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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 286 - Peace is Restored!  Friend of Justice, Majin Boo?!

This is a review of subbed DBZ episode #286 “Peace is restored! Friend of justice,Majin Boo?!”

The episode starts with everyone on kami’s lookout, while those on kaioshin’s planet return.they are horrified that boo has come but goku tels them he is okay. Next it shows boo walking through a city as he sees a little girl with ice cream. He asks if it is good, and where his is. She tells him that they are being sold across the street. Boo walks in and tells the man selling there that he wants all the flavors. He is about to walk out when the man takes the ice cream and tells him that he has to pay. Boo is starting to get mad, but remembers that satan told him not to. Boo leaves and sees a man on the street saying that if anyone can beat him, they win 100,000 zeni. Boo fights and just slaps the man away.  With this money, boo buys his ice cream and leaves the change.

We next see him sittin on a bench when bulma walks up and yells at him. After that, the pair is in a jewelry store.  Boo asks if the rings are good tasting and bulma tells him not to talk. The man who fought boo earlier runs in with a gun and tells everyone to put their hand up. Bulma says she is not in the mood and tells the man to go away. We see boo spit out some rings then says that the man is the one who gave him money for ice cream. The man shoots him and boo throws the bullet back. The police show up as well as the great sayamen 1 and 2.when they are done with their routine, the man comes out and surrenders. 

Then the scene switches to goku’s house. Goku goten and trunks are taking a bath and playing around. Chichi says that this is what a family should be. Next we see outside as goten and trunks are outside of the bathtub (naked, i might add) and finishing the fusion dance to become a nude gotenks. Gotenks jumps in and goku says that fusion isn’t fair. He charges up to super sayan as the tub explodes. Goku is left naked, staring happily at gotenks who is on the ground and shocked.  Everyone (bulma, vide, gohan, yamcha, kuririn, and the rest) are outside laughing. Chichi runs out and yells at goku. We see vegeta leaning against a tree calling goku stupid. The screen pans out with chichi chasing gotenks around goku to put a towel on him. The episode ends.


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