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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 49 - The Explosive Dodoria and the fearsome shock of Beijita

Name: Richie Macrosse
Series: DBZ Subbed
Episode: #49 The explosive Dodoria and the fearsome shock of Beijita.
Dodoria has just blown an entire group of islands up with a ki blast. Thinking he has killed Kuririn, Gohan, and the Namekseijin child, he decides to head back to Furiza and the Namekseijin corpses. All of a sudden, an outside force strikes him and he falls into the water. He climbs out of the water and sees Beijita standing before him. Beijita makes a few wise cracks and then Dodoria gets out and talks some trash to try and make Beijita surrender. Beijita assures him he doesn't have a chance, but Beijita isn't listening. He realizes just by looking at Dodoria that he and Furiza and the others have lost their scouters. He decides to give his to Dodoria. Dodoria walks toward Beijita to try and grab it and says he might just spare his life after all, but then Beijita crushes it under his boot. Dodoria thinks Beijita is foolish since now he won't be able to locate the other Doragon Boorus either, but Beijita explains that while on Earth, he was nearly killed by a group of people, one of them a fellow Saiyajin, and on Earth he learned how to detect ki without using the scouter. He also learned the Garitsyu Hou while fighting Gokuu(remembering when Gokuu fired off a Kamehameha while he used that attack). Dodoria realizes that the little people he just killed may have been earthlings, which gets Beijita's attention. Dodoria remembers when Zaabon's scouter blew up and how Beijita did have a battle reading of 24, 000. He tries to act like it was just a mistake but then Beijita challenges him. Dodoria fires a series of ki blasts at Beijita. When the smoke clears, Beijita is unharmed and attacking Dodoria head-on. Dodoria throws a couple punches but Beijita grabs both of his arms and holds them behind his back. He tells Dodoria that it's time for him to die now, but Dodoria bargains to tell Beijita a secret about the Planet Beijita, home planet of the Saiyajins. Beijita is interested, so he lets go. Dodoria recovers and then tells Beijita that it wasn't a huge comet that smashed into the planet that destroyed it and killed the Saiyajins, it was Furiza himself. No Saiyajin could ever stand up to Furiza by himself, but many of the Saiyajins together would cause Furiza a problem, so after using them to do his dirty work for awhile, Furiza decided to destroy the planet at a time when Beijita was away. Furiza had blown up the planet and killed all of the Saiyajins except for Beijita, Raditsu, Napa, (and Gokuu). Beijita says he already knew this, but he doesn't care about his parents' deaths, or his fellow warriors' deaths, or the destruction of his home planet. Dodoria decides to use this as a time to get back to Furiza. But Beijita is tired of being used by these b******s and powers up. Ki comes sparking out of the ground and a blue aura of light surrounds Beijita. Dodoria screams for Furiza and flies off full speed but Beijita launches the Garitsyu Hou at Dodoria and kills him instantly. Beijita is so proud of himself for killing Dodoria, and is even more interested in finding the earthlings now. In space, Gokuu is still training hard in 20G's. He's doing a few exercises and we see that everything's cool here. Kuririn, Gohan, and the Namekseijin child are flying across the water. They are trying to get back to Buruma. All of a sudden, Kuririn senses Beijita's ki and gets all of them behind a rock. He sees Beijita and almost freaks out. Beijita senses their ki behind the rock and starts descending. All of a sudden, a giant whale comes out of the water just when Kuririn and Gohan are waiting for the end. Beijita assumes this is what he sensed and flies away. Kuririn, Gohan, and the Namekseijin child head back for the cave where Buruma is. When they arrive at the cave, they see that Buruma has put up a capsule house. Buruma comes outside and chews them out, but then tells them that Gokuu is heading for Nameksei in a spaceship built by Dr. Briefs. Everyone cheers. Gokuu is still training in 20G's in space. Will he get in shape in time to help everyone on Nameksei?
-Next time: The burning escape-a desperate Kamehameha.

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