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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 290


Sup all. This is an episode summary for the Japanese/English dubbed episode of "I'm Uubu. Now 10 years old, Formerly Majin Buu.." for Dragonball Z.

The show starts with yet another Tenkachi Budoukai. Goku,Vegeta,Goten,Trunks,Majin buu and even Pan decide to join. All of them made it to the Final rounds of the tournment. Vegeta keeps asking Goku why he decided to join the tournment and Goku Keeps telling him he wants to fight "him". We see a shot of a young boy nervous and talking to himself, who is named Uubu. He entered the tournment to win the money for his village to buy food. The annoucer comes out and the number drawing is about to begin. Before it starts, Goku asks Majin buu to use his magic on the drawing so "him" and goku can fight, in which buu agrees. Pan is first up and the list keeps on going. Goku drew 14( I think) and it was time for Uubu to draw. Goku whispered to Majin Buu and said "This one, use your magic and give him 13" and Majin Buu did it. Vegeta Protestest and say " YOU want to fight that RUNT?" Goku then explains that Before Kid buu died, he asked for him to be reincarated to be good and instead of evil. King Yama heard his wish and did so and the new product was Uubu. (Goku said " Spell uubu backwards and u get BUU.") The first fight was between pan and a huge guy. Early, pan had bumped into him and the guy made fun of her. So, as the fight begun Pan jumped around and throw the guy around for a while. It finally ended when pan knocked the guy out of the ring and into a wall in which he went through!!! (Note: Pan is almost I think 5.) After that fight, It was Goku VS Uubu. Before the fight Goku went to Uubu and told him good luck and Uubu said the same. When they are in the arena Uubu is scared to fight and Goku don't want to fight him at a low fighting potential. So to make Uubu mad, Goku decides to talk some trash to Uubu. He told him his parents were good for nothings and so was he. Then goku knock him down. Ubbu becomes angry yells "MY MOTHER AND FATHER ARE NOT GOOD FOR NOTHINGS" and prepares to charge at goku. The episode ends with goku charging towards Uubu.

Thanks for the time Pojo, and hope to keep you Posted.




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