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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 282 - Don't Tease Satan!  The Original Majin Buu returns!!!



Japanese Dragonball Summary
Episode #282. Don't tease Satan!! The original Majin Buu returns!!!

    Kid Buu is so much stronger than the Evil Majin Buu, not to mention MORE evil.  His arm stretches out to start choking Vegeta.  Vegeta is still a Super Saiyan, but he is asphyxiating!  Goku cant concentrate enough power to fight Kid Buu... he needs more time...  Just then, a beam of light begins to shine from Kid Buu´s left arm.

    Back on the unknown planet with the Supreme Kaiohs, the Supreme Kaioh Sama decides to go back to try to fend off Kid Buu while Goku powers up. 
Dende decides to come with him, but the Old Supreme Kaioh stops them in their futile attempt.  There is no sense in killing themselves.

    Kid Buu is laughing, and the pink energy ball is building up.  Just then, Mr. Satan pops out and actually does something useful!  He attacks Kid Buu with his ´awesome´ moves.  Kid Buu is definitely not hurt, but he does switch his attention from Vegeta.  He lets go of his limp body that had just turned to regular Vegeta and the energy ball dissapears.  Mr. Satan then shouts out a couple of swear words at him and insinuates that he is going to get revenge on Fat Buu´s death, then he punches him, many, many times, until he gets tired.  Kid Buu just does his evil laugh and lightly punches him in the nose.  Mr. Satan is really hurt now!  He runs 100 yards and starts insulting Kid Buu (he thinks he is in a dream, even though that punch really hurt).  Kid Buu gets really mad and heads after Mr. Satan with a punch.  Mr. Satan gets on his knees to pray just as Kid Buu gets there, so he actually DODGES a mighty blow from Kid Buu!!!  Kid Buu tries to kick him, but Mr. Satan gets back up, so he DODGE another shot from Kid Buu!  Goku cant believe Mr. Satan is dodging those shots...

    Vegeta gets up and starts yelling at Goku to finish charging up already.

    Mr. Satan starts to plead for his life, and amazingly, Kid Buu is stopped in his tracks to kill him.  What´s wrong?  He begins to shake, shiver, and finally, he hocks a loogey really far.  POOF!  Its Fat Majin Buu!  He´s unconcious, though.  Kid Buu gets a sign of relief in his face, which now looks even MORE evil.  Mr. Satan and his dog run to See Fat Majin Buu...  but he looks dead.  He bows to kill Kid Buu, but in the end, he ends up running from Kid Buu, which is now about to kill him.  Then suddenly, BLAM!  a pink energy blast stops Kid Buu.  Its Fat Majin Buu!  And he´s MAD.  His little dog comes out to greet the jolly marshmallow, and that makes him happy.  Kid Buu looks mad and he attacks Fat Majin Buu.  A series of attacks end in stalemates.  Kid Buu has a slight advantage, but seeing that they both can endlessly regenerate, nobody seems to have a great upper hand.

    We switch to Goku, who still cannot gain enough energy.  Suddenly he notices that he is not gaining energy, but rather losing it!  He has no choice... but to power down.  He turns to regular Goku and delivers the bad news to Vegeta:  He cant power up.  Fat Majin Buu cannot fight forever.... 
What´s going to happen now?


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