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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 289 - Grandpa Goku!  I'm Pan.


Grandpa Goku!I'm Pan
Japanese subbed
The epsiode starts about the Maijin Buu saga and how he destroyed the earth.Then it shows Shenlong being summoned and everyone raising their hands for Goku's Genki Dama.Then 10 years later...
We see Trunks flying in an flying aircraft thingie and he gets out and turns it into a capsule then flies to Goku's house.He knocks on the door but nobody answers and then Chichi says hello to him from a rooftop doing the laundry.He asks her if Goten is in and she says no and she tells him Gohan might know where they're at.Then Trunks leaves and heads to Gohan's place.He knocks on the door but it opens by it's self and he walks in.He looks around and the place looks deserted.Then we see some coffee,TV news and a picture of Videl and Gohan.Then Gohan says hello to Trunks on top of a ladder with a bunch of books.Gohan comes down and has Trunks hold some of his books and Trunks says they look like difficult books.Turns out Gohan is preparing material for the next school meeting.Trunks sets them on the table and asks Gohan if he's a scholar and Gohan says kind of.Then we hear Videl yelling at Pan to clean up her room.Then we see Mr.Satan on the TV screen saying he accepts anyones challenge at the World Marti
Bulma says 5 years is still 5 years.Then Goku winces at Bulma and tells her she looks like an old lady.Then Vegeta asks Kakarotto if it's true that he's gonna enter the world martial arts tournament and Goku replies yes and that he decided today.He tells Vegeta that he should enter too.Then Goku and Vegeta discuss this new strong being which is an earthling.Then Bulma says that is not possible,there's no human that can go head on with you guys.Then Trunks come and asks Goten if he is entering the tournament also.Goten says that Father is forcing him to enter and complains that he has a Date tomorrow.Then Goku looks at the sky and says back already?


Then we see Pan,seems she just completed her trip flying around the world.Then she asks Goku if she can enter tomorrow.Trunks is like,you plan on entering the tournament also?!!!Then Vegeta decides to join and he orders Trunks to enter unless he wants his allowance cut in half.Then Goten is laughing at Trunks.Then it's the next day and we're at the festival that is being held before the tournament begins.The group is walking and Pan wants to go somewhere.Goku goes with her.We see Pan and Goku at the stands.We see Pan walking wit Goku with a HUGE stuffed animal on her back.Then Pan is feeding the birds and gets pigeons all over her.Then Pan is shaking hands with a bunny character and then is taking HUGE bites from hot dogs with Goku.Then Pan and Goku get some ice cream and Pan sees a puppet show and walks torward it.Then we see a woman yelling at a kid who stole something from her and he bumps into Pan and they both fall.Then Pan gets up and looks at her Ice Cream and starts crying.

Then the kid start that Goten,Trunks and Vegeta are competing also.Then Goku tells him don't worry,if any of us wins,we'll let you win.Then Goten tells Mr.Satan that everyone came to the tournament and that there are no seats left.Then Mr.Satan gets them some seats by Ringside.The whole crowd is looking at the gang and they're all embarrased.Then Videl complains to Mr.Satan about the seats and Mr.Satan gets them better seats.then the announcer comes out and says they're gonna raffle for the contenstants to choose their opponents.Then he tells everyonen to give a hand for the contenstants who are coming out.Then we see some people cheering for Buu.Goku exclaims that everyone Buu participates,he is popular.Then we see a preview of the next epsiode and who everyone gets teamed up with and Buu uses a little magic to change the numbers to make Ubuu Goku's opponents.

Summary done by:Jill

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