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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Japanese Subtitled
Episode #286
Title: Son Gokou is the Strongest after all!!! Majin Buu is destroyed...

My name is Michael Onaga. My website is http://demisaiyanshop.cjb.net/ 

After completing the Super Energy Ball, thanks to Mr. Satan, Gokou is 
ready to use it to destroy Original (Kid) Buu. However Gokou is unable to 
use it because Vegeta would be caught in the explosion. Gokou tells Vegeta 
to move out of the way but is unable due to the amount of damage he recieved 
from Original Buu. Buu uses Vegeta as a shield enabling him to fire pink 
"ki" blasts at Gokou, while Cell, the Ginyu Force, Freezer, King Cold, Dr. 
Gero, and Babidi observe the fight from Hell. Fat Buu reappears, tackles 
Original Buu and tells Mr. Satan to rescue Vegeta. Original Buu blasts Fat 
Buu away, but gives Gokou the opportunity to attack with the Super Energy 
Buu tries to destroy it with a "ki" blast but it's easily deflect due to 
its huge size and massive power. Buu then stops the Super Energy Ball with 
his hands and begins to push it back to Gokou. Gokou and Buu are now locked 
in a war over who will be killed by the Super Energy Ball, but Gokou is too 
weak and can't compete against Buu. Vegeta realizes that Gokou needs more 
power and asks Dende to heal Gokou, but Kaiou-bit is out of power and can't 
teleport Dende there. Vegeta then orders Mr. Satan to tell the humans to 
send more energy, but Kaio-sama, (King Kai), says that if the humans send 
more energy they'll die. Mr. Satan refuses Vegeta's order, but Vegeta 
explains that with the third wish, Porunga can bring the humans back to life. 
Vegeta then gets an idea to use the third wish to restore Gokou to full 
power, Dende asks Porunga, and Porunga grants the wish.
Gokou has completely given up possesion of the Super Energy Ball, which 
Buu send back at him at super speed, but at the last second Gokou's energy 
returns and stops the Energy Ball in Super Saiya-jin form. Gokou then powers 
up to Super Saiya-jin 2 and sends the Energy Ball back at Buu, who barely 
manages to hold it back. Gokou says that he was incredible enemy and that he 
did his very best to fight him. Flashbacks of these fights appear, (1. SSJ3 
Gokou vs. Fat Buu), (2. Good Fat Buu vs. Evil Skinny Buu), (3. Super Gotenks 
vs. Super Buu ), (4. Gohan vs. Buu fused with Piccolo and Super Gotenks), (5. 
Vegetto vs. Buu fused with Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks), and (6. Vegeta 
vs. Original Buu). Gokou wishes for Buu to be reincarnated as a good person 
to determine which one of them is stronger and that he will be training until 
they meet again. Gokou powers up again overwhelming Original Buu with the 
Super Energy Ball, which destroys every single cell of Buu ensuring that he 
won't ever regenerate and come back again.




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