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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 281 - Hold on Vegeta!


Japanese Dragonball Summary
Episode #281. Hold on Vegeta! A minute fight at the risk of life.

SSJ3 Goku looks weak. He finds ways to desintegrate Kid Buu, but he keeps regenerating. Finally, a surprise Kamehameha at Kid Buu completely anihilates him! Is he really gone? Of course not, otherwise the title of this episode would be something blalant like, ´buu´s finally dead, hooray for hollywood!´ or something. Anyways Goku is almost drained. He barely got out his first Kamehameha, but now, the even stronger Kamehameha has left him wheezing for air. He begins to shudder, yelling, ¨my plan did not work, everything was going fine, but I dont have the time I need!!!¨ Vegeta looks at him awkwardly and inquires about his plan.

Goku´s plan was to power up while Kid Buu would be unconcious or regenerating, but his regeneration is just too fast! The big pink ball in the sky was taking form. He only needs 1 minute in peace. Vegeta then suggests that he´ll buy time for Goku while he gathers his precious power. 
Goku warns Vegeta that if he dies in the aftelife, he´ll just dissapear. 
Vegeta is willing to take that chance (this scene was 2 minutes in itself... Isnt that kind of dumb?). Kid Buu comes after Goku, but Vegeta turns into SSJ2 and follows after him. Goku powers up, Vegeta fights, and Mr. Satan cowers.

The rest of the episode is pretty much Vegeta getting his butt whipped. Kid Buu is too fast and strong for him, but Vegeta´s insults keeps him away from Goku. Eventually, Kid Buu has Vegeta by his throat, whose eyes have the characteristic ´almost dead´ look. Kid Buu then charges up a pink energy ball at point blank in his head and POW! Vegeta is blown away. 
Horrid scene. Kid Buu then looks at Goku, who got his minute, but is still not ready. But miraculously, Vegeta (regular form) crawls out of the crater he made and insults Kid Buu. He finally turns SSJ2 again (his determination is outstanding, needless to say. kinda breathtaking) Kid Buu stretches his arm out and starts to choke Vegeta. Vegeta doesnt stand a chance! Hurry Goku!


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