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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 280 - Vegeta's Hat's off.  Son Goku, You are #1.


Japanese Dragonball Episode
Episode #280. Vegeta's Hat's off. Son Goku, You are #1.

This episode has two main parts. Goku fighting Kid Buu and Vegeta, um, doing what he nevers does. Anyways, Goku is SSJ3 and is fighting Kid Buu. 
In what is a classic scene, Kid Buu and a long haired Goku fist fight until their hearts content. Watching all over the universe are the regular Kaioh Samas and the fighters, who put their hands on their the Kaioh´s backs to see the show. In hell, everyone that Goku and the DBZ squadron has ever killed are watching the fight in a Big Screen that I wish I had. Dr. Gero, the Ginyu force, Cell, Freezer, and some of his minions can be seen. Its funny to see Cell and Freezer squabble over how they fought Goku. Freezer hates Goku so much, he sticks out his tongue and says he hopes he loses. 
Babi-dee then comes out from behind and brags about how he made Kid Buu. 
Then he goes behind a rock and starts cursing about how he hates Kid Buu and how he hoped Goku would demolish him.

Back on the Supreme planet, goku fights kid Buu. The fist fight finally stops and it starts to involve Ki Blasts. Goku fires a Kamehameha which does disintegrate Kid Buu, but Kid Buu quickly regenerates. Goku is wheezing and is drained. He turns to regular Goku. Vegeta then steps in as a regular Vegeta! Vegeta gets slapped around, and he thinks, ¨How the heck did Goku fight this thing???¨ He quickly gets his butt whipped and Kid Buu is about to deliver his final blow to him, but suddenly, the Goku that could not move now flies and gets between Vegeta and Kid Buu. He chases him off and Goku turns into a SSJ, then SSJ2, and finally again to SSJ3! Vegeta is astounded.

Vegeta then starts flashing back to his fight with Goku back when Nappa was around. Vegeta realizes that even though Goku does not have royal sai-jin blood, Goku´s love for his planet and for his family was what made him stronger than what Vegeta is. Vegeta then looks at his hope in Bulma and Trunks. He finally admits, ¨Goku, you ARE #1¨ Kid Buu and SSJ3 Goku fist fight through the end of the episode.


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