragon Booru he has in his hand from Kuririn and Buruma. He sees the Doragon Radar and asks Gohan what it is. Gohan claims it's just a watch. Beijita thrusts Gohan straight into him, and leaves. Gohan is stunned, but ecstatic that Beijita never found the Doragon Booru. He flies back to Kuririn and Buruma. They are delighted to see him. Everyone realizes after hearing Gohan ran into Beijita that he will soon find out that Gohan stole his Doragon Booru. They leave for another cave, with Buruma rushing them along. Beijita gets back to the village he attacked. He gets down into the water and repeatedly attempts to find his Doragon Booru, but then, after remembering Gohan's lie, gets infuriated and dashes for the cave he left in a fit of rage, ready to hunt down and kill Gohan on sight. Who will get to make the wish?

-Next time: Buruma's in Danger! Furiza gets the Doragon Boorus!

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